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This page offers the many tools needed and used by the modding community. If you want to mod something, be sure you have the proper tools needed.

by Tasev

ABE: AoM Brg Editor 3.0

With this program you can edit 3D model files for the Age of Mythology from 3ds Max's UI!

by Ykkrosh

AOM Edit v0.6b

If you want to make mods, this will be your most important tool. AOM edit (or AOM Data File Converter) converts AOM's files into editable form, and supports XMB to XML, BRG to 3DS, and XMB to XML conversion, you can also decompress .scn files among many other features. Thank you Ykkrosh for making such an awesome program!



This is a free 3d model editor by Discreet, if you want to edit AOM models you are going to need this. The professional version of Gmax is 3D Studio Max, which costs $7,000 and not everyone is in that financial league. Luckily Gmax is the alternative.

Rad Game Tools

Granny Player

This program plays AOM's .grn (Granny) animation files. If you want to see how units move you'll need this program.

by Vachu

Bar Explorer

Vachu's Bar Explorer is a very good program, It is better and slightly faster than AOMed's built in bar explorer, use this explorer for quick bar exploring and extracting.

by Reyk

AOM Lists

This is another very helpful utility by reyk. It's a compilation of the Animations, Sounds, Objects, Icons (and others) into one simple and organized list. If you want to find the name of Zeus's icon it'll be much easier to look it up on this list rather then to search all the game files.

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