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Modelling units guide

created 03/25/04

by Argalius

What do you need?
  • AoMed: with AoMed you can convert many types of files
  • BARExplorer: with BARExplorer you can open .bar files
  • GMAX or 3DS Max: with these you can edit the models
  • GMAX Exporter: with this you can make .3dx files
  • AoM or AoM:TT installed: these will provide the models

Know that GMAX and 3DS Max are almost the same, but I’ll explain it with GMAX. Because most people have GMAX
How to get the .brg (the type of the model files) files? And how to convert to .3DS
1. Open BARExplorer
2. Browse to the folder \Age of Mythology\models\ there open or
3. Save the file where you want
4. Open AoMed
5. Press on ‘Direct file conversion’Click on the file you have just extracted
6. Then press open, a window with the name ‘Converting’ will open, there press on OK
7. Give the file a name and press on ‘Save’
8. A window will open. If you want to edit an AoM model, then search for If you
want to edit an AoM:TT model, then search for
9. The window ‘Completed’ will open. Press on OK.

Now you’ve extracted the model file.
How to open a model in GMAX or 3DS Max?
1. Open GMAX or 3DS Max
2. Click file (upper left corner of the screen) and then on import
3. Select the .3DS file you have created and click on open
4. A window will open, make sure this is selected:

And click on OK

5. You’ll see this. Now go to MAXScript and click on Run Script.

6. Now go to the map where you’ve installed GMAX Exporter. Then select import_gmax (you can use this file also with 3DS Max) and click on open.


7. A window calles ‘MAXScript’ will open, press on OK


Now you should see also the texture.
How to edit a model?
1. Click this button. (normally this button isn’t orange but grey) And select the unit.

2.Click this button (right on the screen). And a new panel will show up.

3.Click on ‘Editable Mesh’. Then select ‘Vertex’.

4.You’ll see blue dots everywhere. Every dot is a corner of a polygon. By moving the vertics, you’ll change the polygons.

5.Select this button.(it’s right from the arrow). Now select a vertex (blue dot), Two or (front, right, left viewport) three arrows (perspective viewport) will show up. These arrows stand for the dimensions (front, right, left viewport are 2 dimensions and the perspective viewport has 3 dimensions. (if you don’t have them then that doesn’t really matter)

6. Hold the cursor above an arrow (this one will turn orange). Then click and hold the mouse button and move the mouse, the vertex will move. To place the vertex release the mouse button. (if you don’t have the arrows then just move it to a place you’d like)
So you’ll get something like this:

7. This looks pretty strange, that’s because a polygon has several vetics. So select the other and move the towards the first vertex you’ve moved. So you’ll get something like this :

You’ll notice that many vertics are connected to others. Just mess around with the vertics and see where it ends.
You can also edit a model using the polygons and faces etc. it works in almost the same way as with the vertics.
Just try things out, you’ll learn the most by trying it yourself.

How can I convert the edited file back to .brg?

1. Go to ‘MAXScript’ and click on ‘Run Script’. Now select ‘export_gmax’ and click on ‘Open’.
2. You should see some writing. When finished a window called ‘MAXScript’ will show up, click on OK.
3. Now press F11 and window called ‘MAXScript Listener’ should show up. Now make sure that the cursor stands at the top of the writing like this:

4. Open GMAX Explorer
5. Give the file the name you want. And click on ‘Export and Save’. The file will now be saved in the folder of GMAX Explorer as a .3dx file.
6. Open AoMed
7. Click on ‘Direct file conversion, select the .3dx file. And window called ‘Converting’ opens, click on OK. Give the file a name and click on ‘Save’.
8. A window called ‘Base BRG location’ will open. Now go to the file that you extracted with BARExplorer and select it. Press open, and then OK.
9. The window ‘Completed’ should open. Press on OK.
Now you have made your first model mod!
I hope you enjoyed it and will make some cool model mods in the future.
Some things you should know about:
When you delete a polygon your texture will be scrude up, so when you want to delete a polygon select it, press delete then a window should come up saying if you want to delete the isolated vertics. Press no and everything should be fine.
Some models, like the bridge model, can be imported in GMAX or 3DS Max but when you’ll run the import script you’ll get an error, there is nothing you can do about it.
When you edit a model with an animation you should edit the model before you’ve ran the import script, because otherwise you’ll get some really strange animations.
I can’t think of anything else right now, but when I know more I’ll update it.
If you’ve questions (first try to find it out yourself please), or a cool mod you want to show to me, then mail me at (with subject AoM, otherwise I’ll probably delete it)
TIP: download the tutorials for GMAX or 3DS Max, they’ll help you alot understanding the programs.
Also thanks to all the people who helped me discovering the world of model modding.

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