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Guide to removing things WITHOUT model editing

created 05/13/04

by Dnas

Guide to removing things WITHOUT model editing

How to Remove Sheilds, Capes, Heads, etc. Without Model Editing
Also makes ReplaceTexture obsolete

Let's say you have a unit (for example a Jason) and you don't want the shield, but it's directly attached to the model and you can't edit models. You could bother a modeller to help, but they can get annoyed. Fortunately it is still possible. First, download the hex editor here.

Now, find all the models the are used by this unit. Copy them and rename them to something. example: dnas example monkeyishjasonwithoutshield_idleA.brg

Now, make a texture 32 by 64 pixels. Fill it all black. convert it to a ddt with the settings 15-bit 1-bit alpha[0] 5 mip-map levels.

Save it something like invisible.ddt

Now, run the hex editor. Open your brg (model file). Now, you may see a bunch of nonsense or the word BANG. Ignore that. Click on the hex editing mode button. (It looks like an H at the bottom of you opened window.) Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see the names of the textures at the bottom.

Find the one of the object you want to remove. Example: Hero G Jason Shield

Type the name of your invisible texture over it. The hex editor will only allow you to overide old characters so stop you do not have any more room left. If you have more room, replace the rest of the texture name with something random. I use abcdefgh... Then, save. Repeat with all the models. Go back to your invisible texture and rename it to invisibleabcdef.ddt or whatever is in the model files.

Now, place the models in your models folder and change the anim file according to your models name.

Congratulations! You have just changed the texture of a brg WITHOUT model editing. This is advantageous in many ways:

It saves time from typing all those replacetextures.

It makes people wonder at how you didn't use Replace Texture.

It makes people think you are stupid from because of the abcdef... or whatever in your files.

It gets rid of those annoying bugs when you ReplaceTexture a texture with an alpha channel (ie. the nidhogg's wings.)

It makes it easy to find a wierdly named texture. (ie the Jarl's cape is Special n Jarl cape map, not cavalry n jarl cape or whatever)