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Spotlight - Miscellaneous

  • Modeling Guide

    by Callistonian

    This guide covers nearly everything you could possibly want to know about visual art assets in Age of Mythology from basic attachpoint editing to unwrapping textures to rigging and skinning characters for animation. Complete with pictures and video guides where necessary, this guide has been peer reviewed and received contributions from some of AoM's premier modders.

  • AoM and TT Lists

    by reyk

    Looking for a specific icon/sound/animation name? Then look no further!
    The file contains a composition of different AoM and Expansion "The Titans" lists in HTML, which contain the following: Animations, AnimationsX, Icons, IconsX, Proto Units, Proto UnitsX,, Tech Tree,Tech TreeX and Others (Gadgets, God Powers, Relics, Skies, Sounds (Cinematic), Terrains).
    One opens with "Start" and can select the different sides in the Browser.

  • The Complete AoM Dialog Files

    by Felix Hermansson

    A 100% complete worded list of all the dialogs ever known to AoM, including the lesser-known ones, unused in the campaigns. This is a MUST HAVE for scenario designers who wish to use dialogs in their project.