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Spotlight - Mods

  • AoM:RE Patcher

    by WarriorMario

    This patcher removes the hardcoded cultures and civilization limit and modifies the godpicker ui to be able to show more than 12 gods.

  • Villagers Carry Mod

    by aom expert

    This cool little mod shows what resource villagers are holding at all times, not just when they're idle or dropping off.

  • Back to the Beta Modpack

    by TheBronyKing11

    The Age of Mythology Back to the Beta is the Spiritual Successor to the Back to Beta Mod, although in a much larger state, with New Buildings, Units, and Embellishments.

  • ABE: AoM Brg Editor 5.0

    by tasev

    ABE marks nothing less than a new era for AoM modding and we are fortunate to have it for AoM:EE. You can now make models the way Ensemble Studios made them - in contrast to AoMED, no "base model" is required, removing all the constraints we were facing before. ABE imports animation length, materials, and attachpoints directly from 3ds Max. In addition, Tasev is giving you easy access to a range of interesting options that were previously little-known (e.g. animated textures).
    ABE is optimised for 3ds Max 2014 which you can obtain for free if you are a secondary school or college/university student. If you are new to modeling for AoM check out Android's beginner's guide to 3ds Max and ABE. An example of what is possible with ABE - "Age of Warcraft" by Dean88.

  • Aom Greeks Redesigned

    by Twi5t3dM3rcy

    This epic, well known mod replaces 85 to 98% of all greek units and buildings, completely changing the greek culture dramaticaly. This will enhance the entire greek experience so much you will never want to go back.

  • Nottud's latest trigger file

    by nottud

    A bunch of new triggers, from the trigger guru; nottud.

  • Improved Greeks look

    by tarion_31 and EmjeR

    This online compatible texture mod will make your greek units look amazing!

  • SPQR

    by Master_Foozle

    This is a large Roman mod including at least... 45 units. There is Roman Siege, Roman buildings, including an old-looking colloseum, military units, standard-bearers, naval units, military heroes, senators, gladiators, and gallic military. Some examples include: Aquilifer, Gallic skirmisher, Legionary Cohort, senator, gladiator Samnite, and the quadrireme. All with historical accuracy; historical weapons, history files, textures etc. and real textures! Some units can upgrade, make whistleing noises (the draconarius, for example) and do special attacks, such as spear-throwing when they are hand-infantry units.

  • Advanced Triggers Set

    by pftq

    Pftq has come back and blown us all away with this amazing new trigger pack! In total it includes over 80 new effects! Thanks to the recently revived KB commands that pftq has become an expert at, he has created some awesome effects we never dream imaginable. Effects such as Copy Units In Area, Create Unit Near Unit, Convert In Area, and much more. There are also some cool new Quest Var effects to handle the variables in different ways.

  • Nottud's Editor Superpack

    by nottud

    The latest superpack contains all the needs of a designer and more. Filled with interface changes, editor extras and triggers galore! This is a must have for all scenario designers.

  • Roman Senators

    by Dan_Swordsman

    A pack containing all roman "political" unit, from the classical senator, through the offices of the Cursus Honorem, up to the powerful Consul.

  • Age of Middle Earth

    by Stephen Caines

    Age of Middle Earth is a complete game makeover of Ensemble Studio's Age of Mythology: The Titans, and requires a copy of AOM:TT to be installed in order to run. A must downloads for all Lord Of The Rings fans.

  • AOM Sound replacement pack V2

    by Ikariya

    Replaces the poor sounds in the game with the best sounds I could find, greating improving the "feel" of the game.

  • Map Editor Patch v1.0

    by CheeZy monkey

    The Ultimate Designer's Tool for AoM Vanilla.

  • Full AI for scenarios, version 0.1

    by Captn_Kidd

    This is a version of the AoM default AI, encapsulated with control variables to allow a simple loader script to guide the AI behaviour.

  • 11 new relics modpack

    by Lamir

    This modpack changes the standard relic animation to 12 different ones that will appear randomly. They are taken from older versions of the game.