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Spotlight - Multiplayer

  • Hero Build Fighters

    by Zenophobia

    An incredibly inventive and creative take on a gladiator style scenario. Battle 20 waves with your team of heroes to unlock new items for battlefield use. However if you die you are given a code which you can enter when you play the scenario again to retrieve your progress! A first in AoM.
    There's loads of really great abilities in this map, and they are not limited to your heroes.

  • Minigames Z

    by Yeebaagooon

    Yeebaagooon created another Minigames map, and this one takes the biscuit and eats it too. Each of the 25 minigames is different and created with a keen eye for detail. You can download custom music to go along with this scenario exclusively at AoMH. There are some real gems in here worth playing for!

  • SwordOfValor's HalfBlood

    Uploaded by AuroraP, original author SwordOfValor

    "Now that I'm strong I have figured out. How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul. And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one. I will never let you fall. I'll stand up with you forever. I'll be there for you through it all. Even if saving you sends me to heaven."

    What can I say... The gameplay is fantastic, the eyecandy is amazing, and once you've played it, other scenarios will never be the same again. A truly inspirational work of wonder.

  • Chess

    by Mythic_Freak

    Chess. In Age of Mythology. Online compatible. With rules.
    One of the holy grails of scenario design has now been achieved, thanks to the ingenious triggers devised by Mythic_Freak! You can now play AoM chess online with your friends.

  • AOM World Cup Soccer

    by HailToTheOboe

    HailToTheOboe brings you an AoM football scenario like no other. An online 2v2 match controlled by hotkeys! Kick that poor dwarf with your mountain giant and score goals to make the crowd go wild!

  • Desert Conflict

    by Mephiles & Yeebaagooon

    Desert Conflict (Codename Michael Fish) is a multiplayer scenario created by Mephiles & Yeebaagooon. It is mainly about high quality boss fights, but they have added a story so this kind of falls under the RPG category. Battle across a beautiful landscape and come face to face with 5 challenging bosses in this great multiplayer adventure.

  • Adventurers RPG Trilogy

    by Oscar

    Eyecandy legend, Oscar returns to delight you with 3 epic mutliplayer scenarios. Battle as 6 adventurers with the yearn for gold and wealth.

    In the first scenario, you manage to find the legendary Sword of Anubis, that will enable you to collect a lot of gold from the pharaoh, however disaster strikes as the cyclops armies hound the pharaohs citadel to reclaim their treasure.

    In the second scenario, you hunger for gold draws you to the stronghold of a dictator - who offers you jobs as mercenaries. However, a certain dark god wants to intervene...

    In the third scenario, not even death can stop Oscar from designing a masterpiece. Battle your way through the plains of hell in order to rest in paradise.

  • Minigames X

    by Yeebaagooon

    Yeebaagooon has pulled out all the stops and created a stunning multiplayer map with 21 high quality minigames complete with a point system and host control panel. The map does not lag as much as you would expect, and gives victory condition control to the host. This Yeebaagooonian map is sure to give you all a lot of strategic fun!

  • Tactics of war

    by Jakwarrior and V01ture

    Tactics of War is a challenging multiplayer blood map by community regulars Jakwarrior and Vo1ture. In it, players control a General and an army of units used to gather resources in order to buy upgrades, God Powers, and more units. The richly designed map provides players with many strategic opportunities including ambush sites and defensible positions, as well as a pleasant environment to play in. Yes, Tactics of War will undoubtedly provide hours of enjoyable gameplay. Well done, boys.

  • Heroines

    by Archaeopterix and Shrink

    Heroines is a complex single- or multiplayer-scenario by veteran designers Archaeopterix and Shrink. Fight computer players on your own or fellow humans on ESO. Wander the beautiful jungle map in search of your enemies, visiting quaint villages along the way. Besiege or defend the ballistae-armed fortress. Conquer your enemy's town and cast powerful spells. Watch out for landmines and monkey bombs, though. Yes, Heroines is a chaotic battlefield that promises hours of fun and challenging gameplay. Kudos to Arch and Shrink.

  • Persona RPG V2

    by Mouse Overlord

    This is the only official sequel to the great multiplayer scenario "Persona RPG". With a ton of new features this scenario is sure to provide you with the fun factor that you have been missing for the past few months.

  • Peloponnesian War ~ Titans Epic Edition

    by MMythos_Ruler

    The Pelopnnesian War started in 460 BCE and lasted until the fall of Athens in 404 BCE. No other war in Greek history until that time had been so destructive and so divisive. The first Peloponnesian War (460-445) was instigated by the Corinthians against Athens, but soon embroiled all of Greece.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

    by Mouse Overlord

    Hundreds of triggers, a job choice system and a storyline played through in tens of cinematics make this one of the best FF scenarios yet! A must have for RPG fans, but good for everyone!

  • World Map V3X

    by CheeZy monkey

    World Map V3X is the latest version of CheeZy's World Map, and boy oh boy is this a whopper. CheeZy's managed to make use of The Titan's new triggers and effects to create probably one of the most advanced multiplayer maps to date. If any of you remember the World Maps in Age of Kings (they were great fun) then you won't have much catching up to do with this map. In V3X you start off on Atlantis, where you can choose to take off in search for better land or fight it out for the single town centre there.

  • Horse Race

    by CheeZy monkey

    Horse Race is a very fun multiplayer scenario. As one of the first MP scenarios for The Titans, Horse race is already very popular online. The average game is about 5-10 minutes long, making it a very time efficient scenario that won't take up your entire weekend. Basically the goal of Horse Race is to race your rider through the track, past the obstacles and to the finish line. The first player to cross the finish line wins. Sporting some very nice map design and interesting effects, Horse Race is definitely worthy of a download.

  • Norse Wars v5.0

    by Matei

    Blood map with 4 random environments. Units spawn free based on how much favor you hold in your stockpile (from fighting), or you can use favor to buy special units, technologies and god powers.

  • Vesuvius - Volcanic Islands

    by TwentyOneScore

    Outstanding eye-candy with volcanic terrains, erupting volcanoes, possible lakes and/or cliffs and 5 random seasonal skins. Large maps put players on islands for naval strategies. Two additional variations also included for a few secret surprises!

  • Middle Earth

    by TwentyOneScore

    An accurate reproduction of Tolkien's Middle Earth in the 3rd Age. Standard and Nomad style map suitable for single and multiplayer battles. Capture settlements in Gondor, Mordor, Helm's Deep, The Shire, Erebor, Dol Guldor and many others!

  • World Map VX

    by CheeZy monkey

    World Map VX A 1300x1300 tile geographically correct map of the world.

  • Sacrifice Ritualistic Slaughter

    by TwentyOneScore

    Players must sacrifice villagers by sending them to the alter in the centre of the map. Players will recieve gold, favor and a free unit for each sacrifice made. Players must protect their wonder from destruction or they lose the game.

  • Vanaheim

    by MOAP

    Vanahein is the land of the Vanir . This map has a nice moody lighting and it supposed to seem mysterious. Lots of runestones and such, this is the second map in a set of 9 that I am making that are the 9 viking worlds.