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Spotlight - Singleplayer

  • Ferguson Mansion

    by Nickonhawk

    Dive into a world full of mysteries, solve beautiful puzzles and uncover the secrets of the Ferguson Mansion. A full cinematic scenario that took years to make, with many dialog choices and three different endings.

  • The Mismatch

    by Zenophobia

    A dragon named Feuer wakes up in his cave one day feeling hungry, as most dragons do. However, this time, Feuer doesnít want just the daily sheep or cow.
    He wants a princess.

    This unique and fantastic FPS scenario (yes, FPS in AoM) is perfect for an afternoon in, torturing innocents with a mighty dragon.

  • Desert Brawl 2

    by Zenophobia

    An incredible battle scenario controlled entirely by hotkeys. There's a training scenario to get you used to the hotkey system before you are plunged into a battle of epic proportions with amazing special abilities (for both you and enemies). DB2 offers a completely new and thrilling AoM experience.

  • AoM Danmaku Shooter

    by Zenophobia

    In an ancient and forgotten land, there lived four nations, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, who lived peacefully under the protection and guidance of the nation of Light. But one day, Darkness took over, and the nations fell one by one. The Darkness then created a creature of Darkness to control each nation and enslave its people. Finally, the nation of Light knew they had to act. They chose to send a warrior of great prowess to suppress the evil. They chose to send you...

    This incredible top-down shooter will leave you mesmerized by the unique gameplay it presents.

  • Brave Sword - Improved Version

    by Jondoom

    He was now awake... after 3 thousand years of silence in a dark and lonely prison. Revenge and power are the only thoughts that crossed his evil mind, and luring a man ambitious and evil enough to help release him. At the same time, Vale, a boy who just became an adult, must face his own life, and embark on a journey to find his long lost father. Nobody knew, but the world was to be thrown into a series of events that would change Vale's life and the course of history itself.

  • Codename Ripto

    by Yeebaagooon

    At long last, Codename Ripto is here! This scenario has been in development for over a year, and promises a revolution in the singleplayer scenario experience. You will travel through the past, present and future of AoMH as Yeebaagooon, on his quest to become Seraph. You will face well known forumers who will help you confront the rising evil, conspiring figures of pop culture and obscure movie references. Ripto will truly be an epic scenario, complete with music, voice acting, a credits movie, superb triggerwork and eyecandy and exceptional cinematography. There are 6 playable missions that will each see your jaw drop.

  • AoMH Boss Battle Competition

    by AoMH Community

    Our latest competition - The Boss Battle has seen some magnificent scenarios. These maps are definitely a must download.

  • Age Of Heroes

    by Dope

    Fifty years have passed since Atlantis was destroyed in Poseidonís last attempt to take over Zeusí throne. Poseidon has been plotting against Zeus again and is about to be judged by all the gods. Without Zeusí support he knows heíll be chained to a rock for thousands of years. In the meantime Gargarensisí son Polyphemus is all grown up now and heís eager to destroy everyone whoís had anything to do with his fatherís death. Thatís when Poseidon shows up and offers him his help.
    In the norselands Poseidon unites the giants offering his help in Ragnarok if they help him with his battle. And in order to stop the egyptian army to help the greeks he orders the pirates to attack their city and try to take it over.
    But Zeus is well aware of the threat and he sends his daughter Athena to find new heroes worthy of being awarded with the soul of one of the heroes who fought 50 years ago.

  • The Tower Of Babylon

    by The_Vandhaal

    "Lies, only lies have been spread around the destruction of the Tower of Babylon.....this tale is the truth...this tale will tell you what really happened."

    Plunge into the mysteries of Persia and unravel mysteries around this beautiful masterpiece.

  • The Relic Of Darkness

    by Geniet

    The adventure of the hidden relics continues deep under the firm ground in the realm of darkness. Our heroes Cirrow and Jasper have traveled a long way over seas and mountains through the Earth with only one goal, to find the entrance of the underworld and recover the stolen treasure. To succeed the task the adventurers must exceed their own abilities and prove that mortals are qualified. Will they manage the big challenge and solve all the problems to reach their destination? Everything depends on you and your ability to find solutions in tricky situations. Are you qualified enough to accept the challenge? Well, there is only one way to find out!

  • How Not To Be Seen - Special Edition

    by M0nTy PyTh0n

    M0nTy PyTh0n made this humorous cinematic based off the retro popular TV show, Monty Python's Flying Circus. This is however no ordinary cinematic, it is a Random Map Script and means just what the name suggests, is randomly generated (somewhat). When you play the short film, it will circulate through three different 'skins'. Also included in the film is the original dialog from this skit, which really adds a nice effect. Though only a few minutes long, this is a great achievement of wonderful RMS scripting!

  • Regi's Way

    by jml

    jml, of Tsunami Studios, has finally released his highly anticipated campaign, Regi's Way! The hefty 24mg download comes with a big bag; many sound effects and dialogs from various movies that tie into the storyline in cleaver and sometimes humours ways. This campaign is full of action, expert camera angles, beautiful eyecandy, and an awesome storyline.

  • The Relic Of Water

    by Geniet

    Explore Geniet's world of creation as you battle against a set of nefarious puzzles to find the relic of water. There are many different effects and styles of puzzle, but do you have the patience to solve them all?

  • AoMH Pretty Town Contest

    by AoMH Community

    In 2006, our famous Pretty Towns Contest came to a close, and the 16 stunning entries are now available for you to download.

  • AoMH Group Map

    by AoMH Community

    The AoMH group map, which has been in production for over 3 months, features a beautiful display of eyecandy and decoration, created by the scenario designers of AoMH. Because this map was worked on by so many different people, of different backgrounds and skill levels, you are sure to have an enjoyable time viewing the different addictions. Every piece of this giant map is covered with overlapped and enlarged buildings. There are only a few triggers involved in the design itself, but because there is no storyline, its just for viewing purposes only. Some of the creators include Paperfriend, I Love Bananas, Titan602, Swift Sampson, and many others (including me)!

  • The Fellowship of the Ring

    by The Liquid Fire Studios: Legends of the Third Age Team

    The wait is over. After two and a half years of work by a myriad of designers, come and gone, the first installment of the ambitious Legends of the Third Age project, The Fellowship of the Ring, has been released.

    The campaign, adapted from both the Peter Jackson film and the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, follows the hobbit Frodo Baggins in his quest to destroy the One Ring. The journey will take him and his fellowship of loyal companions from the sleepy, rural Shire to the wondrous Elven refuge of Rivendell and beyond, into the black depths of Moria, the lush beauty of Lothlorien, and finally to the forested ruin of Amon Hen. All the while, our band of heroes must battle the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron, bent on possessing the Ring of Power once more.

    A culmination of the skills of over a dozen talented designers, The Fellowship of the Ring will dazzle players with sweeping cinematics, exciting gameplay, and beautiful maps. The project also consists of the largest, most ambitious modpack ever created for Age of Mythology, boasting dozens of new, wondrously-designed units, buildings, and eye candy. With 12 fantastic scenarios, The Fellowship of the Ring is a must-download, and an outstanding achievement for all involved. Congratulations, and well done, everyone.

  • The Guardians

    by Oscar, Sziggi and Ganesh

    The Guardians tells the story of a young, unknown man who rises to become king and guardian of mankind. This 7-scenario campaign provides hours of challenging gameplay in fantastic, eye candy-laden maps, dazzling cinematics, and an intriguing storyline. An all-around great project and a great download. A well-deserved kudos to Oscar, Sziggi, and Ganesh.

  • Ghost ahoy

    by deathman rts nl

    You have control over Egbert, a dwarf who is sent on a mission to find out why their dwarven Capital hasn't responded for days. Travel trough a world with humans, dwarfs, trolls and....enemies...

  • Mythic Cops

    by pftq

    Mythic Cops is a wacky story of two cops (Jacobble Stone and Carshoo Lase) attempting to catch a dark and powerful sorceror for speeding over the 5 MPH limit on Highway LoLoL. Will the they succeed? Will justice be served?!!
    This hilarious cinematic spans twenty minutes and there is never a dull moment.

  • The Lost Legion

    by Oscar

    "This is the story of a legion vanished in the forests of Gaul. This is the narration of the heroic deeds of a bunch of men that became heroes."

    Oscar has created a truly epic adventure. Battle across this 1000x1000 map that is completely jam-packed with stunning eyecandy like multi-story buildings, ports, cities and magical outposts as you follow the incredible story of Marcus Scarus! The map is filled with twists and turns and guarantees at least 2 hours of fun.

  • No Point

    by Silver Husky

    Something wasn't right. They felt it for quite a while. Sure, the world looked absolutely normal. Birds were singing. Trees were standing there being green and stuff. Eye candy was lying on the ground, ridiculously plentiful and totally covering the grass and making eyes bleed and computers explode, like any respectable AoM eye candy does. Yet there was this strange feeling on emptiness... Then, one day, sitting in a tavern, our heroes Arkantos and Ajax finally realised.
    Someone stole the point of scenario of which they were main characters!

    And so began the epic story of bravery, heroism, and explicit idiocy. Will they find the point of scenario? Will they slash their way through dozens of random encounters? What does the strange old man want? And will our heroes survive the worst ambush in military history?

  • Scipio

    by Oscar

    A man and his exile.
    A man and his exile that is finishing.
    A man to whom Gods give a chance to regain his honour.

    A fun classic map by the one and only Oscar. This adventure is on a smaller scale than the lost legion, but is still filled with beautiful eyecandy, fun challenges and a gripping storyline.

  • KoTM: Heroes of Avalon

    by Gaurdian_112

    In the first instalment of the trilogy, the Heroes of Avalon, you lead your band of heroes out of the city of Avalon..directly into the most dangerous territory in the world. Use your heroes arsenal of weapons; including spears, arrows, and healing powers, and gain abilities like extra armor to defeat your foes.

  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    by Felix Hermansson

    Having defeated Polyphemus and his Cyclops people Circe has now entered the underworld. But it seems she has not picked the best time for a visit...

  • Sorcery Revamped

    by Istari

    You are Agamemnon, a jack-of-all-trades, selling your services to people in need. You left your simple village far to the south and decided to travel the world for a taste of adventure. Roam the countryside at your will and assist people you meet on your journeys. Note: This is basically the same scenario as 'Sorcery' original, but with many more features.

  • The Delphic Oracle

    by AncientLeviathon

    Take part in the famous mythological story of Theseus, whose destiny is to rid the land around him of Bandits and Monsters. The legendary tale is played using high-quality cinematics and difficulty levels.

  • The Last of the Atlantians - Part I

    by battlestar000

    Sequel to Fall of Trident. Poseidon was furious that an ever-lasting life was granted to Arkantos, and he caused Zeus a lot of troubles on this. On a final conference, Arkantos was finally deprived of his divinity...

  • Norse Wars v5.0

    by Matei

    Blood map with 4 random environments. Units spawn free based on how much favor you hold in your stockpile (from fighting), or you can use favor to buy special units, technologies and god powers.

  • Vesuvius - Volcanic Islands

    by TwentyOneScore

    Outstanding eye-candy with volcanic terrains, erupting volcanos, possible lakes and/or cliffs and 5 random seasonal skins. Large maps put players on islands for naval strategies. Two additional variations also included for a few secret surprises!

  • Map Design and Eye Candy Showcase

    by Angel Rasher

    The purpose of this quick scenario is to highlight some of the amazing potential for lush, vibrant scenery made possible by the AoM editor.

  • Middle Earth

    by TwentyOneScore

    An accurate reproduction of Tolkien's Middle Earth in the 3rd Age. Standard and Nomad style map suitable for single and multiplayer battles. Capture settlements in Gondor, Mordor, Helm's Deep, The Shire, Erebor, Dol Guldor and many others!

  • Battle for Helm's Deep

    by meshcraft

    Age of Mythology Scenario based on the Helm's Deep Battle in Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers.

  • Sacrifice Ritualistic Slaughter

    by TwentyOneScore

    Players must sacrifice villagers by sending them to the alter in the center of the map. Players will recieve gold, favor and a free unit for each sacrifice made. Players must protect their wonder from destruction or they lose the game.

  • Vanaheim

    by MOAP

    Vanahein is the land of the Vanir . This map has a nice moody lighting and it supposed to seem mysterious. Lots of runestones and such, this is the second map in a set of 9 that I am making that are the 9 viking worlds.