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Staff List

These are the winged workers who keep Age of Mythology Heaven up to date and running smoothly. The staff at AoMH are organized into three simple groups: Angels, Cherubs and Seraphs. Angels are senior staff members who mainly deal with the main site. Cherubs generally moderate the forums and help the Angels run the site. Lastly, the Seraphs (webmasters) overview the staff members and take care of the most important aspects of the site.

(Seraph) Yeebaagooon
Duties: AoMH Seraph and Scenario Design Administrator
Steam Name: Yeebaagooon
Short Bio:
I have a fairly long history HeavenGames. My first staffing appointment was here at the wonderful AoMH - I held the post of scenario design administrator from 2007 to 2011.
That appointment went so well I eventually found myself in the executive committee of HeavenGames, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.
After a brief university hiatus, I could not resist coming back when I saw the news that AoM was finally getting an extended edition on steam! I hope I can do my part to ensure this heaven stays active and the scenario design community continues to flourish.

(Seraph) TAG
Duties: AoMH Seraph and Scenario Design Administrator
Steam Name: TAG
Long Bio:
Hi I'm TAG, short for That AoM Guy. I've been playing this game since 2004, and it was quite the highlight of my childhood. I couldn't play online though at the time because my family had that really slow internet where it has to connect to the phone and you can't use the phone and it's like 24kbs a second and videos don't load and everything takes forever and- you get the point. But in the meantime I was absolutely fascinated by the game, and through the years I progressed in scenario creating, which was all self-taught. I didn't play many supremacy games, if any at all. I was more interested in making scenarios and learning the editor.
Around 2006 I stumbled across AoM Heaven via Googling how to enable that infamous "Customize object..." button in the editor, which scenario makers may be familiar with. I browsed around from time to time, got a few answers to some questions, but never became a member until a year later. It was then that my knowledge of AoM had quickly reached new heights, as I learned modding and the in-depth workings of the game. I was able to get online a couple years later and it was at that point I was totally immersed in the full AoM scene. This game has always been a big part of my life and I enjoy doing what I can for its community, big or small.