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Welcome to the Age of Mythology Heaven strategy section. Here you can find articles dedicated to helping you learn the game, improve your skills and become a better player.

General Articles
Arcticles that apply to both AoM and AoM:TT.

16-Nov-02, AoM v1.01
An Introduction to AoM: Zhaz's Newbie Guide by Zhaz

Zhaz gives his extensive introduction to AoM to veterans of previous Age games and new players alike. Includes a hands on recorded game lesson - learn by watching.
30-Jun-03, AoM v1.06
AoM Survival Tactics - The Eight Commandments of Great Play by Tom Barak

Tom Barak gives you a list of things you should always consider in improving your gameplay.
09-Dec-02, AoM v1.01
Hotkey Guide by Chichiri

One of the top-ranked AoMH Ladder and 2000+ ESO players shows you how to optimize the use of hotkeys.
09-Dec-02, AoM v1.01
Containing an enemy and controlling the map by sword_master_1

Controlling the map and preventing expansion to new gold mines is a critical skill to learn if you intend to play multiplayer. A must read for new players.
30-Nov-02, AoM v1.01
10 habits of the great AoM players by RicoJay13

RicoJay13 talks about 10 simple habits that make the top players the top players. RicoJay doesn't mince words, he gets straight to the point.

Major and Minor God Guides
Arcticles that apply to both AoM and AoM:TT. AoM:TT articles are found on a green background.

28-Feb-18, AoM:TT v1.03
Guide to Gaia by a fan

A guide submitted by a fan.
02-Mar-07, AoM v1.06
Guide to Oranos by WNxMythos

This is an 'every thing you need to know' guide for Oranos. If you are looking to become an Oranos player, check this out.
18-Sep-03, AoM v1.06
The Definitive Egyptian by The Golden Arm

The Golden Arm gives an overview of each Egyptian civilization, and gives information on how to play each of them. A good guide for those new to playing Egyptians.
31-Aug-03, AoM v1.06
Guide to Thor by hope_is_gloppy

hope_is_gloppy describes map-specific build orders and gives advice on choosing which Minor God to advance through.
22-Mar-08, AoM:TT v1.03
Guide to Thor by HellsRavage

HellsRavage discusses advanced strategies and tactics that Thor can utilise including specific examples and recorded games when facing every Major God on various maps
17-May-03, AoM v1.05
Guide to Zeus by eX_Hope

Hope describes the various tactics that are useable when playing Zeus.
02-Apr-03, AoM v1.04
Guide to Poseidon by Mokon

Mokon describes in detail the particulars of Poseidon, as well as how to use him throughout the ages.
15-Mar-03, AoM v1.04
Loki Overview by eX_WOLF

One of the top ladder gamers goes over Loki in each age, as well as how its military stands up against other civilizations.
10-Feb-03, AoM v1.04
Sando's Guide to Zeus by UKAK_Sando

Sando talks a bit about the king of the greek pantheon and goes into detail about the options at his disposal.
27-Jan-03, AoM v1.02
Guide to playing Isis by Zhaz

Zhaz gives some tips on playing Isis, who he describes as 'the Byzantines of AoM'.
01-Jul-03, AoM v1.02
Guide to playing Odin by TheShadowDawn

Goes over the options at Odin's disposal in detail and gives some pointers about how to best use them.
22-Nov-03, AoM v1.01
Sando's Guide to Ra by UKAK_Sando

UKAK_Sando goes into detail about the many options at the Egyptian god Ra's disposal. (Note: This article refers to some attributes of Ra that have changed in patch 1.03.)
12-Mar-02, AoM v1.01
Questions to ask yourself when playing Isis by Gx_Iron

Top player and ES playtester Gx_Iron tells you a simple way to formulate a strategy when playing Isis by answering 10 simple questions. An educational starting point for competitive Egyptian play.
21-Dec-04, AoM:TT v1.03
Guide to Oceanus by Centaurus

Centaurus discusses the various bonuses that the Atlantean Minor God Oceanus provides and how they aid Oranos and Gaia in various situations both on water and on land.

Specific Tactics
Arcticles that apply to both AoM and AoM:TT. AoM:TT articles are found on a green background.

17-Oct-03, AoM:TT v1.0
The Kronos Rush by Vagabond_Lion

Lion explains the basis of an effective Kronos rush, and how to execute it effectively and with success.
11-Mar-03, AoM v1.04
Defeating Greece With Norse by ZhaZ

ZhaZ shows specific ways to play as Norse to effectively fight against a Greek opponent.
07-Feb-03, AoM v1.03
Loki Hersir Rush: A Guide by Aetius

Aetius shows players how to effectively conduct the popular Loki Hersir rush.
27-Jan-03, AoM v1.02
Loki Build Order by L_Clan_Justin

L_Clan_Justin goes through a step-by-step buildup on playing as Loki and taking advantage of his specialty hersir rush.
29-Jan-03, AoM v1.03
Ragnarok to Victory! by Little_Wing

Little_Wing gives some tips on planning to effectively utilize Baldr's powerful GP.
24-Nov-02, AoM v1.01
The Centaur Strangle by KS_Josey_Wales

KS_Josey_Wales goes over the unique early game approach he uses as Zeus, (applicable to Poseidon also) which focuses on utilizing the powerful Centaur myth unit and greek heroes, and lots of micromanagement to deal some serious damage.
24-Nov-02, AoM v1.01
The Thor Dwarf Build by TheShadowDawn

TheShadowDawn talks about Thor's dwarf build and how to utilize it properly. Includes an example game.

Unit Guides
Arcticles that apply to both AoM and AoM:TT. AoM:TT articles are found on a green background.

21-Nov-07, AoM:TT v1.03
Guide to the Cheiroballista by Squeoo

Squeoo takes a look at the Cheiroballista and how well it performs against various unit types.

God Power Guides
Arcticles that apply to both AoM and AoM:TT. AoM:TT articles are found on a green background.

16-Oct-03, AoM:TT v1.0
Guide to Implode by Lord_of_Valhalla

Lord_of_Valhalla goes into great detail regarding the Atlantean Mythic GP Implode, and how to get the most out of it.
24-Sep-07, AoM:TT v1.03
Guide to Shifting Sands (and the Villager Rush) by DragonQ

DragonQ discusses the mutliple uses of the Classical God Power Shifting Sands including the well known Villager Rush.

Deathmatch Articles
Arcticles that apply to both AoM and AoM:TT.

16-Nov-02, AoM:TT v1.02
An Introduction to Deathmatch: Matei's Newbie Guide by Matei

A beginners' guide for Deathmatch by Matei, this guide is suitable for Supremacy players looking to get a hands-on familiarity with Deathmatch.
16-Nov-02, AoM:TT v1.02
Guide to Odin by RageOfEthan

Guide more likely to help inters than help beginners get started. The author mainly speaks of how Odin will be effective post 1.02.

Map Guides
Arcticles that apply to both AoM and AoM:TT. AoM:TT articles are found on a green background.

25-Jul-04, AoM:TT v1.02
Guide to Marsh by Tom Barak
12-Jun-04, AoM:TT v1.02
Guide to Oasis by Tom Barak
10-Apr-04, AoM:TT v1.02
Guide to Highland by Tom Barak
28-Mar-04, AoM:TT v1.02
Guide to Anatolia by Tom Barak
17-Jan-03, AoM v1.02
Guide to Alfheim by KS_Josey_Wales
24-Jan-03, AoM v1.02
Guide to Anatolia by KS_Josey_Wales

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