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Thor dwarf build

Published 11/24/02, AoM v1.01

By TheShadowDawn

Thor is one of the more unique civilizations in AoM. His specialty is the dwarf buildup, a tactic that rookies and less skilled players will find very easy to learn and apply.

The Thor dwarf build does not usually result in the most powerful attack, but it has three definite advantages. First, once you learn it, it’s definitely the easiest buildup to follow through the early game. Second, the dwarf build requires very little adjustment to the map you are playing – you can play the same way no matter what resources the map generates for you - whereas a normal food oriented economy is at the mercy of the food generated by the map. Finally, the Dwarf build allows a normally slow player the opportunity to advance to the second age much faster than normal.

The Dwarf build does have the drawback that it can result in slightly less economic power than a comparable player, since in the time you produce 7 dwarves, an opponent can produce 8 villagers. The margin is small however, and the other benefits of focusing on dwarves usually outweigh this - especially if you are not yet very proficient at handling your economy.

So, why build dwarves? The premise behind the dwarf build can be explained in these basic facts:

  • Food is the most important resource in the first age, but also requires the most work to get
  • Dwarves cost no food, instead they cost gold, which is very easy to get at the start of the game, and
  • Thor’s Dwarves are not inefficient at gathering wood and food like normal ones – so they can effectively gather them without any economic loss

So, the obvious objective of the dwarf build is to – as the name implies – build dwarves instead of gatherers. To find out exactly how to do this, head over to the next page.

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