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Thor dwarf build

As with build orders in any game, this is only a guideline. As you become familiar with the buildup, you'll need to begin adjusting it to the circumstances the game gives you, or to what you are trying to achieve. However, this is a good place to start.

Download a sample game of this build in action (55kb)

The buildup:

  • Queue two dwarves with your starting gold at the Town Center. Set the rally point to the nearest gold mine.
  • Send your starting dwarves and ox-cart to the nearest gold mine. If the map allows it, you may want to send your ox-cart to a different gold mine where you can also gather wood, or better yet food. However, don’t waste any time this early in the game walking to a distant mine. Every second spent walking is a second not spent gathering.
  • Consider getting the gold mining upgrade. It is not necessary for the buildup, but can be helpful. However, it requires a bit of wood, which will require some adjustments.
  • Dwarves 3 and 4 join your first gold miners.
  • Gatherer 1 (or Dwarf 5) At this stage you may not yet have enough gold to train another dwarf. Don’t waste precious Town Center time, queue a gatherer instead. He joins the gold miners too, however once you have a solid gold flow, take him off and have him gather food or wood instead.
  • Dwarves 5 and 6 join your gold miners.

    Find a 'sweetspot' where you can gather both wood and gold and you only need 2 ox carts

  • You now have 7 units gathering gold – this should be more than enough to keep your TC in steady production. Take your gatherer and one dwarf off gold and move them to cutting wood.
  • Dwarf 7 begins gathering food from chickens. (Or whatever food source is close to the TC. You don’t have a second ox cart yet, so don’t opt for hunting if it is not close by.)
  • Dwarf 8 goes to chickens.
  • Train an oxcart at the Town Center. (If you bought the gold mining upgrade, you will need 20 wood to buy the ox cart, which is why earlier we put two units on wood.) Have the oxcart join your food gatherers.
  • Dwarf 9 goes to chickens. Now that you have an oxcart with your food gathering operation, you can consider switching to hunting – which is faster. Because we are not focusing on food, the hunting dogs upgrade is not necessary. (Hunting dogs takes a while to pay itself off – best left for games where you are reliant on hunting as your main food source. We’re not reliant on hunting in this case, it's just convenient.)
  • Around this time it would be a good idea to put up a house with your ulfsark. Try not to just place houses wherever your ulfsark is at the time – have them veer back home so that the house won’t get taken out by roving enemy units.
  • Dwarf 10 to wood.
  • Dwarves 11 and 13 to food.
  • Dwarves 15-22 join your food gatherers. You may wish to strengthen your wood gathering along the way with a few of these, and a third ox cart may be necessary if you cannot find a sweetspot with both gold and wood.
  • Around about Dwarf number 22 you should be ready to advance to Classical – you can do it earlier or later, but this is a happy medium generally, and should be an easy target to hit. Put your temple up in advance.
  • Have your ulfsark place another house.
  • Hit the classical button. I advise choosing Forseti – his Healing Spring god power is far more useful than Freyja’s Forest Fire, and Trolls are solid and fairly cheap myth units. (Though rather population intensive at four slots each.) Now that you’ve hit the classical button, you don’t need quite as much food. Grab a dwarf or two and shift them over to wood.
  • Research the wood upgrade. If you don’t already have it, get the gold mining upgrade now too.
  • Queue a hersir at the temple, then a second one when you have enough food. If there are any relics nearby that benefit you, grab them. If you have strong wood supply, it’s often an idea to place yet another house. (Once your Longhouses go up, you can get popped out very quickly as your first few units come out – this can be quite crippling if you want to attack soon after advancing.)
  • As soon as you hit classical, use your ulfsark and Hersirs to lay down two Longhouses. Queue Throwing Axemen initially, and use them to help build a third Longhouse and possibly more houses.
  • Try to maintain constant military production.

From here on, everything pretty much goes as you play it. I suggest focusing on Raiding Cavalry and Throwing Axemen, since this is the least food intensive and most versatile combo. You’re well geared for an attack, so go ahead once you have a few units. If you manage to attack quickly enough, you will be able to focus on military buildings and houses – he can’t stop you if he can’t build counters to what you’re using. However if he already has his buildings up, avoid his military and go for the villagers – this’ll hurt him more and hurt you less.

Don’t get the medium infantry and cavalry upgrades too early – more units is always better than more upgrades. You probably want 10+ Cav or TA’s before you upgrade them. Armor upgrades often make the difference for the Norse, since their units have good attack but relatively poor armor. As a bonus, Thor's armory upgrades are cheaper - so try grabbing them when possible. You may even want to consider getting the heroic age armory techs too (since thor doesn't have to wait until the third age to get third age techs!) – though they come with a hefty pricetag.

As you get further into the classical age, you’ll begin to find you need your gold for military production, and not for dwarves. Consider putting some more dwarves on gathering gold, and this would be a good time to set up farms, and begin building gatherers instead. (Remember to get the Husbandry and Plow upgrades to improve farming.)

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