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Thor dwarf build

Dwarven mine
, Thor's god power
Dwarven mine provides 500 gold when cast in the first age, 1000 when cast in the second, 3000 in the third, and 6000 in the fourth. It can be created pretty much anywhere on the map.

Dwarven mine will provide you gold for convenient mining at whatever location you choose. When should you use it? There's a number of ways you can use it. One popular way to is to cast it right next to the town center at the start of the game. While it only provides 500 gold, it is gathered very quickly and efficiently, and you can use your ox cart for gathering food for a very fast advance to the Classical Age. I do not reccomend new players do this, but if you are more experienced at the game - go right ahead. For other players, the best time to use it is in the second or third age when you don't have a convenient gold mine to be found. Perhaps the enemy controls the center of the map - and that's where all the gold mines are. This will give you temporary respite.

Remember to use Dwarven mine. Don't forget about it and never use it. 1v1 games often don't last to the fourth age, so don't hold onto it thinking you can get 6000 gold out of it. (Obviously if you're in a team game, different rules apply.)

Healing spring, Forseti's god power
Creates a Healing Spring that causes units within its range of effect to recover around 2.5 HP a second when idle. Can be captured by enemy units.

Too many people make mistakes in placing healing springs. First of all, remember that the spring is controlled by whoever has the most units in the area – plunking it down anywhere near an enemy town and an area you don’t control is a bad idea. Also remember that like all healing methods, it heals *very* slowly when your units are fighting. Don’t think you’re going to gain much by fighting around a healing spring. They only heal appreciably when idle. Put a healing spring somewhere safe – probably near your Longhouses or progressive forward base. This way your units can retreat there to meet units being produced when you lose a battle.

The Troll, Forseti's Myth unit
With all the fighting you’ll be doing, you’ll come into favor eventually. If you chose Forseti, there’s no useful myth upgrades to be had yet, so the best way to spend it is on Trolls. Trolls are affordable myth units, fairly tough, and have more range and attack than TA's. As an added bonus, they heal when fighting. The drawback to trolls is that they take four pop slots – the same as two throwing axemen or raiders. If you find yourself too pop constrained, you may want to forget about them.

Sacrificing power for speed

This is something Thor is very good at, but I don't recommend it if you are still learning the game. Because Thor requires food only to advance to the second age, you can gather the necessary resources to advance exceptionally quickly. (Especially if you use your dwarven mine power early, and use the ox cart as a drop point for food.) Try building your temple offensively (in the fog in a corner near the enemy town) and using the hersir built during the age advance to attack and slow down the enemy player. Try and stop their temple going up to stop them from getting to age 2 to stop you if you can. Freyja's Forest Fire GP can often be useful in this situation since it will often take out (or severely damage) any buildings near a forest - use it to take out houses, towers or enemy military buildings to work you further into a position of strength.

Well, that's pretty much it! I invite you to open up AoM now and give it a try, and mess around with Thor a bit. He's quite a fun civ to play once you get used to him.


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