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The Classical Age

Minor God Choices

Hermes was the messenger of the gods. He is the best to choose on a land map, as your army will almost always consist of cavalry in classical age, his spirited charge tech is one that you will want for your slow hippikons, it adds +10% Hack damage and + 10% speed. His god power ceasefire is great to cancel out powers like flaming weapons, frost and ancestors.

Athena was the goddes of war. She is great on water maps, restoration can turn the tide in a water battle, archer ships have huge HP, and when a lot of them are damaged, restoration can have a major effect. Hoplites are the best way to go on water, that is if you win the water, which you should with restoration. Athena is not as good on land, because hoplites only come into play late game, Hermes is a better choice on land, Athena on water.

Classical Tactics

When you reach classical age, you would want to put down 2-3 stables with some food/gold villagers, depending on what your resources are at, or their location.

If your enemy is Greek, you won’t want to make any archers, instead go all cavalry with some centaurs backing up, try and raid with Zeus, he isn’t very good in fights if the enemy has heroes.

If your enemy is Egypt, after you’re two stables, put down an archery range, that way you have a nice flow of hippikon, backed by toxotes, good for taking on the spear/slinger combo. When fighting spears/slingers, I used to take the hippikon around the spears, and get my toxotes to fight the spears; this does not work unless your army is considerably larger. Instead just fight them straight up, the hippikon take some damage from the spears, the slingers are damaging them too, but the archers with high pierce damage at back start to pick the spearmen off – plus it is a lot harder for the slingers to attack them as well.

Likewise, if your enemy is Norse, put down two stables, but instead of making an archery range, make centaurs instead. Norses’ slow hersirs should never catch your centaurs, just make sure you attack them before they attack you, centaurs special attack owns just about any unit, even if they do have high pierce. And don’t forget to be raiding.

Transition to Heroic

You want your economy is this kind of shape: 12-16 on food, 16-18 on gold, 8-12 on wood. This is because you can usually make hippikons while advancing, due to their low food cost, you don’t need many on food. This also prepares you for taking settlements.

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