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Mythic Age

Minor God Choices

Hera was the queen of the Olympian gods. If you (or even your enemy) are investing heavily in myth units and need some killer myth unit killers, or some killer myth units yourself, Hera is a great choice.

God Power: Lightning Storm Deals significant amounts of damage to enemy units in the target area. The more units there are in the area, the more damage is done. Does not harm friendly units, deals almost no damage to buildings. Lightning Storm is the best unit killing GP in the game. It does huge amounts of damage, can't be avoided easily, and can be safely cast over your own units. Lightning storm is also slightly random however, so to get more out of it, wait for a big concentration of enemy units. The more units there are in the area, the more units that will get damaged by lightning storm. Use Lightning Storm when your units are committed in a major battle - this way the enemy has no chance of running away, which they could if you simply cast it over their forward base. Have no fear that the bolts will hit the units of you or your allies!

Hephaestus was the god of the forge. If don’t have many armory upgrades yet, Hephaestus is a great choices for his Forge of Olympus tech which reduces armory upgrades by 75%.

God Power: Plenty Creates a vault that generates 15 food, wood and gold every 5 seconds. The vault can be captured by enemy units – it is controlled by whoever has the most units in the area.

The resource generation rate of Plenty is quite substantial - more than four villagers gathering each resource type. You're not just getting free resources, but you're saving the pop slots spent on villagers, as well as the management necessary to keep them working efficiently. This extra edge can make all the difference in late game, but still don't hold the illusion that this can make up for skimping out on economy.

Be sure to cast Plenty somewhere safe. In the middle of your starting town is usually a good idea, since if the enemy has managed to get a sizeable number of units there, you're usually dead anyway. Some players may send a handful of units to capture the vault - be sure to recapture it if they do, don't forget about it. Giving free resources to your opponent is always a bad idea.

Final Thoughts

Zeus is really very strong, he is the underdog though, hopefully ES will patch him soon, then we can see some Zeus ownage! If you are interested, check out my website ( for some great Zeus games.

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