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Submitting an article

Want to share your knowledge of the game with others? This is one of the best ways to do so! Submit an article to our strategy section where it will receive high profile attention from all of AoMH's visitors. We encourage you to provide your experiences, tips and advice for the help of others, since only by sharing this information can we all benefit from it.

There are a few things you can do to make your article more interesting.

  • Include pictures demonstrating concepts in your article
  • Use tables to show hard numbers about what your article covers
  • Upload a recorded game demonstrating a strategy in action

Submission guidelines

The easiest way to submit your article is to simply email it to us, or attach a word document. If you have pictures you want included, attach them to the email too. If you want a recorded game attached, upload it to our recorded game section, and provide a link in your email.

When you submit your article, we may respond with suggestions on improving it before posting it; and we do reserve the right not to post articles if we believe they are not helpful or relevant. We hate to be critical of a player's skill level, but if you're not a very good player, then chances are your advice isn't going to be helpful.

Got all that? If so, submit your article to TAG.