About AoMH

HeavenGames (originally HeavenWeb) was founded by Mike “Archangel” McCart in 1997. Through the years it has been a meeting place and information resource for gamers.

Many large gaming sites on the internet try to cover many games, leading to very bland coverage of each game. HeavenGames (or HG for short) focuses only on a small selection of games, but because of our exhaustive coverage on each, we pride ourselves on being the premiere sites on the ‘net for those games. Age of Mythology Heaven is no exception. Boasting one of the largest forum-based communities on the internet, extensive high quality and helpful content, and a user-built database encompassing hundreds of custom files, we believe we are unsurpassed in what we offer to our visitors.

Age of Mythology Heaven was launched on July 17th 2001, and is the largest and longest running Age of Mythology information resource on the internet. AoM Heaven worked closely with AoM’s developers, Ensemble Studios, to gather and process feedback during the ten thousand person alpha test that was critical to Age of Mythology’s development. We are also proud to have the patronage of the developers in our very own forums.

AoM Heaven is run by the efforts of many dedicated volunteer staff – the Angels and Cherubs of HeavenGames, but we have a huge community of supporters who are what really make AoM Heaven the place it is.

Age of Mythology Heaven has had many dedicated volunteer webmasters, here is a brief overview of each:

Graham “Thunder” Somers was Age of Mythology Heaven’s first webmaster. Thunder joined HG in 1999 and later became webmaster of Age of Kings Heaven – the biggest HG site at the time. When Age of Mythology was announced and AoM Heaven opened, Thunder jumped at the challenge of guiding the fledgling site into becoming the premiere AoM site on the net. For over a year he provided the content and updates here at AoMH. Thunder now works full time as community relations manager for Ensemble Studios.

Lila “Theta” Yee took up the position of webmaster after Thunder’s departure. A high level (read: ‘expert’) player of both Age of Empires and Age of Kings, Theta is well recognized throughout the RTS community. She joined Heavengames with the opening of Dungeon Siege Heaven but her familiarity and dedication to the Age community led her to take up the position of webmaster at AoMH with Thunder’s departure. Theta’s connection with the gaming industry led her too to find a full time job working there too. She now works for Arbuthnot Entertainment Group in association with Microsoft Games and the Asheron’s Call 2 development team as community relations manager.

Ian “TheShadowDawn” Lyell became the webmaster of AoMH following Theta’s resignation from HG; he had worked at AoMH for quite a while before he became Seraph, and made a name for himself as a very hard worker. Thoughout his stay at AoMH, he formalized the organization of its content of the time, which – for the most part – was written by himself. TheShadowDawn singlehandedly wrote most of the general vanilla AoM content that you see on the site today. To this day you can see the effect he has made on AoMH by seeing the vast database of content we have for vanilla AoM and the level of organization that that information is in.

Sergio “Socvazius” Prado became the webmaster of AoMH shortly before TheShadowDawn’s resignation. As the head of AoMH during 2003 and 2004, he was a pivotal community centerpiece to the post-release of Age of Mythology, and the eventual release of its expansion pack Age of Mythology: The Titans. As a webmaster, Socvazius (Soccy, with his “Donkey” as he was faithfully known by AoMH’s forumers), endeavoured and succeeded in creating a fansite appreciated for its content, hard work, ingenuity, community, and for the dedication of his crew. It was with his leadership that AoMH has come as far as it has today. He is currently one of the owners of HeavenGames, working within the company as an administrative representative.

Belle “Sunny” Green took up the position of AoMH webmaster at the departure of Socvazius. As a hard working staff member for AoMH prior to her promotion, she had been an influential part of the success of AoMH under the sites former administrators. Known for her ambition, and her helpful nature, she had played an essential role in updating, reviewing, designing, and re-organizing AoMH’s content, particularly for Age of Mythology: The Titans. As a webmaster, she aimed to provide a focus for AoMH’s longest surviving, and strongest contributing population, the Scenario Designers. Working on cleaning up and restoring portions of the site, she, and her dedicated staff gave credence to AoMH’s former glory.

“Shiva” Kumar was always a lively member of the community, and took the ropes as Sunny’s predecessor. Shiva was actively engaged with the scenario design community and was known as a great DM player. Shiva was great friends with many members of the HeavenGames community, and his death was mourned by all.

Chris “Sith” Lloyd filled in as webmaster of Age of Mythology Heaven after Shiva’s untimely death. He helped revive the community and keep it alive by hosting contests, updating the main page news, and overall just ‘being there.’ Some may argue that it’s because of Sith’s motivation and ambition that AoMH is still here today and not archived.

James “Papaya” DeBano began what could be considered AoMH’s current phase, which is what will likely be the final era of the Age of Mythology generation. Papaya ushered in the era and standard of staff-forummer interaction, making AoMH a place where forummers could feel at home in a community, where users could actively contribute in all areas. Without Papaya’s friendliness and desire to interact with forummers, AoMH would likely not be the wonderful place it is now.

Endre “I Love Bananas” Tveit resigned after seraphing for a period with Shanks13. He was a good partner, always willing to listen to ideas and provide feedback. His devotion to the Downloads Section and the Design Community was grand, and he will be missed.

Josh “Shanks13” Luthi was coseraph with both I Love Bananas and Papaya. A regular figure in the AoMH community from the start, Shanks13 soon rose to staff member in the Halls of Valhalla community forums. Always a friendly guy to chat to and an excellent moderator, Shanks13 found himself rising through the ranks of HG to become AoMH seraph and FMT member.

Current AoMH Webmaster: Yeebaagooon

AoMH would finally like to thank all the HeavenGames staff members, past and present, who have helped this site become the wealth of information it is today:

Alex, Alexander I, Angel Chris, AoM Expert, Angel Rasher, Archaeopterix, Botolf, Cheesewiz,Cherub Temulin, Crowsong, Dimitrios, DragonQ, FD2, Fwiffo, GloryofSparta, I Love Bananas, Izzy, King Jared, Papaya, Paperfriend, Shanks13, Shiva, Sith, Socvazius, Spineman, Sunny, THS, TheShadowDawn, Theta, Thunder, Washizu, Yeebaagooon, and Zen.