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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Technical Help » Daughter's Project: AoM on XP crashes re Graphics & ATI2DVAG.dll
Topic Subject:Daughter's Project: AoM on XP crashes re Graphics & ATI2DVAG.dll
posted 04 June 2018 11:08 AM EDT (US)         
Dear community

My 7 year old daughter is doing a school project on the Ancient Greeks. Wonderful - I get to show her my favourite game - Age of Mythology (AoM). Except it doesnít work. Iíve gone as far as I can and would be very grateful for any assistance.

I installed AoM on my desktop from a friends CDs in ~2003. I used CCleaner which deleted some vital HKeys in ~2010. A friend then kindly rebuilt and upgraded it, but still retaining Windows XP SP3 OS desktop. Then AoM stopped working after this. I bought the game CDs and installed using my (admin) login, but have had the following blue screen error after 10 minutes of random map / campaign: ATI2DVAG.dll

After years of not getting round to it, Iíve decided have another crack at making AoM work for my daughterís project - and for my own entertainment. Iíve done all I can and now, dear community, Iíd value your help.

Now, it just freezes after 5 minutes. Ctrl alt del doesnít work. The problem has evolved from blue screen ATI2VAG.dll after 10 mins to freezing after 5 mins seemingly because I took AoE3 off and reinstalling AoM3 without AoT. AoE3 didnít have an uninstall so I manually deleted the files.

Iíve not updated the drivers; Iím not confident with how to do that; Iíve messed up the HKEYs before, so if I need to do anything to graphics card drivers, Iíd appreciate instructions. Iíve read the FAQ sticky (2a) on this, but Iím not confident enough to proceed, although I believe XP Home is 32 bit and doesnít come as 64bit.

Spec (using Belrac):
OS) Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600)
Processor) 2.70 gigahertz AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core, 256 kilobyte primary memory cache, 512 kilobyte secondary memory cache, 64-bit ready, Multi-core (2 total), Not hyper-threaded.
Display) CONNECT 3D RADEON X300 [Display adapter], CONNECT 3D RADEON X300 Secondary [Display adapter] for monitor: Acer X223W
Connections: monitor, sound, Skynet proof(never been connected to internet).. But can transfer using USB stick.

Iíve read what I can on this forum and google. There are some common issues, but getting into how many cores and fans there are is past my level.

Display properties tells me Iím running ďPlug and Play Monitor on CONNECT 3D RADEON X300 on 1024 by 768 x 16bit on a plug in and play Acer X223W monitor that refreshes at 60Hz.

What Iíve tried:
1. Decluttering the machine using Glary Utilities, defragging, driver checking against XP SP3.
2. My computerís spec is apparently high enough..
3. The graphics card isnít one of the unsupported ones.
4. I did a messy uninstall of Age of Empires 3 (the uninstaller was missing, so I deleted the files manually)
5. Uninstalling and Reinstalling AoM (my login is an administrator login - does that suffice installing as an admin?). I did have Titans expansion on.
6. Itís running fine otherwise.
7. Iíve never connected my desktop to the internet.
8. There are no other programs running when I install or open AoM.
9. Re ATI2DVAG.dll - see above
10. 29/5/18 - express installed AoM. I press escape for the opening cinematic, then my random map game now lasts 3 mins first time at 1600*1200*32, then goes to black screen. I can ctrl-alt-del out of that, but on reloading, the random map doesnít even load. This reduction in time leads me to thinking about the reduction in efficiency caused by an increase in temperature by a game that needs more than one fan / core probably trying to run off one core.. Although Iím not sure if thatís what my desktop is doing - how do I check?
12. Lower resolution:
1) AoM freezes after 2.5 minutes when on 1600 x 1200 x 32 and pressing escape as soon as the cinematic starts, therefore
2) after 5 minutes, Changed to 640 x 480 x 16 and ďlow graphics detailĒ to skip cinematic. Loads, but freezes after 30 seconds and crashes 10s later, therefore..
3) Retry with #2 but with desktop case off (can supply photo if needed.
4) Retry but with 1024 x 768 x 16, low graphics detail and no hardware sound acceleration. Crashes.
5) Retry of #4, but on campaign, and loaded ĎOmensí - crashed. The closeups are where AoM shows itís 15 years old.
Notes: no other programs running before or alongside AoM; took 25 minutes to do #1-5; #1-4 are on random map; 5 is on campaign. By Ďcrash,í I mean that the screen goes black and nothing happens - it doesnít restart, and ctrl-alt-del does nothing.

Iíve gone as far as I can and would be very grateful for any assistance.

Best wishes, Andy]

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(id: Lilitu)
posted 04 June 2018 03:28 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
woah, good luck there :/

After googling I found this link, referring to a .NET framework update:
Did u try that? o.x

Azarath Metrion Zinthos

Steam: Order of Azarath
Discord: Azarath @

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