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Topic Subject:Unit Create trigger multiplayer fix
posted 31 May 2019 02:04 PM EDT (US)         
For advanced designers wanting to use the unit create trigger I have found a fix for you which allows it to work for any player. Simply use my AI set blank AI trigger and the trigger will work from that point forwards:

<Effect name="AI set blank AI">
<Param name="Player" dispName="Player" VarType="string">0</Param>
<Command>aiSet("NoAI", %Player%);</Command>
Origins of the trigger are here:,30030,0,all

Note that the fix is not required for existing AI players - only human and mother nature players. The above trigger also allows when used on Mother Nature for triggers to move units which was the original thread.

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posted 02 June 2019 09:06 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Oh wow scratch that - it appears to create a unit PER PLAYER in a multiplayer game... Wow weird... E.g. If you have 6 active players it creates 6 units on top of each other. It seems to "sync" across to all players the command and occur for each player. So it seems only one player needs to run the command to work.
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posted 25 October 2019 00:48 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
I was under the presumption unit create didnt work at all for mp, but I guess it does work for the ai?

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posted 26 October 2019 06:09 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
yea basically it only works in the presence of an AI.
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