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Scenario Design
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Topic Subject:Project - league of mythology
posted 06 August 2019 06:28 AM EDT (US)         
What is League of Mythology?

As the name might made you guess this is a crossover project to build a League of Legends game in Age of Mythology. It's a multiplayer map that requires ten human players so be aware to have your community and friends ready! You will get to choose from different characters to fight on a map with a setting similar to Summoner's Rift. Further information will be added as soon as things are settled.

Gameplay infos

The player setup is 5-5-1-1 so players 1 to 5 will be team blue, players 6 to 10 will be team red, player 11 is a computer controlling blue team's minions and player 12 is the same for the red team. The computer players do not require an AI. Ingame there will first be a picking phase. To keep it simple the players picking their characters from the pool will always be A(Red)-B(Blue)-B-A-A-B-B-A-A-B. This is not entirely fair but there will be enough to choose from (not enough to add a banning phase first, though). Next the players will be teleported to their spawn. The rift/map layout is made as similar as possible to the original layout in League of Legends with nexus, inhibitors, turrets, different minions, creatures to farm buffs and gold, dragons, baron and more. You will aslo be granted a god power to cast in addition to your special attack. The godpower will recharge after some time. The goal is of course to destroy the other team's nexus.Currently I'm looking for a way to make minions and turrets prioritize other minions and turrets as targets but I'm not sure if they would still go and attack players on their own then. The shop will be replaced by a town center, a temple and an armory. They will not be located next to the spawn but on the edge of the map. You can get an upgrade anytime without having to recall to your spawn but the times required to complete upgrades stay the same as in normal games (costs will be only gold and might be surprisingly different).

Teamwork is Key

There is a special twist to this game compared to League of Legends (since there are only a few "skill shots" I had to find something cool to come up with ;p):
Techs that have been researched by all five team members will grant your team an additional bonus.
- Offensive techs that increase attack damage will be added another time, granting all player characters more than twice its effect.
- Defensive techs and techs for LOS will be added on your team's minions, making them more resistant too.
- Age techs will upgrade your minions to medium/levy/champion fighters, granting them more attack damage, hp and defense.
A good team communication is essential to gain advantages, better get a voicechat!

Request / Poll Section

This section contains my questions to you about what I want to implement in the game or suggestions about changes. Feel free to comment below if you have an opinion/question/answer or any other suggestion!

Poll 1:
Do you want Heroes or Myth Units as Champions?
Heroes have more upgrades to choose from but not all of their special attacks can be casted against other heroes. Myth units do have less upgrades to make (in fact just a bit more than ten compared to almost 30 for heroes) but mostspecial attacks can be casted against other myth units too.
List of Heroes: Ajax, Amanra, Arkantos, Bellerophon, Chiron, Folstag, Gargarensis, Hersir, Kamos, Kastor, Melagius, Pharaoh, Polyphemus, Reginleif, Setna, Son of Osiris, Theris.
List of Myth Units: Anubite, Avenger, Battle Boar, Centaur, Chimera, Cyclops, Einherjar, Fire Giant, Frost Giant, Heka Gigantes, Hydra, Manticore, Minotaur, Mountain Giant, Nemean Lion, Satyr, Scorpion Man, Sphinx, Tartarian Spawn, Valkyrie.

Poll 2:
Which buildings should represent the turrets?
Sentinel or Mirror Tower? Or a combination with outer turrets being one and the inner being the other type? (statue of lightning is no option due to the multiple target hit)

Poll 3:
Which buildings should represent the inhibitor/nexus?
Inhibitor: Shrine (norse or greek) / Underworld Passage
Nexus: Underworld Passage / Well of Urd
Please do not vote for underworld passage on both ;p

I'm currently waiting for an answer on this poll to resolve the issue of applying buffs to players:,30066,,30
As soon as this is ready I will start working on the triggers. Stay tuned!

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(id: Lilitu)
posted 10 August 2019 07:46 AM EDT (US)     1 / 9       
Be wary that SoOs and Circes attack cannot be modified by triggers, so you'd have to balance around them.

Also on Shrines the only civ you can forcibly set is Player 0 (start your scen by making an RMS first with the major god saved is the easiest way, e.g. Alfheim sets Zeus as GaiaCiv).

Next from personal experience with LongRoadHome and trying to play it multiple times per week for playtesting/polishing for about half a year: It's really hard to get just 2 additional players on Voobly/GameRanger. Often they don't speak english and drop out when they don't understand something or one guy lags or they don't like it. Hosting a game on both I kept working on the scenario (a second file) until the room filled up which could take 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Other scens were made with dedicated playtesters. I wish I had some of those.

Someone suggested that when making custom triggers you could try and keep the Z axis empty, don't get it for positioning and don't set it on placement. The game figures it out itself and it's supposedly better performance-wise.

And finally lately I learned that your scen shouldn't exceed 500m in size (512 I think) for performance reasons or so. Might not be too important, but with more players probably.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos

Steam: Order of Azarath
Discord: Azarath @
posted 12 August 2019 11:47 AM EDT (US)     2 / 9       
Hmm the lightning attacks can really not be changed...? Okay that's probably big enough a problem to leave them out in that case. I will try to find a way though.

I got several modded presets for setting any major god for gaia so the shrines are no problem.

I do admit it might be hard to impossible to ever get ten players for testing or playing (currently). I still got hopes though and if not that's still a project I want to do just because I want to do it ;p

I don't really know what you mean by leaving the Z axis empty. Help me a bit?

It's right that scenarios over a size of 512 meters tend to crash without leaving a note. I posted a thread about the crashes back in October 2017 (You replied there too) and the map size turned out to be the issue. League of Mythology will not exceed 400m.

Update: Failed to edit the damage amount on the lightning attacks. Removing Circe from the list and adjusting my framework and balancing around the 60 damage by the Son of Osiris (also removed the frost giant from the other list since the freezing time can't be changed).
Removing the Priest from the list aswell since everyone will be granted to summon Poseidon's animal magnetism stone as a ward anyway. And also the balancing is easier with an odd number of heroes.

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Irrational Fear
posted 13 August 2019 02:07 PM EDT (US)     3 / 9       
You can very easily end a frost giant freeze early. Just change the unit that is frozen into something and then back to itself and the freeze will go away.

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The Narrator
posted 14 August 2019 01:52 AM EDT (US)     4 / 9       
Parampampam, hello! I have climbed this mountain, find me on Steam, sometimes I host the map.
League of Mythology : AoMHeaven | Steam
A bit of story. League of Mythology was an ambitious project I started as a kid. You can still find my early demo around here. When I grew up I decided to get serious, so I started working on a full multiplayer moba scenario. I wanted six different heroes, each with four unique spells. Making all 24 abilities for each of the six players was one of the most maddening things in my life. Not to mention each one has a shorter version, as thereís an item in the shop that reduces your cooldown. Anyway I somehow did it and it payed off. Even tho there are rarely five players so we often do 2v2, itís a very cool experience and the feedback is positive.
Iím sorry about the name conflict, and Iím not saying you shouldít do it because I already made it, maybe you can do it another way. There were others who tried as well, and possibly I wasnít the first to come up with this. This is the demo I made as a kid.

Youtube Channel
Skyrim... the greatest game ever... without considering Age of Mythology, of course!
and Brisingr-know these three things and your task here is accomplished...

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posted 14 August 2019 03:58 AM EDT (US)     5 / 9       
Zenophobia will this remember the damage the unit has already taken?

Nickonhawk omg I'm sorry for that name conflict! I looked it up to make sure it's free and didn't find anything :/
Mind if I take a look at your scenario? The way you describe it with heroes having multiple abilities makes me incredibly curious!
I was thinking of basically making the three basic maps Summoner's Rift, Aram and the 3v3 which I always forget the name of ;p
The Narrator
posted 14 August 2019 05:52 AM EDT (US)     6 / 9       
Changing unit type doesnít reset the health.
The map has anti edit so make sure to make a local copy and edit that one.
Each hero starts with a passive and gets four spells (god powers) as they level. I copied the triggers for all players so that anyone can choose any hero. It was a lot of mindless work, but it may be possible to do only a generic set and dynamically set the player using hardcore stuff like user code and custom effects.
My map has two lanes with a jungle area in the middle and it lags somewhat with only four players. I think three lanes with ten players may be a bit too much for the current state of aom multiplayer. (Unrelated disclaimer: Iím OCD about filling my maps with eyecandy.)
Once again, I host it every once in a while and it would be my honor to have you in a match. My Steam name is nHawk.

Youtube Channel
Skyrim... the greatest game ever... without considering Age of Mythology, of course!
and Brisingr-know these three things and your task here is accomplished...
posted 14 August 2019 07:01 AM EDT (US)     7 / 9       
Cool, I'm looking forward to the match! Maybe it would be cool to have it as a 1v1 with all five heroes under one player's control. Super stress guaranteed! ;p

Edit: Added Frost Giant to the list again. Don't forget to leave your opinion on the polls if you want

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The Narrator
posted 14 August 2019 12:23 PM EDT (US)     8 / 9       
I couldn't find the right Niley, assuming that is your username. However the same thing can be said about nHawk so I've changed back to Nickonhawk. Such nostalgia.

Youtube Channel
Skyrim... the greatest game ever... without considering Age of Mythology, of course!
and Brisingr-know these three things and your task here is accomplished...
posted 15 August 2019 03:17 AM EDT (US)     9 / 9       
I'm using a black and white triangle logo as my profile pic

Edit: I tried out the demo scenario now and it's really cool. There are a few things with the balancing which I would have made differently, though.
However... Would you be very mad if I took some of your trigger solutions for my scenario? I think I will keep the "shop" to the classic buildings I mentioned above since the overview is better there. Same for the spells, which I will keep to the units's special attacks and original godpowers to keep the feeling of Age of Mythology. But I'm very interested in the way you applied the gold and other buffs when the player kills a unit. That's one of my biggest problems atm. Mind if I copy a bit?

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