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Topic Subject:Scenario DLC compatability guide
posted 12 April 2020 05:12 PM EDT (US)         


This aims to answer questions about DLC usage in scenarios. When someone plays a scenario containing DLC and they don't have it it will bring up a prompt forcing them to get the DLC or quit. Currently this is activating on most DLC units (A few exceptions) but not terrains.

The aim of this guide is to give some understand of what you can and cannot do. It is not enabling non DLC owners to play with DLC without buying the DLC - this guide does not allow this. It is to give scenario designers who own the DLC what options they have when making maps when dealing with players without the DLC and what limitations they have.

Single player

A player who accesses a single player scenario using DLC units cannot play it regardless of unit ownership.


Multiplayer is a different story as players who own the DLC can play with players without the DLC. There are few situations that can happen.
  • No DLC owners: If none of the players have the DLC then it is like in single player and scenario cannot be played regardless of unit ownership.
  • Some DLC owners: The scenario can be played providing the ownership condition is followed which I will cover below.
  • All DLC owners: The scenario can be played as normal.

    Ownership condition

    None of the DLC units on the map are owned by a player without the DLC. It is ok for a computer player or Gaia to own them.

    This means that you can use DLC units safely as enemies to fight say in an RPG providing at least one player has the DLC. If you own the DLC then you will never have a problem when hosting your map.

    There are a few units that seem to be exempt that I have noticed:
    * Goat Chinese
    * Christmas units
    * Walking trees (The non walking ones are not exempt however)
    * Potentially others - I can't find an easy way to tell short of trying to place every unit and seeing if there is a prompt.

    Prompt behaviour

    There is no way I currently know of with triggers of permanently killing the DLC prompt. This can be achieved with the code snippet gadgetUnreal("giant-dialog"); However the dialog update its visibility based on current violations in real time. e.g. If there are no units violating it will disappear.

    Note that because it is triggered in real time it is not possible to turn it off properly by a loop trigger loop as the the timings cannot be synced. However a workaround for god powers below can use this limited control to our advantage to allow players not owning the DLC to cast DLC god powers.

    Allowing non DLC players to cast DLC god powers

    This trick essentially works on the principle of locating the units created by the god powers that cause a DLC prompt violation and changing them into a state that no longer triggers it. I will go through the DLC powers and explain what you can do to allow casting of them. A lot of the powers will require the use of ySearch to locate the units. You can read up more and download the y search triggers here:,30104,,10

    For the purposes of the y search workarounds I can going to say player 0 for conversion but it can be any player who owns the DLC or an AI player. Also the conversion workarounds only work for the partial ownership situation. The y search workarounds do not change the behaviour of the power and will credit kills/razings to the original power owner unless the damage is by an attack of the unit such as in the case of Earth Dragon/Geyser/Uproot. Also note that it is possible that a non DLC owner may briefly see a prompt on casting a power if the timing is unlucky but otherwise will see no prompt.


    Use search triggers to locate the Barrage objects and do the following:
  • Convert it to player 0
  • Change type to itself

    This will make the barrage work as per usual but once found and converted the DLC prompt should no longer be triggered. Note that simply converting to player 0 will kill the animation.

    Call to arms

    This does not create any DLC units and can be used safely by non DLC owners!

    Earth Dragon

    Earth dragon and Earth Dragon Hole need converting to player 0 or a different object.

    Imperial Examination

    This does not seem to affect non Chinese civs that I could see rendering the power useless for DLC owners. Can be used used by DLC owners and non human players safely.

    Flood and Flood Weak

    Convert the Flood object to player 0 or another object.


    Convert the Geyser object to player 0 or another object. The damage is done as a special attack on Geyser so damage will be credited the current owner.


    Only the initial Inferno Field object that is created needs converting to player 0 or another object. All other inferno objects do not trigger the DLC prompt and can be left alone.


    This does not create any DLC units and can be used safely by non DLC owners!


    This power has no use to players not owning the DLC.

    Timber Harvest

    Convert the TimberHarvest unit to player 0 or another object.


    Convert the Tsunami object to player 0. The god power also creates Big Splash but as player 0 and therefore does not need converting. The debris are just standard tornado debris and does not need converting either.

    Uproot and Uproot SPC

    Convert all of Uproot 1x1, Uproot 2x2, etc. up to 8x8 to player 0 or another object. The damage is dealt by an attack of the unit itself.

    Water Damage

    Convert the Big Splash object to player 0 or another object.

    Year of the Goat

    Goat Chinese that is created does not trigger the prompt and therefore can be used safely without modification by non DLC owners!

    After y search workarounds

    Use the gadgetUnreal("giant-dialog"); placed in your search trigger after the search end effect in an xs user code to remove the prompt if it appeared before search was able to neutralise the object.


    To sum up, DLC owners can use DLC objects in their scenarios providing non DLC owners never gain ownership. God powers can be used by non DLC players by following the neutralisation guide followed above. Obviously the ideal case for designers would be scenarios could be played by owners/non owners but this is not currently the case so this guide hopefully gives you as close to that as I can. If I do find away to allow scenario designers to disable the prompt for their scenario with triggers alone I will update this guide.

    Question to audience: If anyone has a list of DLC units that do not trigger the prompt I would be grateful if you could share it. I've tried looking in the protox and I could no find any info that says if a unit does/doesn't trigger the prompt.

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    posted 26 May 2020 07:07 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
    Just to note - patch 2.8 changes the rules regarding this. Starting with 2.8 BETA all DLC checks in multiplayer scenarios are removed! You can now design and player multiplayer scenarios containing DLC objects freely regardless of DLC ownership.
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