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Topic Subject:Creatively Using Special Attacks
posted 21 September 2019 12:25 PM EDT (US)         

Several weeks ago I asked a question about modifying special attacks, and I learned it was mostly impossible. But I eventually discovered that the special attack of the Fire Giant/Titan Prometheus was quite versatile. From number of Units thrown to type of units thrown, most of the values can be modified.

These are meant to be over-powered scenario units, and I have already created the first one. [Just don't expect any new models lol]

Tar Giant
My first New(ish) unit is the Tar giant. a re-skin of the fire giant, that throws Promethean offsprings. I am in the process of creating new tar effects. [Already created]

Screenshot to be uploaded.

Throws multiple Underworld Shades at the enemy. Shades do the usual death attack.

Throws magical balls that turn into special gaia trees that attack. [Carnivora?]

Throws magical balls that explode and do area damage.

Throws spider lairs at the enemy. [Spiders, snakes,skeletons... you get the idea]

Rock Giant
Throws massive rocks at the enemy. These rocks disappear after a while.

Lava Giant
Its fires leave small puddles of lava that do area damage.

Creates multiple mini-snow tornados. They freeze one unit at a time, and die shortly afterwards.

Throws stationary Healing objects that has a limited lifespan.

I will keep this updates with screenshots.
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Wizard healer is probably my favorite here

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