posted 27 May 2021 01:13 PM EDT (US)   
Exactly what the title says. How do I get my monks to prioritize healing, instead of wasting time trying to convert a unit? I am about to stop making monks at all, and treat the Chinese as if they have no healers, because for all intents and purposes they do not have COMBAT healers, they have OOC healers. Granted, mobile OOC healing is better than Greek "Healing Temples" when I take that path, but monks are totally inferior to Egyptian priests if they don't ever heal in combat because they are too busy failing to convert a unit before my infantry shreds it.

Actual Monk quote (IMO): "Oh look, that cavalry is down to 10% or less hit points, and is inside my healing range. Better convert the enemy unit that is killing it, even though the cavalry is gonna die before I finish."

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