posted 25 July 2021 00:15 AM EDT (US)   
In-line with the "meet other players" bit, would anyone be interested in doing a stress test with a mod I am working on? So far, I've only had three players max, and I'd like to see how the mod performs with, hopefully, 6 in a 3x3.
I'm also chasing a desync error that so far has proven difficult to replicate, and I think it might have something to do with lag, so if the additional lag of more players causes desyncs I know that I'll have to go and do some optimizations to my scripts.

The general plan would be to make a 3x3 game with cheats enabled and quickly spam units, god powers, and rituals, and see how much lag is created and if desyncs occur.

The mod page here is,30162,,30 and the page on steam (with the current version and tech tree pdf) is If you're interested, you can find me on steam or on discord.