posted 03 October 2018 04:25 PM EDT (US)   

Prepare for our 13th spooky screenshot spectacular! Triskaidekaphobics all over the globe are shuddering in mathematical based horror.

That's right, our annual halloween themed screenshot competition is back where the winner is crowned with a coveted custom title. This year you have until October the 26th to submit your scary screenshot, so plenty of time for some ideas and designing!

It's a chance to show off all the new tricks we have learnt from the expansion, and with lots of new Chinese units to play with there are even more possibilities for that perfect picture. Plenty of time is available as always in recent years, so even though we all have busy lives hopefully a lazy weekend is the perfect time to jump into the editor and see what you can conjure up!

Go over to the thread to find out more.

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