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Topic Subject:Digging for old information, storyboards, left over text etc
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posted 01 July 2019 05:59 PM EDT (US)         
I had a bit of a free time in my and I checked the old ensemble studios website using the internet wayback machine.


I managed to download some of the storyboards, but most of them are gone. One Youtuber put the intro storyboards alongside the intro cinematic, but that video is also missing one or two pages. I wonder if anyone is still keeping those storyboards somewhere.

God Portraits:

- During the making of AOM video they showed a very different God portrait of Athena. I checked site but that particular image is long gone. [No idea if anyone still has that file somewhere, I like collecting alpha and beta stuff]


[Maybe there are other fansites with some of these files?]

-Video showed a part of the original website but again images are long gone.

God Powers:

I have seen some info on these so I know that some people actually know about these:

Heimdall grants Rainbow Passage. Now allies can use your Rainbow Bridge. Sounds like someone just wasted their resources.

Bast blesses your Villagers with Fertility, increasing their training rate.

Beta Gods:

Frigg is mentioned, but the God portrait is replaced with Skadi.


Here's a funny one:

Gain control of the Osiris part and... ahhh, fergit it! Just get David Leary to play this scenario for you! He's the Mastah! ; )

Shaba Ka

OBJECTIVE 4: Carry the relic sword to the sleeping Guardian before Shaba Ka's main army returns.
OBJECTIVE 5: Use the Guardian to destroy the 3 pyramids in Shaba Ka's fortress.


OBJECTIVE 1: Build up a base around the entrance to the Well of Mimir in snowy Midguard. Build military units and send them through the Well to re-inforce Arkantos.
VE 1: Build up a powerful army and destroy the gate to the Well of Mimir.
OBJECTIVE 2: Defeat all of the myth units defending the Well!
OBJECTIVE 1: Build up a base around the entrance to the Well of Mimir in snowy Midguard. Build military units and send them through the Well to re-inforce Arkantos.


11469"Your Champion Hoplites have been upgraded to Myrmidons!"
11471"Your Champion Hirdmen have been upgraded to mighty Hersir!"
11473"Your Champion Chariots have been improved to elite Scythe Chariots!"
11474"Scythe Chariot"
11475"Champion Archers improved to mighty Egyptian Medjay!"
11477"Champion Hippikon improved to legendary Cataphracts!"
11479"Champion Archers improved to highly-trained Bogsveigir!"

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posted 19 July 2019 00:04 AM EDT (US)     31 / 40       
WinterGod, how many total features have you rebuilt into the game?
posted 19 July 2019 11:23 AM EDT (US)     32 / 40       
I experimented with quite a bit of features. Some of them are just for fun.

Restored the Teleporting Sphinx.
Created a lesser, Guardian. [A reskin of the mountain giant]
Put the fertile ground socket texture to farms.
Used the Musk Ox texture on an ox caravan.
Created an Ice giant using the old textures, and the fire giant.
Restored the Hippocampus attack.
Created new units based on cinematic units. [Praying villager-Kneeling huskarl, flying ravens etc]
Added blue light to Lampades.

Using the shrine, Thor worshipers can now worship any of the 3 minor Gods. [Added Heimdall, Njord, and Hel as technologies via Shrine] (I am planning to use this for all norse gods)
Norse can train Bondi from the longhouse.
All cultures can build a tent to support extra population. [and build other extra buildings such as statue of lightning, shrine, naval shipyard etc]
Apep can now spit acid, similar to Argus.
Restored all the statues. [This was done by many other modders also, But I created specific slot for each Statue.]

I made the bridge work using a work around. [Garrison them inside and ungarrison them using the flag to the other side]

Added villager actions to the Prisoner unit from the campaign.
Created a Medjay villager.
Mercenaries are now anti-hero units without a lifespan.

Using the RM code from the Tundra map, I made it snow on all snowy maps. [Vinlandsaga, Jotunheim, Midgard, Ghost Lake, etc] This one was surprisingly popular on Steam.

Experimented with the prt files to create snowfall, rain, autumn leaves etc.
Created snowy roofs for the norse, working on a more complicated snow techtree at the moment.

I also created blending trees, by modifying the forest fire god power.
This god Power changes the normal oak trees to colorful Autumn trees. [It has no other effect. It can only be used for dramatic effect.] I created a similar God Power for the Snowy Pine tree.

I am also trying to create a mini Mosaics pack.


I restored the missing sound files to some of the campaigns. Including the intro with the extra Athena sounds, and the Setna dialog during the Osiris box cutscene.

But most of them are not completely finsihed yet. I will release some of them without finishing them otherwise, these will never end.
(id: TheBronyKing11)
posted 19 July 2019 11:34 PM EDT (US)     33 / 40       

You can actually imitate mixed oak trees just by slapping this in your forest2.0.xml or foresttypes.xml (for titans/vanilla)

<forest name="Forest" iconname="ui\GForest64" floor="ForestFloor">
<protounit>Oak Autumn</protounit>
<protounit>Oak Tree</protounit>

The actual texture itself is derived from the old world g oaktree all map texture unused in the files.

Lead Designer and Producer of Age of Mythology's biggest mod compilation:
posted 19 July 2019 11:58 PM EDT (US)     34 / 40       

What I did with the forest was a bit more different. I changed the Forest Fire God Power. It creates a really cool blending effect and slowly transforms the oak forest, into an autumn forest. It's for dramatic effect. [For example: Arkantos kills Gaia, and the green forest slowly turns orange]

Unlike the Forest Fire God Power it doesn't destroy the forest. Using the same power Pine trees transform into snowy pine trees. I've been working on seasonal effects, to create a weather transition.
posted 20 July 2019 00:13 AM EDT (US)     35 / 40       
@WinterGod At this point you probably have enough content to make your own thread about this great work! But keep these screenshots coming either way, I'd love to see the new units. Also, are you on Discord?

@XLightningStormL don't you also require the original oak tree models to restore them? I know the pine and palm trees definitely do, and they're not in the to my knowledge except for one or two leftovers.
(id: TheBronyKing11)
posted 20 July 2019 02:44 AM EDT (US)     36 / 40       
It's just a copy & paste job tbh

Lead Designer and Producer of Age of Mythology's biggest mod compilation:
posted 20 July 2019 10:07 AM EDT (US)     37 / 40       
Hi I don't use discord, it conflicts with some of the games. But you can add me on steam. I created the Ra rain mode, worshop item and that snowy rooftops. Username is AlanWake.

I have more screenshots in this thread:,30044,,30

I really want to finish and publish some of these but I don't know how I should be organizing them. It's too difficult to put them in a single mod.
posted 24 July 2019 04:06 PM EDT (US)     38 / 40       


Egyptian Villagers praying at a temple.
Thank goodness this is not hard-coded. I would have been very sad.

My attempt at a god portrait using that promo image, you shared.

I am thinking about using other promo images to make the god Portraits a bit different. I can even use that Kronos vs Zeus image from the Titans CD cover.

Anubis promo images can also be used.

I guess we don't have a larger version of the darker colored Set God portrait. That would be nice to have. I have never seen a larger version of that.
posted 25 July 2019 09:39 AM EDT (US)     39 / 40       
Well it may very well be your lucky day as I just found this portrait kicking around on an old fan site that was preserved by the Wayback Machine, what timing, eh? Enjoy!

By the way, that Zeus portrait is just excellent, couldn't have done it better myself!

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posted 25 July 2019 11:20 AM EDT (US)     40 / 40       

Thanks for the Set image! I have been searching that for a while. Here's a list of all the God Portraits I am planning to use at this point. [I think I didn't correctly scale it. I will re-do this portrait]

The Artemis beta picture can be used for Gaia I think. But I am not sure. If we discover the larger one we can change it.

Used the Zeus face from the clouds, It may or may nor pass off as Oranos.

The list you originally shared:


Aphrodite from the zip file and Anubis, compared to the others:


I also have a larger version of Skadi and Freyja but they look identical to their game counterpart. Dionysis also looks slightly different in the zip files. His colors look more vibrant.

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