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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Strategy and General Discussion » What civilizations would you like to see on this game?
Topic Subject:What civilizations would you like to see on this game?
posted 10 October 2019 11:37 AM EDT (US)         
The title should be self explanatory . Discuss what civilizations, with their respective mythologies, would you like to see added into the game. It can range from nothing but the barebones concept to something more complex( And of course, feel free to especulate on how such civilizations would/should actuall0y work within the context of the game. )

#1 Something based of Medieval Europe.

Yes, I know the Norse, technically, count, but what I meant was something more like feudal Europe. Something like... Actually, let me dig up the mod idea I once had.,30069,,30

#2: The Aztecs( Or just any other Mesoamerican civ. )

They would have the gimmick of having no "true" cavalry units, but having a fast-moving infantry unit that would take its role... Like the Huskarl, except that probably cheaper, faster but weaker, and costing food rather then wood.

For how they would generate favor, it could be through sacrifice. Each and every one of their human units would have a "Sacrifice" option, which you can choose to kill then, and in exchange generate some amount of favor. While it means they can technically gain huge bursts of favor instantly, it also means that to generate favour in any kind of consistent manner would be a difficult and expensive process.
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posted 10 October 2019 03:35 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
okay hear me out here.. while I think adding just 1 slavic country, like Russia would be boring because mythos in general is not as interesting
but if you add Slav culture then you can pull the most interesting myths and stories from all the slavic countries!
posted 10 October 2019 04:42 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       

I also want a Mesoamerican civilization.

Here's the interesting thing, Olmec culture is really old. But we know nothing about their myths. We know a lot about Aztec and the Inca, but they are so recent, compared to the Ancient Egyptians.

I would use the Aztec names for the Gods, but use the Mayan buildings. And call the civ Olmecs.

I personally wouldn't use Human Sacrifice, for gameplay reasons and other personal reasons. Many ancient cultures, sacrificed humans for ritualistic reasons including Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, and the Vikings. I would try to do something different with this civilization.

For Favor I would a socket based pyramid system. [Mayans were known for building temples on top of older temples]
Similar to the Egyptian Monuments, and AOM settlements, they could build Pyramid Level 2 on top of Pyramid Level 1, to gain Favor.

Well Know Aztec Gods:

Quetzalcoatl,Tezcatlipoca, Mictlāntēuctli, Huītzilōchtli Coatlicue, Xipe Totec...

Well Known Mayan Gods:

Kukulkan, Chaac, Bacab, Camazotz

I would Pick these 3 as the Major Gods:

Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Coatlicue
[Light] - [Darkness] - [Monster Mother]

Ahuizotl: Monster Dog, with a massive colorful branched tail. Similar to a Axolotl fish. [Walking fish]

Chaneque: Ancient elemental beings

Nagual: Shapeshifter. Depicted as a Half-man Half-Jaguar. [Similar to Batman Villain Two-Face]

Cihuateteo: Monster Mother spirits who died during childbirth.

Cipactli:Cipactli was a primeval sea monster, part crocodilian, part fish and part toad or frog

Quinametzin: Giants


Vision Serpent: Giant Serpent with a Human Head.

Camazotz: Giant Demonic Bat creatures. Protectors of the underworld.

Amaru: A colorful dragon from the Andean cultures.

Cadejo: Monster Wolf, that can stone people.

What's Different?
Each God gets a different Wizard/Priest

Economic Priest, Necromancer Priest, Warrior Priest...
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