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Topic Subject: New Expansion for AoMEE is confirmed! Tale of the Dragon.
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posted 18 September 2015 06:18 PM EDT (US)   

"13 years. It’s been 13 years since the release of Age of Mythology on PC. And 12 years since the release of its expansion pack: The Titans. But for great games like Age of Mythology, these years are merely a number. It’s time for a new expansion pack! With the collective experience and with expansions for the Age of Empires II series, Age of Mythology almost feels like the next logical step, although next time we probably shouldn’t wait over a decade before taking on the challenge 😉

Many of you already guessed it after the sneaky teaser at E3 and a lot of speculation has been seen across the community boards, but now the word is officially out: Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon is being created by Forgotten Empires and SkyBox Labs and will be the next part in the legendary series.


We’re not diving into a lot of detail here, but we’ll quench your thirst for more soon on a livestream. So make sure to tune in on on October 2nd (exact time will be posted later). See you there!"

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posted 04 October 2015 11:38 PM EDT (US)     61 / 71  
God powers were messed up in that version of the game causing all chinese god powers to be a lure god power.

We cannot rely on luck to be successful.
posted 07 October 2015 02:27 AM EDT (US)     62 / 71  
Indeed. Most GPs actually work already but due to a bug they all showed as lure in the build we used on Stream.

As far as balance goes, there's a lot of discussion everyday so we're still far from the final product here
posted 07 October 2015 12:42 PM EDT (US)     63 / 71  
Im also hoping for some overall changes in balance, mostly, slightly buff the norse imo. Norse can be good in certain circumstances, but in general i feel that they just cant compete with egyptians, or the greek.
posted 11 October 2015 01:00 PM EDT (US)     64 / 71  
when will be released?
posted 11 October 2015 01:48 PM EDT (US)     65 / 71  
The stream video said release date was January 2016.

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posted 12 October 2015 08:18 PM EDT (US)     66 / 71  
They said in the stream that they hope to release it at january 26, but as they sounded, it might have a delay
posted 18 October 2015 06:43 AM EDT (US)     67 / 71  
One minor change I would like to see is the changing of the god powers within the Civ tree. I play Greek, as an example, if yu are Hades, you will always pick the same gods, with the only real choice being in mythic. you always pick these because the upgrades you get benefit your archers. So I'll always end up with pest and underworld, which in turn will always give me the same myth units. I don't think these types of changes would affect balance too much either, but I don't play other gods often enough to know. Another example is unless you play possy, you almost never see neman lions, and their corresponding godpwer.

I think changing the trees within the civ would make the game a little more interesting/different.
posted 18 October 2015 07:49 AM EDT (US)     68 / 71  
You can play myth unit heavy Hades, which involves going Aphrodite in Heroic age. It all depends on the match up.

But yes, some gods are practically never chosen and they need to be buffed.
posted 18 October 2015 10:21 AM EDT (US)     69 / 71  
am I the only one that finds that the helmet of the god in the middle looks strange ?
posted 18 October 2015 11:56 AM EDT (US)     70 / 71  
That entire picture looks strange..
posted 19 October 2015 11:18 AM EDT (US)     71 / 71  
- Is the campaign a continuation from the Atlantis one? or an entirely new story?
Mostly a new story, but there will be references to the old story. For The Titans expansion, the continuation made sense since the story was all about Atlantis, so when adding the Atlanteans they had a perfect segue. The Chinese will start almost anew.
- Any new game mechanics?
Yes, although nothing as invasive and game-changing as the Titans.

Make an epic boss battle at the end :P like always
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