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Topic Subject: Strategy guides for beginners on DeathMatch Mode
posted 08 June 2021 08:45 PM EDT (US)   
I would like to beat the "Random Map called "Armageddon 1.1".
(Map link:
It is practically a Deathmatch even when you play on Supremacy mode because the players start with a ton of resources, like 99999 of each, except for Favor.

Differences from Deathmatch in this map are that unlike Deathmatch, the technologies don't research instantly, you can research Omniscience, and the map is not automatically revealed from the start. In that case, is there a name for this special kind of match that seems like a mix between Deathmatch and Supremacy?

Matei's Newbie Guide
...the technology Valley of Thoth allows Egyptian Midgol units to train in about 3 seconds each as opposed to 9-10; although, at 600 gold, it would be a large investment in a Supremacy game, in Deathmatch many players choose to worship Thoth because the technology is granted for free.

...Make sure that you have a balanced army and are always at your population limit. In The Titans expansion pack, you may use the autoqueue feature to make each of your buildings create units in a particular ratio so your overall ratio of unit types is what you want,

SeaBass explains autoqueing this way:
Click on your Town Center, click to make a villager, then find the small green icon on your HUD. The icon has two arrows that form a circle. This will keep your TC making villagers.
Matei continues:
Grab the Settlements on the map early and defend them against attackers. Early in the game, population space is by far the most important resource, and almost all the fighting occurs around settlements. You do not want your enemy to have even 20 more population space than you under any situation, because in that case they can get 8-10 more soldiers and overpower your army.

Use hotkeys. Give your buildings Ctrl-groups (select all buildings of the same type then press Ctrl-# to add them to a group, then just press # to select them; the "#" here can be 1, 2, 3, etc up to 9 so you can have 9 groups). Use keyboard shortcuts to train new units. pressing 1 U to order an Ulfsark at each of your 10 barracks is so much easier than clicking them and clicking the Ulfsark button.

Set rally points of your buildings to places where you want your units to be (if you grouped the buildings in number groups, just press the number and right-click where you want the rally point to be). If you have some "special" groups of units such as a raiding party of fast myth units or some builders, give them number groups as well so you can find them easily.

Finally, under the Player Options screen, enable the Idle Military Banner which appears at the top of the screen; shift-clicking this allows you to select all idle soldiers so that your forces are always doing something useful.
I never found the Ctrl group feature easy to use for bringing up groups of units, but it seems good theoretically.

Matei talks about focusing on economy, but I think that the economy is so strong in this map that it's a non-issue. I don't really like the idea of Deleting my donkey-villagers though that I start with to free up population space because they are still good for things like building towers.
Build walls and many towers, and keep line-of-sight over all parts of your land. Remember that as Deathmatch goes on, it becomes more and more similar to a game of Supremacy in mythic age, and it's not so much about keeping your army busy as it is about ensuring you actually have an army.

Go raiding from the sides or from behind the enemy base once in a while. Take out enemy houses and economic units as the highest prioirity, but definitely try to grab Settlements if the enemy lets you. This can really cripple and distract your opponent and allow you to win the front lines at very little cost.

use your god powers: an Earthquake ... if you use it on 10 clumped houses the enemy will be 100 pop space below you for a few minutes and also likely lose some villagers and other units that were near the houses. Similarly, an Underworld Passage could mean your 5 Helepolis pop up in the enemy town and destroy it
Matei also advises destroying the enemy's Titan gate before it's built:
If you're Greek, fly several Pegasi towards the enemy gate and either Earthquake it (this will basically always be guaranteed to kill it) or use Underworld Passage to bring an army and siege units. If you're Egyptian, you have access to either Tornado or Meteor, which with the help of some chariots, camels, Anubite or other fast units to give you line of sight of the gate will be enough to destroy it.
If you get a Titan, remember:
Titans count as Myth Units so they benefit from myth unit upgrades like Bast's Eclipse god power, Hera's Monstrous Rage or Hekate's Mythic Rejuvenation affect them.
They are the ultimate siege weapon against buildings, it says. It recommends using hero and myth units to counter them.
posted 12 June 2021 01:48 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I've been playing the Armageddon 1.1 multiplauer map and it gives the players a ginormous amount of resources even on Supremacy. I never had to mine resources on it. I wonder if this is what a true "Deathmatch" mode would look like because I see that people say that in the normal Deathmatch mode on AOM, you do have to focus on mining resources.
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