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Topic Subject: Tales of dragons campain
posted 30 August 2021 12:01 PM EDT (US)   
So far progressing through campain is hell as each mission is age locked.

Game version is age of mythology, extended edition.
I have no mods installed.
Have verified and reinstalled.
Launched though steam.
I also did a factory reset for my laptop (different reason then this, but it's a clean slate).

Going through the mission of stopping the priest with those 7 holes.
(Had to peasant rush the lvl as i couldn't build troops)

Haven't found any solution through googling either.

Unrelated to aging issue, the lvl for capturing the priest, the objectives hint is rubish, after catching up to the preist who proceeds to ignore you.
Only way i could buy time to figure out that problem was by walling off the last 2 holes.

Destroyed one.
Apparently peasants can get in to destroy, but not out.
Eventaully surrounding the preist with a dozen peasants fixed the problem though

Just a edit update, beat the campain without aging up, was hell tho

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posted 13 September 2021 05:24 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Yea the conditions for the monk mission with the holes is bad - I got confused too with him ignoring me. I think the issue is it does a check for a minimum number of units and no enemy units/buildings nearby. The trouble as you suggested is it is not explained and so it is difficult to trigger and you get cases where the monk seems to jsut ignore you and trigger the last cinematic.
posted 14 September 2021 11:59 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
You may try this mod:
It introduces a new bug: the Monk never reaches the 3rd hole and the timer stops, but at least it gives you an easy victory.
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