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Scenario Design
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Topic Subject: Have a Question? Post it here!
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posted 28 September 2015 03:38 PM EDT (US)   

Got a question? Need an answer?
Here is a list of common questions concerning AoM.


Upon playtesting a scenario in the editor, I lose within the first five seconds!
Easy to fix. Simply click on the "Scenario" tab in the editor, click on "Scenario Data" and uncheck the check box next to "Use victory conditions". Alternatively, you can place a unit of yours somewhere on the map, then place an enemy unit somewhere else on the map as well.

How come it seems like some units are missing in the list of protounits on a trigger?
To find out the proto name of a unit, have it selected in the editor and click on the "Cinematics" tab, then click "View animations." For a shortcut, just select the unit and press Alt+A.

How do I make units larger or smaller?
This is for The Titans users only. To enlarge a unit, select it and hold "K" on your keyboard. To make the unit smaller, hold "Shift + K".

How can I change the stats (attack/health/etc.) for a unit?
Easy. If you're a Titans user you can find the two triggers called "Modify Protounit" and "Set Tech Status". If you're running regular AoM, you will only have "Set Tech Status" available. You can set unit attributes with both these triggers.

How can I make units regenerate health?
First create a new trigger. Check the Active and Loop boxes. Pull the Priority cursor all the way to the right. Create a new condition Is Alive, select and set your desired unit. Add a condition Timer with a value of 1. Finally, add a Damage Unit effect, select your desired unit again and set the value to -1.

How can I have over 300 population?
Use the Modify Protounit effect to make a protounit have a population cost of a very extremely high number, like 999999999.0 . Make sure that it is a protounit that you can't normally get in-game by yourself. Then just place two of them somewhere on the map, and they will make the population for that player go to a negative number, and be infinite.

My triggers have stopped working!
Using Run immediately, quotations in chats, linking camera tracks, sound timers and decimals in conditions like timer and distance to unit affect this. If you are unsure about what the source is, outline what you did, and we can help.

The computer players aren't acting like computer players should!
You need to set AI for them. In the editor, click the "Scenario" tab, then "Player Data". There will be a button all the way to the right of the player slot to set the AI. It is reccomended you choose one of the "default" ais such as aomdefaultai.xs for AoM Vanilla, or aomxdefaultai.xs for The Titans.

I've seen people do these crazy camera angles that I can't seem to figure out how to do! Help!
A common question. Your camera must be unlocked and working first. It should be already by default. If it's not, press "Shift + Alt + C" to unlock it. To change the pitch of the camera, press "A" and "Z" or "Ctrl + Up Arrow" and "Ctrl + Down Arrow" on your keyboard to go up and down.

How do I add sound and dialogs in a scenario?
Like the dialogs in the campaigns, you can use the trigger effect "Play Dialog" to display text while on Cinematic Mode. You can type a text, include a sound, and a small image (portrait) "Sound filename" is a similar trigger effect, but not the main one used.

How can I give units animations like they do in the campaigns?
Select the unit in the editor, click on the "Cinematics" tab, then click "View animations." In the "Type" tab, find and click "Cinematic". In the "Anim Path:" tab is a list of animations that you can view for sampling. When you find the one you want, you can use its name with the "Set animation" trigger effect and be able to use it in-game.

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Scenario Design Dictionary
Shuch_ya_mouf's Ultimate Trigger Guide
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Making Quality Scenarios: Triggers
Making Quality Scenarios: Eyecandy
Nottud's Guide to the transform trigger
Campaign Dialogue List

Thread credits: Paperfriend + Yeebaago0on (FAQ), Eurotool (design), CeaseDaFire (maintenance), Reach (OP) 

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posted 22 February 2016 07:47 AM EDT (US)     201 / 873  
Ghostoo, I would prefer the Titans to attack the enemy they come across to.

Can you aid me in this?
posted 22 February 2016 08:03 AM EDT (US)     202 / 873  
I believe Perp's "Army Patrol Effects" are right what you want:

With the Army Patrol Random effect, turn Attack Move on and you should be good to go!

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posted 22 February 2016 12:21 PM EDT (US)     203 / 873  
Thank you, Canada.
I have installed it, and I will check it out later.
posted 24 February 2016 08:55 AM EDT (US)     204 / 873  
anyway to stop units from coming out of temples?
posted 24 February 2016 10:39 PM EDT (US)     205 / 873  
Poko, the first thing which comes to my mind os to forbid specific units to be trained through a Trigger.
posted 24 February 2016 11:25 PM EDT (US)     206 / 873  
That won't work.

condition: units in area
effect: damage units in area 9999
Looped if necessary

posted 25 February 2016 10:38 AM EDT (US)     207 / 873  
how do i make the map bigger even though ive started it?
do i have to put a +
posted 25 February 2016 06:58 PM EDT (US)     208 / 873  
You don't need a "+". Just put the number in.
I'm assuming you're referring to the "map size" menu.

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posted 25 February 2016 07:27 PM EDT (US)     209 / 873  
maps have an upper limit size of 516x516, if I recall correctly. Nottud's editor can go up even higher but only on initial creation.

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posted 25 February 2016 09:16 PM EDT (US)     210 / 873  
Very common questions for scenario stuff.

So if it's already been asked, please mind linking me to see the situation.

I want a very simple trigger structure for infinite spawning army via army deploy and moving the army to a specified location

I'm currently using this setup
New Trigger > Looped and Inactive until FireEvent occurs.
Condition > Timer
Effect > Army Deploy and Army Move to Point

So what happens is that after a couple of respawns the army stops moving at all and the trigger will try to spawn more units at the point, but because the whole tileset is filled with units it won't spawn anything new(This is a great failsafe to prevent the map from lagging).

The other question is optimal way to simulate transport landing.
I have tried about almost every possible method with trying to make this work but in the end i just returned to the older method of calculating the distance by hand and putting a timer condition.
Few threads suggest using distance to point and units in area.
Now strangely enough they either don't work as good with transports(protounit name is being annoying) or the operators really make it even harder. Are the operators backwards or i'm just that stupid?
Since when >= is <= and vice a verse. You'd think that >= should be greater and equal to value but ingame is totally backwards.

So anyway this was my testing setup with these triggers

NewTrigger > Active
Condition > Is dead
Effect > Move to unit (cinematic block)

New Trigger > Looped and Active
Condition >
Units in Area;Parameters
Player: 2
Center unit: Cinematic Block
Unit: Pirate Ship (I used both Pirate_Ship and Pirate Ship(Egyptian), but I don't think it's the protounit name)
Radius: 3
Operator: >=
Count: 1
Effects > Ungarrison

At some point I thought if I could merge these 2 triggers with one by combining Ungarrison and Move to point with a Looped status could minimize complexity but still ended up with the same deal.

Current way of me simulating transport is with just a simple trigger having a timer(calculated by hand until it reaches beach), and a Fix trigger to loop the Ungarrison and move to unit effect in case it doesn't reach it on time or is blocked.

-Insert Quote
posted 28 February 2016 11:14 AM EDT (US)     211 / 873  
just a question if i was to make a map with downloaded trigger would the other person have to have the trigger for it to work?
posted 28 February 2016 11:47 AM EDT (US)     212 / 873  
No, but if you want to edit a map with custom triggers on it and you do not have those triggers, you will not be able to change those triggers in any way.

posted 29 February 2016 03:27 AM EDT (US)     213 / 873  
is there anyway to delete a post on here
posted 29 February 2016 09:56 AM EDT (US)     214 / 873  
Nope, just edit it out

posted 01 March 2016 04:35 PM EDT (US)     215 / 873  
does anyone have the maps'heroes of trillion' and 'keep it secret,keep it safe'?
if so could you send to me?

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posted 01 March 2016 06:19 PM EDT (US)     216 / 873  
i guess I didn't word my question well D:?

-Insert Quote
posted 03 March 2016 04:56 PM EDT (US)     217 / 873  

Your question was very long (which isn't necessarily a problem, details are good), but consequently, your answer will probably be long too. A lot of us just check up from time to time on if we can answer a quick noobie question or so.

My suggestion to keep the army moving is to simply use a "move from area" trigger. I don't know the specifics of the scenario you're working on.

For your transport ship question, you need the literal name of the object. If you have one of the spiffy scenario editor tools, you can go to object->object info. In that box there should be a blue box that opens a debug menu. The literal name for your unit should be here, you can also search for what it could be called in the 'unit create's dropdown box of units. An example of this inconsistency would be an Atlantean Destroyer's name for triggers is "Trident soilder", or a priest obelisk is called "outpost". I would definitely use 'distance to point' or 'units in area' for the effect you desire.

Your operator theory is wrong, it should work exactly as intended. The operator is for the unit-count, so what you describe in your trigger setup is that, if there are 1 or more transport ships in a radius of 3 around the object -> perform the effects. The timer effect doesn't work like you think it does. It will only start counting after conditions are met if you fire the event, otherwise, the timer conditional will always be true after that many seconds have passed in the game (but will reset once the effect is processed). Unless you are firing event, the game will not wait x seconds after your transport ship enters the specified area, because x seconds have already passed since the scenario has started.

Just use a looping "move from area" trigger so that there is no window in which your garrisoned units can miss the move command once they do finally leave the transport ship.

Voolohmay? Kahlos.
posted 04 March 2016 05:26 AM EDT (US)     218 / 873  

I thought yeah, it was the radius operator, but it's the unit count.

Thank you a lot in that.

Now my question is the units leaving the transport.
Move from Area only works with a singular unit type, so I can't move all the garrisoned units except if i use more move from area effects. Or is there a trick to move "all the units" in the area that i have to set in the perimeters

-Insert Quote
posted 04 March 2016 09:30 AM EDT (US)     219 / 873  
I used to think the operator was for radius too :\

You can specify the unit type as "Unit" and it will move all units. I believe you can do the same for buildings but i'm not sure. Using multiple move from area commands wouldn't be too big of an issue (because if you use 'unit', you might also tell the transport ship to move).

Voolohmay? Kahlos.
posted 04 March 2016 01:11 PM EDT (US)     220 / 873  
AoM plays my custom sound effect with musicfilename, but not with soundfilename. Please help.

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posted 04 March 2016 06:43 PM EDT (US)     221 / 873  
what is the name of the vortex ball?
posted 04 March 2016 08:12 PM EDT (US)     222 / 873  
try putting the proper extension at the end
or use the alternative path if you're using the EE (think Zeno knows about this)

implode sphere

posted 04 March 2016 09:21 PM EDT (US)     223 / 873  
So what happens is that after a couple of respawns the army stops moving at all and the trigger will try to spawn more units at the point, but because the whole tileset is filled with units it won't spawn anything new(This is a great failsafe to prevent the map from lagging).
Sounds like you haven't checked the "Clear Existing Units" bool param. If you don't check that then each time you deploy the army it adds the new units created to the army. This continues to happen (in AoM and AoT) until 30 units have been created for the army. (EE has a limit of, I think, 100).

After that the units are created but no longer belong to any army because the army is "full" so to say. And since those created units do not belong to any army, army commands will no longer work on those units.

If you clear the army upon creation then any existing units in the army are removed (but the units still remain in game) and so only the newly created units will be in the army.

This is useful because you can deploy an army and tell it to move to a location and then forget about it until the next army of the same name is deployed. But obviously once the new army has been deployed the existing units are no longer controllable via the army effects.

Here's an example:

Trigger > Active & looped
Condition > Timer (30)
Effect > Army Deploy (
Army: [Any army],
ProtoName: "Axeman",
Location: [0,0,0],
Count: 5,
Heading: 0,
Clear Existing Units: true (on))
Effect > Army Move (
Army: [Any army],
Location: [100,0,100],
Trigger: -1,
Attack Move: false (off))

My explanation isn't great, just post if you are still confused or ~ Milky

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posted 04 March 2016 11:37 PM EDT (US)     224 / 873  
implode sphere

EDIT: whoops ninja'd i'm stupid

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posted 05 March 2016 03:02 PM EDT (US)     225 / 873  
The editor is all screwed up i cant get army's to flash during cinematic and cant do the visonSFX in cinematic either.

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