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Scenario Design
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Topic Subject: Have a Question? Post it here!
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posted 28 September 2015 03:38 PM EDT (US)   

Got a question? Need an answer?
Here is a list of common questions concerning AoM.


Upon playtesting a scenario in the editor, I lose within the first five seconds!
Easy to fix. Simply click on the "Scenario" tab in the editor, click on "Scenario Data" and uncheck the check box next to "Use victory conditions". Alternatively, you can place a unit of yours somewhere on the map, then place an enemy unit somewhere else on the map as well.

How come it seems like some units are missing in the list of protounits on a trigger?
To find out the proto name of a unit, have it selected in the editor and click on the "Cinematics" tab, then click "View animations." For a shortcut, just select the unit and press Alt+A.

How do I make units larger or smaller?
This is for The Titans users only. To enlarge a unit, select it and hold "K" on your keyboard. To make the unit smaller, hold "Shift + K".

How can I change the stats (attack/health/etc.) for a unit?
Easy. If you're a Titans user you can find the two triggers called "Modify Protounit" and "Set Tech Status". If you're running regular AoM, you will only have "Set Tech Status" available. You can set unit attributes with both these triggers.

How can I make units regenerate health?
First create a new trigger. Check the Active and Loop boxes. Pull the Priority cursor all the way to the right. Create a new condition Is Alive, select and set your desired unit. Add a condition Timer with a value of 1. Finally, add a Damage Unit effect, select your desired unit again and set the value to -1.

How can I have over 300 population?
Use the Modify Protounit effect to make a protounit have a population cost of a very extremely high number, like 999999999.0 . Make sure that it is a protounit that you can't normally get in-game by yourself. Then just place two of them somewhere on the map, and they will make the population for that player go to a negative number, and be infinite.

My triggers have stopped working!
Using Run immediately, quotations in chats, linking camera tracks, sound timers and decimals in conditions like timer and distance to unit affect this. If you are unsure about what the source is, outline what you did, and we can help.

The computer players aren't acting like computer players should!
You need to set AI for them. In the editor, click the "Scenario" tab, then "Player Data". There will be a button all the way to the right of the player slot to set the AI. It is reccomended you choose one of the "default" ais such as aomdefaultai.xs for AoM Vanilla, or aomxdefaultai.xs for The Titans.

I've seen people do these crazy camera angles that I can't seem to figure out how to do! Help!
A common question. Your camera must be unlocked and working first. It should be already by default. If it's not, press "Shift + Alt + C" to unlock it. To change the pitch of the camera, press "A" and "Z" or "Ctrl + Up Arrow" and "Ctrl + Down Arrow" on your keyboard to go up and down.

How do I add sound and dialogs in a scenario?
Like the dialogs in the campaigns, you can use the trigger effect "Play Dialog" to display text while on Cinematic Mode. You can type a text, include a sound, and a small image (portrait) "Sound filename" is a similar trigger effect, but not the main one used.

How can I give units animations like they do in the campaigns?
Select the unit in the editor, click on the "Cinematics" tab, then click "View animations." In the "Type" tab, find and click "Cinematic". In the "Anim Path:" tab is a list of animations that you can view for sampling. When you find the one you want, you can use its name with the "Set animation" trigger effect and be able to use it in-game.

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Out Reach
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posted 26 April 2020 05:05 PM EDT (US)     776 / 875  
The UI might have jsut temporarily broken - try restarting your game. Also note the behavior differences:

* Play Dialog, Sound Filename: These when using dialog you need to exclude the language folder from the path. This allows the game to change the language depending on the user.
* Any other sound trigger such as Play Dialog: You need to include the full path including the language and it will play what you put. This can be used to play sounds of a different language such as Skult's or Krios' evil laughs.
posted 26 April 2020 10:08 PM EDT (US)     777 / 875  
I restarted the game and my computer and no luck.

I apologize though, I don't understand the rest of what you are saying...

Side question, where is skults laugh located, I have been searching for it with no luck.
posted 27 April 2020 01:00 PM EDT (US)     778 / 875  
Typing in the filename manually definitely works. What have you been typing into the field?

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posted 27 April 2020 02:01 PM EDT (US)     779 / 875  
posted 27 April 2020 02:49 PM EDT (US)     780 / 875  
Have you tried just creating a new blank map and putting that trigger in to see if it works there?

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posted 27 April 2020 03:10 PM EDT (US)     781 / 875  

Note in my message above if you you use Sound Play Paused you need to include en folder (Or use whatever language folder you want to hear the version of), for Play Dialog and Sound Filename you don't (It will play the version matching your language)

Krios evil laugh is: xpack\xdialog\en\xkri075.mp3
posted 27 April 2020 04:43 PM EDT (US)     782 / 875  
Ok Everything's all set! Thank you very much!

New question:

Am I missing something or are there no atlantean infantry available in army deploy trigger?

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posted 28 April 2020 08:39 AM EDT (US)     783 / 875  
Some Atlantean units have different names in the editor:

Murmillo -> Swordsman
Katapeltes -> Maceman
Arcus -> Archer Atlantean
Contarius -> Lancer
Fanatic -> Royal Guard
Destroyer -> Trident Soldier

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posted 28 April 2020 01:37 PM EDT (US)     784 / 875  
If you're not sure what a unit is called in respect to the editor, if you place a unit an and then load up the animations for that unit (alt+a I think), or from the menu, the title of the animation window will give you the protounit name for use in triggers.
posted 28 April 2020 03:01 PM EDT (US)     785 / 875  
Here is a unit table I produced from Kronny - it is in order of id, editor name, scenario name, icon (Approx - may differ slightly in some cases):

0, "Hawk", "Hawk", "world hawk icon 64"
1, "Palm Stump", "Palm Stump", NO_ICON
2, "Bush", "Bush", NO_ICON
3, "Arrow", "Arrow", NO_ICON
4, "Axe", "Axe", NO_ICON
5, "Blood", "Blood", NO_ICON
6, "Scarab Blood", "Scarab Blood", NO_ICON
7, "Waypoint Flag", "Waypoint Flag", NO_ICON
8, "Moveto", "Moveto", NO_ICON
9, "Test Object", "Test Object", NO_ICON
10, "Yardstick", "Yardstick", NO_ICON
11, "Smoke", "Smoke", NO_ICON
12, "Cloud", "Cloud", NO_ICON
13, "Tornado", "Tornado", NO_ICON
14, "Revealer", "Revealer", NO_ICON
15, "Attack Revealer", "Attack Revealer", NO_ICON
16, "Construction Small", "Construction Small", NO_ICON
17, "Construction Medium", "Construction Medium", NO_ICON
18, "Construction Large", "Construction Large", NO_ICON
19, "Construction Extra Large", "Construction Extra Large", NO_ICON
20, "Ice Block", "Ice Block", NO_ICON
21, "Papyrus", "Papyrus", NO_ICON
22, "Wave", "Wave", NO_ICON
23, "Rainfall", "Rainfall", NO_ICON
24, "Ice Sheet", "Ice Sheet", NO_ICON
25, "Camera", "Camera", NO_ICON
26, "Camera Motion Arrow", "Camera Motion Arrow", NO_ICON
27, "Camera Start", "Camera Start", NO_ICON
28, "Whale", "Whale", NO_ICON
29, "Fire Pit", "Fire Pit", NO_ICON
30, "Rock Symbols", "Rock Symbols", NO_ICON
31, "Stalagmite", "Stalagmite", NO_ICON
32, "Runestone", "Runestone", NO_ICON
33, "Rock Snow", "Rock Snow", NO_ICON
34, "Water Lilly", "Water Lily", NO_ICON
35, "Water Reeds", "Water Reeds", NO_ICON
36, "Snowfall", "Snowfall", NO_ICON
37, "Mist", "Mist", NO_ICON
38, "Waterfall", "Waterfall", NO_ICON
39, "Garrison Flag", "Garrison Flag", NO_ICON
40, "Crate", "Crate", NO_ICON
41, "Rugs", "Rugs", NO_ICON
42, "Market Stall", "Market Stall", "icon building market"
43, "Catapult Shot", "Catapult Shot", NO_ICON
44, "Misc Objects", "Misc Objects", NO_ICON
45, "Inferno Fire Ground", "Inferno Fire Ground", NO_ICON
46, "Lightning Strike", "Lightning Strike", NO_ICON
47, "Ballista Shot", "Ballista Shot", NO_ICON
48, "Splash", "Splash", NO_ICON
49, "Misc Stairs", "Misc Stairs", NO_ICON
50, "Coral Reef", "Coral Reef", NO_ICON
51, "Hero Birth", "Hero Birth", NO_ICON
52, "Cinematic Block", "Cinematic Block", NO_ICON
53, "Footprint Villager", "Footprint Villager", NO_ICON
54, "Flaming Footprint", "Flaming Footprint", NO_ICON
55, "Icy Footprint", "Icy Footprint", NO_ICON
56, "Oar Footprint", "Oar Footprint", NO_ICON
57, "Meteor", "Meteor", NO_ICON
58, "Lightning sparks", "Lightning sparks", NO_ICON
59, "Lightning Scorch", "Lightning Scorch", NO_ICON
60, "Dust Small", "Dust Small", NO_ICON
61, "Dust Medium", "Dust Medium", NO_ICON
62, "Dust Large", "Dust Large", NO_ICON
63, "Arrow Flaming", "Arrow Flaming", NO_ICON
64, "Lightning Cloud", "Lightning Cloud", NO_ICON
65, "Lightning Rain", "Lightning Rain", NO_ICON
66, "UI Army Banner Furled", "UI Army Banner Furled", NO_ICON
67, "UI Army Banner Plain", "UI Army Banner Plain", NO_ICON
68, "UI Army Banner Infantry", "UI Army Banner Infantry", NO_ICON
69, "UI Army Banner Cavalry", "UI Army Banner Cavalry", NO_ICON
70, "UI Army Banner Archer", "UI Army Banner Archer", NO_ICON
71, "UI Army Banner Villager", "UI Army Banner Villager", NO_ICON
72, "Blood Gore", "Blood Gore", NO_ICON
73, "Lightning Sparks Ground", "Lightning Sparks Ground", NO_ICON
74, "Hoofprint", "Hoofprint", NO_ICON
75, "Footprint Military", "Footprint Military", NO_ICON
76, "Fire Object", "Fire", NO_ICON
77, "UI Hero Banner", "UI Hero Banner", NO_ICON
78, "UI Idle Villager Banner", "UI Idle Villager Banner", NO_ICON
79, "Giant Footprint", "Giant Footprint", NO_ICON
80, "Shark", "Shark", NO_ICON
81, "Orca", "Orca", NO_ICON
82, "Rock Granite Small", "Rock Granite Small", NO_ICON
83, "Rock Limestone Small", "Rock Limestone Small", NO_ICON
84, "Grass", "Grass", NO_ICON
85, "Seagull", "Seagull", NO_ICON
86, "Rock Granite Big", "Rock Granite Big", NO_ICON
87, "Rock Limestone Big", "Rock Limestone Big", NO_ICON
88, "Rock Sandstone Big", "Rock Sandstone Big", NO_ICON
89, "Rock Sandstone Small", "Rock Sandstone Small", NO_ICON
90, "Rock River Sandy", "Rock River Sandy", NO_ICON
91, "Rock River Grassy", "Rock River Grassy", NO_ICON
92, "Rock River Icy", "Rock River Icy", NO_ICON
93, "Shifting Sands In", "Shifting Sands In", NO_ICON
94, "UI Army Banner Myth", "UI Army Banner Myth", NO_ICON
95, "UI Idle Military Banner", "UI Idle Military Banner", NO_ICON
96, "Heavenlight", "Heavenlight", NO_ICON
97, "Shifting Sands Out", "Shifting Sands Out", NO_ICON
98, "Shifting Sands Out Effect", "Shifting Sands Out Effect", NO_ICON
99, "Inferno Unit Flame", "Inferno Unit Flame", NO_ICON
100, "Revealer to Player", "Revealer to Player", NO_ICON
101, "Skeleton", "Skeleton", NO_ICON
102, "Sand Drift Dune", "Sand Drift Dune", NO_ICON
103, "Sand Drift Plain", "Sand Drift Plain", NO_ICON
104, "Sand Drift Patch", "Sand Drift Patch", NO_ICON
105, "Healing SFX", "Healing SFX", NO_ICON
106, "Healing Area SFX", "Healing Area SFX", NO_ICON
107, "Frost Drift", "Frost Drift", NO_ICON
108, "Dust Devil", "Dust Devil", NO_ICON
109, "Fountain", "Fountain", "icon object fountain 64"
110, "Fire Wood", "Fire Wood", "wood 64"
111, "Campfire", "Campfire", NO_ICON
112, "Columns", "Columns", "world column icon 64"
113, "Columns Fallen", "Fallen Columns", "world column icon 64"
114, "Columns Broken", "Broken Columns", "world column icon 64"
115, "Milestone", "Milestone", NO_ICON
116, "Sign", "Sign", "scenario sign icon 64"
117, "Clone SFX", "Clone SFX", NO_ICON
118, "Invisible Ram", "Invisible Ram", NO_ICON
119, "Spear", "Spear", NO_ICON
120, "Sling Stone", "Sling Stone", NO_ICON
121, "Rain", "Rain", NO_ICON
122, "Snow Storm", "Snow Storm", NO_ICON
123, "Fertile Plants SFX", "Fertile Plants SFX", NO_ICON
124, "Cinematic rocks", "Cinematic rocks", NO_ICON
125, "Cinematic Trees", "Cinematic Trees", "icon pine tree"
126, "Cinematic Dead Bodies", "Cinematic Dead Bodies", NO_ICON
127, "Destroyed Buildings Small", "Destroyed Building", NO_ICON
128, "Cinematic Scorch", "Cinematic Scorch", NO_ICON
129, "undermine ground decal long", "undermine ground decal long", NO_ICON
130, "undermine ground decal short", "undermine ground decal short", NO_ICON
131, "undermine ground decal corner", "undermine ground decal corner", NO_ICON
132, "Armor Glow Small", "Armor Glow Small", NO_ICON
133, "Tornado Debris", "Tornado Debris", NO_ICON
134, "Raft", "Raft", "boat e transport icon"
135, "Meteor Impact Water", "Meteor Impact Water", NO_ICON
136, "Meteor Impact Ground", "Meteor Impact Ground", NO_ICON
137, "Rain Small", "Rain Small", NO_ICON
138, "Ball of Fire", "Ball of Fire", NO_ICON
139, "Increase Prosperity Large", "Increase Prosperity Large", NO_ICON
140, "Increase Prosperity Small", "Increase Prosperity Small", NO_ICON
141, "Ball of fire impact", "Ball of fire impact", NO_ICON
142, "Dove", "Dove", NO_ICON
143, "Snow Drift Archery", "Snow Drift Archery", NO_ICON
144, "Snow Drift Barracks", "Snow Drift Barracks", NO_ICON
145, "Snow Drift Stable", "Snow Drift Stable", NO_ICON
146, "Snow Drift Settlements", "Snow Drift Settlements", NO_ICON
147, "Snow Drift Tower", "Snow Drift Tower", NO_ICON
148, "Snow Drift Siege", "Snow Drift Siege", NO_ICON
149, "Snow Drift Major Temple", "Snow Drift Major Temple", NO_ICON
150, "Tunnel Opening", "Tunnel Opening", "god power underworld passage icon"
151, "Volley", "Volley", NO_ICON
152, "Hades Fire", "Hades Fire", NO_ICON
153, "Rock Granite Sprite", "Rock Granite Sprite", NO_ICON
154, "Vision Revealer", "Vision Revealer", NO_ICON
155, "Bolt Strike", "Bolt Strike", NO_ICON
156, "Spy Eye", "Spy Eye", NO_ICON
157, "Curse SFX", "Curse SFX", NO_ICON
158, "Sentinel Base", "Sentinel Base", "god power sentinel icon"
159, "Bolt Scorch", "Bolt Scorch", NO_ICON
160, "Citadel SFX", "Citadel SFX", NO_ICON
161, "Vision SFX", "Vision SFX", NO_ICON
162, "Ragnorok SFX", "Ragnarok SFX", NO_ICON
163, "Fimbulwinter SFX", "Fimbulwinter SFX", NO_ICON
164, "Plenty Flare", "Plenty Flare", NO_ICON
165, "Osiris Lightning", "Osiris Lightning", NO_ICON
166, "Osiris SFX", "Osiris SFX", NO_ICON
167, "Priest Projectile", "Priest Projectile", NO_ICON
168, "UI Army Banner Siege", "UI Army Banner Siege", NO_ICON
169, "Rock Limestone Sprite", "Rock Limestone Sprite", NO_ICON
170, "Rock Sandstone Sprite", "Rock Sandstone Sprite", NO_ICON
171, "Pine Stump", "Pine Stump", NO_ICON
172, "Oak stump", "Oak stump", NO_ICON
173, "Earthquake", "Earthquake", NO_ICON
174, "Barrel", "Barrel", NO_ICON
175, "Pots", "Pots", NO_ICON
176, "Broken Siege Weapons", "Broken Siege Weapons", NO_ICON
177, "Kraken Bits", "Kraken Bits", NO_ICON
178, "Flowers", "Flowers", NO_ICON
179, "Seaweed", "Seaweed", NO_ICON
180, "Fern", "Fern", NO_ICON
181, "Flag Numbered", "Flag Numbered", NO_ICON
182, "Scorpion Tail", "Scorpion Tail", NO_ICON
183, "Generic Corpse", "Generic Corpse", NO_ICON
184, "Wadjet Spit", "Wadjet Spit", NO_ICON
185, "Hero Death", "Hero Death", NO_ICON
186, "Petosuchus Beam", "Petsuchos Beam", NO_ICON
187, "Earthquake CrackA", "Earthquake CrackA", NO_ICON
188, "Earthquake CrackB", "Earthquake CrackB", NO_ICON
189, "Earthquake CrackC", "Earthquake CrackC", NO_ICON
190, "Earthquake CrackD", "Earthquake CrackD", NO_ICON
191, "Forest Fire SFX", "Forest Fire SFX", NO_ICON
192, "Petosuchus projectile", "Petsuchos projectile", NO_ICON
193, "Recognizer", "Recognizer", NO_ICON
194, "Manticore Barb", "Manticore Barb", NO_ICON
195, "Arrow Splash SFX", "Arrow Splash SFX", NO_ICON
196, "Petrobolos Shot", "Petrobolos Shot", NO_ICON
197, "UI Town Bell Banner", "UI Town Bell Banner", NO_ICON
198, "Pestilence SFX1", "Pestilence SFX1", NO_ICON
199, "Pestilence SFX2", "Pestilence SFX2", NO_ICON
200, "Hero Death Revealer", "Death Revealer", NO_ICON
201, "Testomatic", "Testomatic", NO_ICON
202, "Gate Ram Destroyed", "Giant Gate Ram", "special g hades ram icon 64"
203, "Spear Flaming", "Spear Flaming", NO_ICON
204, "Destroyed Buildings Med", "Destroyed Building", NO_ICON
205, "Destroyed Buildings Large", "Destroyed Building", NO_ICON
206, "Osiris", "Osiris", "improvement osiris icon"
207, "SPCMeteor", "SPCMeteor", NO_ICON
208, "Avalanche", "Avalanche", NO_ICON
209, "Einheriar Boost SFX", "Einheriar Boost SFX", NO_ICON
210, "Arrow Signal", "Arrow Flaming", NO_ICON
211, "Osiris Birth", "Osiris Birth", NO_ICON
212, "Osiris Box Glow", "Osiris Box Glow", NO_ICON
213, "UI Banner Objective", "UI Banner Objective", NO_ICON
214, "Oak stump burnt", "Oak stump burnt", NO_ICON
215, "Fire Object Big", "Fire", NO_ICON
216, "Smoke Big", "Smoke", NO_ICON
217, "UI Army Banner Hero", "UI Army Banner Hero", NO_ICON
218, "Mummy Flies", "Mummy Flies", NO_ICON
219, "Vulture", "Vulture", "special e vulture icon"
220, "Conversion SFX", "Conversion SFX", NO_ICON
221, "UI Army Banner Naval", "UI Army Banner Naval", NO_ICON
222, "Fire Hades", "Fire", NO_ICON
223, "Destruction 3x3", "Destruction 3x3", NO_ICON
224, "Destruction 4x4", "Destruction 4x4", NO_ICON
225, "Destruction 5x5", "Destruction 5x5", NO_ICON
226, "Destruction 8x8", "Destruction 8x8", NO_ICON
227, "Thor hammer", "The Hammer of Thor", NO_ICON
228, "Regeneration SFX", "Regeneration SFX", NO_ICON
229, "Poison SFX", "Poison SFX", NO_ICON
230, "Taproot large", "Taproot Trunk", "scenario taproot icon 64"
231, "Taproot Small", "Taproot Sprigg", "scenario taproot icon 64"
232, "Shadow", "Shadow", NO_ICON
233, "Destruction Settlement", "Destruction Settlement", NO_ICON
234, "Destruction 2x2", "Destruction 2x2", NO_ICON
235, "Destruction 1x1", "Destruction 1x1", NO_ICON
236, "UI Army Banner Caravan", "UI Army Banner Caravan", NO_ICON
237, "UI Army Banner Oxcart", "UI Army Banner Oxcart", NO_ICON
238, "MIne Pieces", "Mine Wall", NO_ICON
239, "Underworld Smoke", "Smoke Underworld", NO_ICON
240, "Underworld Explosion", "Underworld Explosion", NO_ICON
241, "UI Cloud Boarder", "UI Cloud Boarder", NO_ICON
242, "Blood Cinematic", "Blood Cinematic", NO_ICON
243, "Skeleton Giant", "Skeleton Giant", NO_ICON
244, "Skeleton Animal", "Skeleton Animal", NO_ICON
245, "Shipwreck", "Shipwreck", "boat g trireme icon"
246, "Ruins", "Ruins", "world column icon 64"
247, "Rotting Log", "Rotting Log", NO_ICON
248, "Underbrush", "Underbrush", NO_ICON
249, "Grass Tall", "Grass Tall", NO_ICON
250, "Rock Cliff", "Rock Cliff (test)", NO_ICON
251, "UI Range Indicator Egypt SFX", "UI Range Indicator Egyptian SFX", NO_ICON
252, "Harpy", "Harpy", "world hawk icon 64"
253, "Blowing Leaves", "Blowing Leaves", NO_ICON
254, "Hawksbill", "Hawksbill Turtle", NO_ICON
255, "Blood Flow", "Blood Flow", NO_ICON
256, "Ball of Fire invisible", "Ball of Fire", NO_ICON
257, "Splash Footprint", "Splash Footprint", NO_ICON
258, "Lava Bubbling", "Lava Bubbling", NO_ICON
259, "Wood Pile 1", "Wood Stockpile", NO_ICON
260, "Wood Pile 2", "Wood Stockpile", NO_ICON
261, "Wood Pile 3", "Wood Stockpile", NO_ICON
262, "Trident", "Poseidon Trident", NO_ICON
263, "Destruction Citadel", "Destruction Citadel", NO_ICON
264, "Forest Fire Attack", "Lightning Strike", NO_ICON
265, "UI Range Indicator Greek SFX", "UI Range Indicator Greek SFX", NO_ICON
266, "UI Range Indicator Norse SFX", "UI Range Indicator Norse SFX", NO_ICON
267, "Invisible Gate", "Invisible Gate", NO_ICON
268, "UI Army Banner Building", "UI Army Banner Building", NO_ICON
269, "Water decoration", "Water decoration", NO_ICON
270, "Footprint Cavalry", "Footprint Cavalry", NO_ICON
271, "Footprint Animal Large", "Footprint Animal Large", NO_ICON
272, "Footprint Animal Small", "Footprint Animal Small", NO_ICON
273, "Footprint Siege", "Footprint Siege", NO_ICON
274, "Evil Cloud SFX ", "Evil Cloud SFX", NO_ICON
275, "Smoke Giant", "Smoke", NO_ICON
276, "Crate Small", "Small Crate", NO_ICON
277, "Cinematic Wake", "Cinematic Wake", NO_ICON
278, "Weapons", "Weapons", NO_ICON
279, "Footprint Giant", "Footprint Giant", NO_ICON
280, "Footprint Elephant", "Footprint Elephant", NO_ICON
281, "Footprint Wheel", "Footprint Wheel", NO_ICON
282, "Footprint Hydra", "Footprint Hydra", NO_ICON
283, "Footprint Portable Ram", "Footprint Portable Ram", NO_ICON
284, "Footprint Scorpion", "Footprint Scorpion", NO_ICON
285, "Footprint Scarab", "Footprint Scarab", NO_ICON
286, "Savannah stump", "Savannah stump", NO_ICON
287, "Chicken Blood", "Chicken Blood", NO_ICON
288, "Crab Blood", "Crab Blood", NO_ICON
289, "Arkantos Boost SFX", "Arkantos Boost SFX", NO_ICON
290, "Tremor", "Thunder Clap", NO_ICON
291, "Meteorite", "Meteorite", NO_ICON
292, "Iceberg", "Seaweed", NO_ICON
293, "GaiaCreepFlowers", "Gaia Flowers", NO_ICON
294, "Deconstruct Unit", "Deconstruct Unit", NO_ICON
295, "Deconstruct Building", "Deconstruct Building", NO_ICON
296, "Chaos effect", "Chaos effect", NO_ICON
297, "Traitors effect", null, NO_ICON
298, "Meteorite death", "Meteorite death", NO_ICON
299, "Marsh Brush", "Marsh Brush", NO_ICON
300, "Tundra Brush", "Tundra Brush", NO_ICON
301, "Audrey Base", "Carnivora", "god power audrey icons 32"
302, "Audrey Water Base", "Carnivora", "god power audrey icons 32"
303, "Vortex start", null, NO_ICON
304, "Vortex finish", null, NO_ICON
305, "Marsh stump", "Marsh stump", NO_ICON
306, "Tundra stump", "Tundra stump", NO_ICON
307, "Fireball Launch Damage Effect", "Fireball Launch Damage Effect", NO_ICON
308, "Spider", "Spider", NO_ICON
309, "Implode Sphere", "Implode Sphere", NO_ICON
310, "Implode Sphere Effect", "Implode Sphere Effect", NO_ICON
311, "Implode Lightning Effect", "Implode Lightning Effect", NO_ICON
312, "Implode Pull Effect", "Implode Pull Effect", NO_ICON
313, "Javelin Flaming", "Javelin Flaming", NO_ICON
314, "Implode Shockwave", "Implode Shockwave", NO_ICON
315, "Spider Door", "Spider Door", NO_ICON
316, "Lampades Blood", "Lampades Blood", NO_ICON
317, "Acid Pool", "Acid Pool", NO_ICON
318, "Spider Warn", "Arrow Splash SFX", NO_ICON
319, "Gaia Forest effect", "Implode Pull Effect", NO_ICON
320, "Vortex start linked", null, NO_ICON
321, "Vortex finish linked", null, NO_ICON
322, "Vortex landing", null, NO_ICON
323, "Implode Debris", "Implode Debris", NO_ICON
324, "Titan Atlantean Footprint", "Titan Footprint", NO_ICON
325, "Timeshift out", "Timeshift out", NO_ICON
326, "Timeshift in", "Timeshift in", NO_ICON
327, "Tartarian Gate flame", "Implode Pull Effect", NO_ICON
328, "Heka Shockwave SFX", "Fire", NO_ICON
329, "Tartarian Gate creature effect", "Implode Pull Effect", NO_ICON
330, "Garrison Flag Sky Passage", "Garrison Flag Sky Passage", NO_ICON
331, "Lampades Bolt", "Lampades Bolt", NO_ICON
332, "Fire Siphon Fire", "Fire", NO_ICON
333, "Stymph Bird Feather", "Feather", NO_ICON
334, "Osiris Pyramid Dead", "Osiris Pyramid Dead", NO_ICON
335, "Rocket", "Rocket", NO_ICON
336, "UI Range Indicator Atlantean SFX", "UI Range Indicator Greek SFX", NO_ICON
337, "Tower Mirror Focuser", "Mirror Tower Focuser", "god power sentinel icon"
338, "Kronny Birth", "Kronny Birth", NO_ICON
339, "Mist Olympus", "Mist", NO_ICON
340, "Seagull High", "Seagull High", NO_ICON
341, "Seagull Low", "Seagull Low", NO_ICON
342, "Repeat Flag", "Repeat Flag", NO_ICON
343, "Ball of Fire Prometheus", "Ball of Fire", NO_ICON
344, "Shockwave stun effect", "Shockwave stun effect", NO_ICON
345, "Arkantos God Out", "Arkantos God Out", NO_ICON
346, "Olympus Temple SFX", "Olympus Temple SFX", NO_ICON
347, "Kronny Birth SFX", "Kronny Birth SFX", NO_ICON
348, "Lava Sheet", "Lava Pool", NO_ICON
349, "Sound Gaia SFX", "[NULL]", NO_ICON
350, "Footprint Prometheanbig", "Footprint Promethean", NO_ICON
351, "Footprint Prometheansmall", "Footprint Promethean", NO_ICON
352, "Cinematic Dead Bodies Xpack", "Cinematic Dead Bodies", NO_ICON
353, "Tartarian Rubble", "Tartarian Rubble", NO_ICON
354, "Titan Death", "Titan Death", NO_ICON
355, "Spearman", "Spearman", "infantry e spearman icon"
356, "Axeman", "Axeman", "infantry e axeman icon"
357, "Slinger", "Slinger", "archer e slinger icon"
358, "Raiding Cavalry", "Raiding Cavalry", "cavalry n raiding cavalry icon"
359, "Camelry", "Camelry", "cavalry e camelry icon"
360, "Dwarf", "Dwarf", "villager n dwarf icon"
361, "Barracks", "Barracks", "icon building barracks"
362, "Dock", "Dock", "icon building dock"
363, "Farm", "Farm", "icon building farm"
364, "Granary", "Granary", "icon building granary"
365, "Armory", "Armory", "icon building armory"
366, "Gate", "Gate", "building wall to gate icon"
367, "Market", "Market", "icon building market"
368, "Stable", "Stable", "icon building stable"
369, "Fortress", "Fortress", "icon building greek fortress"
370, "Monument", "Monument to Villagers", "building monument one icon"
371, "Siege Camp", "Siege Works", "icon building siege camp"
372, "Wonder", "Wonder", "icon building wonder"
373, "Cyclops", "Cyclops", "special g cyclops icon"
374, "Goat", "Goat", "animal goat icon"
375, "Wolf", "Wolf", "animal wolf icon"
376, "Pine", "Pine Tree", "icon pine tree"
377, "Storehouse", "Storehouse", "icon building storehouse"
378, "Scarab", "Scarab", "special e scarab icon"
379, "Ballista", "Ballista", "siege n ballista icon"
380, "Siege Tower", "Siege Tower", "siege e siege tower icon"
381, "Crocodile", "Crocodile", "animal crocodile icon"
382, "Hippo", "Hippopotamus", "animal hippo icon"
383, "Palm", "Palm Tree", "icon palm tree"
384, "Flag", "Flag", "flag icon 64"
385, "Anubite", "Anubite", "special e anubite icon"
386, "Bear", "Bear", "animal bear icon 64"
387, "Fire Giant", "Fire Giant", "special n fire giant icon"
388, "Locust Swarm", "Locust Swarm", NO_ICON
389, "Boar", "Boar", "animal boar icon"
390, "Frost Giant", "Frost Giant", "special n frost giant icon"
391, "Wall Long", "Wooden Wall", "improvement stone wall icon"
392, "Catapult", "Catapult", "siege e catapult icon"
393, "Caravan Norse", "Ox Caravan", "trade n caravan icon"
394, "Troll", "Troll", "special n trollkarien icon"
395, "Mountain Giant", "Mountain Giant", "special n mountain giant icon"
396, "Einheriar", "Einherjar", "special n einheriar icon"
397, "Kraken", "Kraken", "special n kraken icon"
398, "Sea Turtle", "War Turtle", "special g sea turtle icon"
399, "Valkyrie", "Valkyrie", "special n valkyrie icon"
400, "Battle Boar", "Battle Boar", "special n battle boar icon"
401, "Trireme", "Trireme", "boat g trireme icon"
402, "Fishing Ship Greek", "Fishing Ship", "boat g fishing boat icon"
403, "Bridge", "Bridge", NO_ICON
404, "Cow", "Cow", "animal cow icon"
405, "Giraffe", "Giraffe", "animal giraffe icon"
406, "Statue Pharaoh", "Pharaoh Statue", "building pharaoh statue icon 64"
407, "Torch", "Torch", "world torch icon 64"
408, "Pig", "Pig", "animal pig icon"
409, "Lazer Bear", "Lazer Bear", "animal bear icon"
410, "Zebra", "Zebra", "animal zebra icon"
411, "Water Buffalo", "Water Buffalo", "animal waterbuffalo icon"
412, "Gazelle", "Gazelle", "animal gazelle icon"
413, "Baboon", "Baboon", "animal baboon icon"
414, "Centaur", "Centaur", "special g centaur icon"
415, "Phoenix", "Phoenix", "special e phoenix icon"
416, "Manticore", "Manticore", "special g manticore icon"
417, "Chimera", "Chimera", "special g chimera icon"
418, "Sphinx", "Sphinx", "special e sphinx icon"
419, "Minotaur", "Minotaur", "special g minotaur icon"
420, "Hydra", "Hydra", "special g hydra icon"
421, "Chicken", "Chicken", "animal chicken icon"
422, "Monkey", "Monkey", "animal monkey icon"
423, "Colossus", "Colossus", "special g colossus icon"
424, "Mummy", "Mummy", "special e mummy icon"
425, "Roc", "Roc", "special e roc icon"
426, "Medusa", "Medusa", "special g medusa icon"
427, "Obelisk", "Obelisk", "world obelisk icon 64"
428, "Hades Door", "Hades Gate", "scenario hades gate icon 64"
429, "Ajax", "Ajax (Hero)", "hero g ajax"
430, "Arkantos", "Arkantos (Hero)", "special g arkantos icon"
431, "Gargarensis", "Gargarensis (Hero)", "scenario g gargarensis icon"
432, "Setna", "Setna (Hero)", "special e setna icon"
433, "Shaba Ka", "Kemsyt (Hero)", "scenario kemsyt icon"
434, "Odysseus", "Odysseus (Hero)", "hero g oddeysseus"
435, "Chiron", "Chiron (Hero)", "hero g chiron"
436, "Amanra", "Amanra (Hero)", "special e amanra icon"
437, "Wall Connector", "Wooden Wall", "improvement stone wall icon"
438, "Wall Short", "Wooden Wall", "improvement stone wall icon"
439, "Leviathan", "Leviathan", "special e leviathan icon"
440, "Statue Lion Right", "Lion Statue", "building lion statue icon 64"
441, "Statue Lion Left", "Lion Statue", "building lion statue icon 64"
442, "Egyptian Vulture", "Egyptian Vulture", "special e vulture icon"
443, "Reginleif", "Reginleif (Hero)", "scenario n reginleif icon"
444, "Scout", "Kataskopos (Scout)", "cavalry g scout icon"
445, "Archery Range", "Archery Range", "icon building archery range"
446, "Scorpion Man", "Scorpion Man", "special e scorpion man icon"
447, "Minion", "Minion", "special e minion icon"
448, "Fish - Perch", "Perch", "animal fish icon"
449, "Great Box", "Osiris Piece Box", "trade e caravan icon"
450, "Great Box Cart", "Osiris Piece Cart", "trade e caravan icon"
451, "Gold Mine", "Large Gold Mine", "icon gold mine 64"
452, "Kamos", "Kamos (Hero)", "scenario g kamos icon"
453, "Oak Tree", "Oak Tree", "icon oak tree"
454, "Pyramid Large", "Osiris Pyramid", "building osiris pyramid icon 64"
455, "Pyramid Small", "Pyramid", "building osiris pyramid icon 64"
456, "Lion", "Lion", "animal lion icon"
457, "Rhinocerous", "Rhinoceros", "animal rhino icon"
458, "Hyena", "Hyena", "animal hyena icon"
459, "Crowned Crane", "Crowned Crane", "animal crowned crane icon"
460, "Aurochs", "Aurochs", "animal aurochs icon"
461, "Fish - Mahi", "Mahi mahi", "animal fish icon"
462, "Fish - Salmon", "Salmon", "animal fish icon"
463, "Giant Duck-billed Platypus", "Giant Duck-billed Platypus", NO_ICON
464, "Temple", "Temple", "icon building temple"
465, "House", "House", "icon building house"
466, "Tent", "Tent", "world tent icon 64"
467, "Elephant", "Elephant", "animal elephant icon"
468, "Tunnel", "Underworld Passage", "god power underworld passage icon"
469, "Tower", "Sentry Tower", "building sentry tower icon"
470, "Settlement", "Settlement", "building settlement icon"
471, "Pegasus", "Pegasus", "special g pegasus icon"
472, "Scylla", "Scylla", "special g scylla icon"
473, "Avenger", "Avenger", "special e avenger icon"
474, "Raven", "Raven", "special n raven icon"
475, "Excavation", "Excavation", "icon building mining camp"
476, "Guardian", "Guardian", "scenario sleeping guardian icon 64"
477, "Guardian Sleeping", "Sleeping Guardian", "scenario sleeping guardian icon 64"
478, "Sword Bearers", "Sword Bearers", "scenario swordbearers icon"
479, "Deer", "Deer", "animal deer icon"
480, "Settlement Level 1", "Town Center", NO_ICON
481, "Ox Cart", "Ox Cart", "villager n oxcart icon"
482, "Fence Stone", "Stone Fence", "icon building wooden fence 64"
483, "Fence Wood", "Wooden Fence", "icon building wooden fence 64"
484, "Villager Norse", "Gatherer", "villager n male icon"
485, "Longhouse", "Longhouse", "icon building barracks"
486, "Academy", "Military Academy", "icon building barracks"
487, "Villager Greek", "Villager", "villager g male icon"
488, "Portable Ram", "Portable Ram", "siege n portable ram icon"
489, "Hill Fort", "Hill Fort", "icon building norse fortress"
490, "Villager Egyptian", "Laborer", "villager e male icon"
491, "Throwing Axeman", "Throwing Axeman", "archer n throwing axeman icon"
492, "Ulfsark", "Ulfsark", "infantry n ulfsark icon"
493, "Huskarl", "Huskarl", "infantry n huskarl icon"
494, "Shrine", "Shrine", "icon building shrine 64"
495, "Hero Norse", "Hersir (Hero)", "hero n hersir icon"
496, "Hero Greek Achilles", "Achilles (Hero)", "hero g achilles"
497, "Pharaoh", "Pharaoh", "unit e pharaoh icon"
498, "Lumber Camp", "Lumber Camp", "icon building lumbercamp"
499, "Mining Camp", "Mining Camp", "icon building mining camp"
500, "Hero Greek Odysseus", "Odysseus (Hero)", "hero g oddeysseus"
501, "Hero Greek Chiron", "Chiron (Hero)", "hero g chiron"
502, "Hero Greek Polyphemus", "Polyphemus (Hero)", "hero g polyphemus"
503, "Hoplite", "Hoplite", "infantry g hoplite icon"
504, "Hypaspist", "Hypaspist", "infantry g hypaspist icon"
505, "Hippikon", "Hippikon", "cavalry g hippikon icon"
506, "Prodromos", "Prodromos", "cavalry g prodromos icon"
507, "Peltast", "Peltast", "archer g peltast icon"
508, "Toxotes", "Toxotes", "archer g toxotes icon"
509, "Petrobolos", "Petrobolos", "siege g petrobolos icon"
510, "Helepolis", "Helepolis", "siege g helepolis icon"
511, "Priest", "Priest (Hero)", "special e priest icon"
512, "Migdol Stronghold", "Migdol Stronghold", "icon building egypt migdol"
513, "Chariot Archer", "Chariot Archer", "cavalry e chariot archer icon"
514, "Myrmidon", "Myrmidon", "infantry g myrmidon icon"
515, "Hetairoi", "Hetairoi", "cavalry g hetairoi icon"
516, "Cataphract", "Cataphract", "cavalry g cataphract icon"
517, "Mercenary", "Mercenary", "infantry e mercenary icon"
518, "Monument 2", "Monument to Soldiers", "building monument two icon"
519, "Monument 3", "Monument to Priests", "building monument three icon"
520, "Monument 4", "Monument to Pharaohs", "building monument four icon"
521, "Monument 5", "Monument to Gods", "building monument five icon"
522, "Statue of Major God", "Major God Statue", "scenario god statue"
523, "Dwarven Forge", "Dwarven Forge", "icon building armory"
524, "Folstag Flag Bearer", "Folstag Flag Bearer", "scenario folstag icon"
525, "Trojan Horse", "Trojan Horse", "siege trojan horse icon 64"
526, "Berry Bush", "Berry Bush", "world berry bush icon 64"
527, "Bolder Wall", "Boulder Wall", "scenario boulder wall icon 64"
528, "Mercenary Cavalry", "Mercenary Cavalry", "cavalry e mercenary icon"
529, "Pirate Ship", "Pirate Ship", "scenario n pirate ship icon 64"
530, "Gate Ram", "Giant Gate Ram", "special g hades ram icon 64"
531, "Jarl", "Jarl", "cavalry n jarl icon"
532, "Wall Long Destruction SFX", "Wall Long Destruction SFX", NO_ICON
533, "Wall Short Destruction SFX", "Wall Short Destruction SFX", NO_ICON
534, "Wall Connector Destruction SFX", "Wall Connector Destruction SFX", NO_ICON
535, "Outpost", "Obelisk", "building outpost icon"
536, "Transport Ship Greek", "Transport Ship", "boat g transport icon"
537, "Kebenit", "Kebenit", "boat e kebenit icon"
538, "Longboat", "Longboat", "boat n longboat icon"
539, "Lighthouse", "Lighthouse", "building lighthouse icon"
540, "Hero Boar", "Boar (Arkantos)", "animal boar icon"
541, "Hero Greek Heracles", "Heracles (Hero)", "hero g heracles"
542, "Hero Greek Jason", "Jason (Hero)", "hero g jason"
543, "Fishing Ship Norse", "Fishing Ship", "boat n fishing boat icon"
544, "Fishing Ship Egyptian", "Fishing Ship", "boat e fishing boat icon"
545, "Transport Ship Egyptian", "Transport Ship", "boat e transport icon"
546, "Troy Gate", "Gate of Troy", "building wall to gate icon"
547, "Troy Wall Connector", "Wall of Troy", "icon building wooden fence 64"
548, "Troy Wall Long", "Wall of Troy", "icon building wooden fence 64"
549, "Troy Wall Short", "Wall of Troy", "icon building wooden fence 64"
550, "Hero Greek Hippolyta", "Hippolyta (Hero)", "hero g hippolyta"
551, "Hero Greek Theseus", "Theseus (Hero)", "hero g theseus"
552, "Hero Greek Bellerophon", "Bellerophon (Hero)", "hero g bellerophon"
553, "Hero Greek Ajax", "Ajax (Hero)", "hero g ajax"
554, "Hero Greek Atalanta", "Atalanta (Hero)", "hero g atalanta"
555, "Hero Greek Perseus", "Perseus (Hero)", "hero g perseus icon"
556, "Flying Purple Hippo", "Flying Purple Hippo", "animal hippo icon"
557, "Caravan Greek", "Donkey Caravan", "trade g caravan icon"
558, "Caravan Egyptian", "Camel Caravan", "trade e caravan icon"
559, "Relic", "Relic", "scenario folstag icon"
560, "Skult", "Skult", "infantry n skult icon"
561, "Bolder Rolling", "Boulder", "scenario boulder wall icon 64"
562, "Gold Mine Small", "Medium Gold Mine", "icon gold mine 64"
563, "Pine Snow", "Snowy Pine", "icon pine tree"
564, "Circe", "Circe (Hero)", "special g circe icon"
565, "Stop Combat", "Stop Combat", NO_ICON
566, "Naval Shipyard", "Naval Shipyard", "icon building dock"
567, "Ramming Ship Greek", "Pentekonter", "boat g pentekonter icon"
568, "Siege Ship Greek", "Juggernaut", "boat g juggernaught icon"
569, "Hero Greek Argo", "The Argo (Hero)", "special g argo icon"
570, "Ramming Ship Norse", "Drakkar", "boat n drakkar icon"
571, "Ramming Ship Egyptian", "Ramming Galley", "boat e ramming galley icon"
572, "Siege Ship Norse", "Dragon Ship", "boat n dragonship icon"
573, "Siege Ship Egyptian", "War Barge", "boat e warbarge icon"
574, "Shade", "Shade", "special g shade icon"
575, "Animal Attractor", "Lure", "god power animal magnet icon"
576, "Healing Spring Object", "Healing Spring", "god power healing spring icon"
577, "Serpent", "Serpent", "god power snake plague icon"
578, "Sentinel Main", "Sentinel", "god power sentinel icon"
579, "Citadel Center", "Citadel Center", "god power citadel icon"
580, "Walking Woods Pine", "Walking Pine", "god power walking woods icon"
581, "Walking Woods Oak", "Walking Oak", "god power walking woods icon"
582, "Walking Woods Palm", "Walking Palm", "god power walking woods icon"
583, "Hero Ragnorok", "Hero of Ragnarok", "hero n ragnarok icon"
584, "Nidhogg", "Nidhogg", "special n nidhogg icon"
585, "Fimbulwinter Wolf", "Fimbulwinter Wolf", "animal wolf icon"
586, "Plenty Vault", "Plenty Vault", "god power plenty icon"
587, "Pharaoh of Osiris", "Son of Osiris (Hero)", "special e son of osiris icon"
588, "Gold Mine Dwarven", "Dwarven Gold Mine", "icon gold mine 64"
589, "Fenris Wolf", "Fenris Wolf Brood", "special n fenris wolf icon"
590, "Athena", "Athena", "improvement athena icon"
591, "Walrus", "Walrus", "animal walrus icon"
592, "Wadjet", "Wadjet", "special e wadjet icon"
593, "Petsuchos", "Petsuchos", "special e petosuchus icon"
594, "Nemean Lion", "Nemean Lion", "special g nemean lion icon"
595, "Agamemnon", "Agamemnon (Hero)", "special g agamemnon icon"
596, "Theocrat", "Theocrat", "special g god statue icon 64"
597, "Shade of Hades", "Hades Shade", "special g shade icon"
598, "Atlantis Wall Connector", "Wall of Atlantis", "improvement stone wall icon"
599, "Atlantis Wall Long", "Wall of Atlantis", "improvement stone wall icon"
600, "Atlantis Gate", "Atlantis Gate", "building wall to gate icon"
601, "Tamarisk Tree", "Tamarisk Tree", "scenario tamarisk tree icon 64"
602, "Phoenix Egg", "Phoenix Egg", "special e phoenix egg icon 64"
603, "Polar Bear", "Polar Bear", "animal polar bear icon"
604, "Walking Woods Pine Snow", "Walking Snowy Pine", "god power walking woods icon"
605, "Caribou", "Caribou", "animal caribou icon"
606, "Elk", "Elk", "animal elk icon"
607, "Pig Special", "Pig", "animal pig icon"
608, "Titan Bad", "Living Poseidon Statue", "special g god statue icon 64"
609, "Palm Burning", "Palm Burning", "icon palm tree"
610, "Oak Tree Burning", "Oak Tree Burning", "icon oak tree"
611, "Pine Burning", "Pine Burning", "icon pine tree"
612, "Great Box Cart 2", "Osiris Piece Cart", "trade e caravan icon"
613, "Transport Ship Norse", "Transport Ship", "boat n transport icon"
614, "Thor Hammer Haft", "Thor's Hammer Haft", "scenario thors hammer icon 64"
615, "Thor Hammer Head", "Thor's Hammer Head", "scenario thors hammer icon 64"
616, "Pine Snow Burning", "Snowy Pine Burning", "icon pine tree"
617, "War Elephant", "War Elephant", "cavalry war elephant icon"
618, "Oak Autumn", "Autumn Oak", "icon oak tree"
619, "Brokk", "Brokk (Hero)", "scenario brokk icon"
620, "Eitri", "Eitri (Hero)", "scenario eitri icon"
621, "Dwarf Foundry", "Dwarven Armory", "icon building armory"
622, "Hippocampus", "Hippocampus", "special g hippocampus icon"
623, "Oak Autumn Burning", "Autumn Oak", "icon oak tree"
624, "Skraeling", "Skraeling", "infantry n ulfsark icon"
625, "Underworld Passage SPC", "Underworld Passage", "god power underworld passage icon"
626, "Carcinos", "Carcinos", "special g carcinos icon"
627, "Jormund Elver", "Jormund Elver", "special n jormund brood icon"
628, "Militia", "Militia", "infantry g militia icon"
629, "Kastor", "Kastor", "special g kastor icon"
630, "Sea Snake", "Sea Snake", "god power snake plague icon"
631, "Old Man", "Old Man", "villager g male icon 64"
632, "Jail Wall", "Jail Wall", "icon building wooden fence 64"
633, "Dig Pile", "Dig Pile", "scenario dig pile icon 64"
634, "Golden Fleece", "Golden Fleece", "animal goat icon"
635, "Temple Underworld", "Temple of the Gods", "icon building temple"
636, "Arkantosman", "Arkantos (Hero)", "special g arkantos icon"
637, "Bolder Rolling Dead", "Boulder Rolling Dead", "scenario boulder wall icon 64"
638, "Bolder Rolling 2", "Boulder", "scenario boulder wall icon 64"
639, "Pine Dead", "Pine Dead", "icon pine tree"
640, "Gate Ram 2", "Giant Gate Ram", "special g hades ram icon 64"
641, "Mini Atlantis", "Atlantis", NO_ICON
642, "Atlantis Tile", "Atlantis Tile", NO_ICON
643, "Atlantis Tile Dead", "Atlantis Tile Dead", "scenario boulder wall icon 64"
644, "Well of Urd", "Well of Urd", "god power underworld passage icon"
645, "Troy Gate Dead", "Gate of Troy", "building wall to gate icon"
646, "Plenty Vault KOTH", "Plenty Vault", "god power plenty icon"
647, "Poseidon Statue", "Statue of Poseidon", "special g god statue icon 64"
648, "Pharaoh Secondary", "Second Pharaoh", "unit e pharaoh icon"
649, "Savannah Tree", "Savannah Tree", "icon savannah tree"
650, "Golden Lion", "Golden Lion", "animal lion icon"
651, "Monkey Relic", "Relic Monkey", "animal monkey icon"
652, "Ghost Ship", "Lost Ship", "boat e kebenit icon"
653, "Shade of Erebus", "Hades Shade", "special g shade icon"
654, "Bandit Migdol", "Bandit Migdol", "icon building egypt migdol"
655, "Gold Mine Tiny", "Small Gold Mine", "icon gold mine 64"
656, "Wall Medium", "Wooden Wall", "improvement stone wall icon"
657, "Statue of Lightning", "Statue of Lightning", "scenario god statue"
658, "Crossbowman", "Gastraphetes", "archer g crossbowman icon"
659, "Fence Iron", "Iron Fence", "icon building wooden fence 64"
660, "Charon Ferry", "Charon Ferry", "boat e kebenit icon"
661, "Hero Boar 2", "Boar (Ajax)", "animal boar icon"
662, "Taproot", "Taproot", "scenario taproot icon 64"
663, "Female", "Greta Forkbeard", "scenario n greta forkbeard icon"
664, "Theris", "Theris (Hero)", "special e anubite icon"
665, "Ornlu", "Ornlu (Hero)", "special n fenris wolf icon"
666, "Polaris", "Polaris (Hero)", "animal polar bear icon"
667, "Tamarisk Tree Dead", "Tamarisk Tree", "scenario tamarisk tree icon 64"
668, "Prisoner", "Prisoner", "villager g male icon 64"
669, "Folstag Flag", "Folstag Flag", "scenario folstag flag"
670, "Undermine Building Destruction SFX", "Wall Long Destruction SFX", NO_ICON
671, "Pine Dead Burning", "Pine Dead Burning", "icon pine tree"
672, "Ape of Set", "Ape of Set", "animal baboon icon"
673, "Gazelle of Set", "Gazelle of Set", "animal gazelle icon"
674, "Hyena of Set", "Hyena of Set", "animal hyena icon"
675, "Crocodile of Set", "Crocodile of Set", "animal crocodile icon"
676, "Hippo of Set", "Hippo of Set", "animal hippo icon"
677, "Rhinoceros of Set", "Rhinoceros of Set", "animal rhino icon"
678, "Giraffe of Set", "Giraffe of Set", "animal giraffe icon"
679, "Kraken SPC", "Kraken", "special n kraken icon"
680, "Savannah Tree Burning", "Autumn Oak", "icon savannah tree"
681, "Wonder SPC", "Wonder", "icon building wonder"
682, "Monkey Raft", "Monkey Raft", "boat g trireme icon"
683, "Forkboy", "Forkboy", "infantry e axeman icon"
684, "Walking Berry Bush", "Walking Berry Bush", "god power walking woods icon"
685, "Chicken Exploding", "Methane Chicken", "animal chicken icon"
686, "Walking Woods Savannah", "Walking Acacia", "god power walking woods icon"
687, "Erebus Tree", "Erebus Tree", "world dead tree icon 64"
688, "Villager Atlantean", "Citizen", "villager x male icons 32"
689, "Manor", "Manor", "building manor icons 32"
690, "Villager Atlantean Hero", "Citizen (Hero)", "villager x male hero icons 32"
691, "Swordsman", "Murmillo", "infantry x murmillo icons 32"
692, "Trident Soldier", "Destroyer", "infantry x protector icons 32"
693, "Trident Soldier Hero", "Destroyer (Hero)", "infantry x protector hero icons 32"
694, "Swordsman Hero", "Murmillo (Hero)", "infantry x murmillo hero icons 32"
695, "Fishing Ship Atlantean", "Fishing Ship", "boat x fishing ship atlantean icons 32"
696, "Bireme", "Bireme", "boat x bireme icons 32"
697, "Transport Ship Atlantean", "Transport Ship", "boat x transport ship atlantean icons 32"
698, "Fire Ship Atlantean", "Fireship", "boat x fire ship atlantean icons 32"
699, "Siege Ship Atlantean", "Siege Bireme", "boat x siege ship atlantean icons 32"
700, "Lancer", "Contarius", "cavalry x lancer icons 32"
701, "Lancer Hero", "Contarius (Hero)", "cavalry x lancer hero icons 32"
702, "Counter Building", "Counter Barracks", "building specialist icons 32"
703, "Chieroballista", "Cheiroballista", "siege x chieroballista icons 32"
704, "Fire Siphon", "Fire Siphon", "siege x fire siphon icons 32"
705, "Caravan Atlantean", "Llama Caravan", "trade x caravan icons 32"
706, "Palace", "Palace", "building palace icons 32"
707, "Royal Guard", "Fanatic", "infantry x fanatic icons 32"
708, "Royal Guard Hero", "Fanatic (Hero)", "infantry x fanatic hero icons 32"
709, "Sky Passage", "Sky Passage", "building skytemple icons 32"
710, "Titan Atlantean", "Titan", "special x atlantean titan icons 32"
711, "Barracks Atlantean", "Military Barracks", "building barracks icons 32"
712, "Archer Atlantean", "Arcus", "archer x arcus icons 32"
713, "Archer Atlantean Hero", "Arcus (Hero)", "archer x arcus hero icons 32"
714, "Maceman", "Katapeltes", "infantry x maceman icons 32"
715, "Maceman Hero", "Katapeltes (Hero)", "infantry x maceman hero icons 32"
716, "Javelin Cavalry", "Turma", "cavalry x jav cav icons 32"
717, "Javelin Cavalry Hero", "Turma (Hero)", "cavalry x jav cav hero icons 32"
718, "Audrey", "Carnivora", "god power audrey icons 32"
719, "Audrey Water", "Carnivora", "god power audrey icons 32"
720, "Guild", "Economic Guild", "building guild icons 32"
721, "Volcano", "Volcano", NO_ICON
722, "Behemoth", "Behemoth", "special x behemoth icons 32"
723, "Flying Medic", "Caladria", "special x flying medic icons 32"
724, "Tower Mirror", "Mirror Tower", "building tower mirror icons 32"
725, "Promethean", "Promethean", "special x promethean icons 32"
726, "Servant", "Servant", "special x servant icons 32"
727, "Satyr", "Satyr", "special x satyr icons 32"
728, "Stymphalian Bird", "Stymphalian Bird", "special x stymphalian bird icons 32"
729, "Automaton", "Automaton", "special x automaton icons 32"
730, "Man O War", "Man O' War", "special x man o war icons 32"
731, "Promethean Small", "Promethean Offspring", "special x small promethean icons 32"
732, "Oracle Hero", "Oracle (Hero)", "infantry x oracle hero icons 32"
733, "Gaia Forest tree", null, "icon pine tree"
734, "Heka Gigantes", "Heka Gigantes", "special x heka gigantes icons 32"
735, "Tundra Tree", "Tundra Tree", "icon tundra tree icons 32"
736, "Marsh Tree", "Marsh Tree", "icon marsh tree icons 32"
737, "Tartarian Gate", "Tartarian Gate", "god power tartarian gate icons 32"
738, "Oracle Scout", "Oracle (Scout)", "infantry x oracle icons 32"
739, "Tartarian Gate spawn", "Tartarian Spawn", "special x gate spawn icons 32"
740, "Lampades", "Lampades", "special x lampades icons 32"
741, "Kastor Adult", "Kastor (Hero)", "scenario x kastor icons 32"
742, "Marsh Tree Burning", "Marsh Tree Burning", "icon marsh tree icons 32"
743, "Tundra Tree Burning", "Tundra Tree Burning", "icon tundra tree icons 32"
744, "Phoenix From Egg", "Phoenix", "special e phoenix icon"
745, "Hesperides Tree", "Hesperides Tree", "god power hesperides icons 32"
746, "Dryad", "Dryad", "god power dryad icons 32"
747, "Nereid", "Nereid", "special x nereid icons 32"
748, "Titan Gate", "Titan Gate", "improvement secrets of the titans icons 32"
749, "Walking Woods Marsh", "Walking Marsh", "god power walking woods icon"
750, "Walking Woods Tundra", "Walking Tamarack", "god power walking woods icon"
751, "Titan Prometheus", "Prometheus", "special a titan promethean icon 64"
752, "General Melagius", "General Melagius", "scenario x general icons 32"
753, "Pharaoh of Osiris XP", "Son of Osiris (Hero)", "special e son of osiris icon"
754, "Guardian Sleeping XP", "Guardian", "scenario sleeping guardian icon 64"
755, "Statue of Automaton", "Automaton Statue", "special x automaton icons 32"
756, "Statue of Automaton Base", "Automaton Base", "special x automaton icons 32"
757, "Argus", "Argus", "special x argus icons 32"
758, "Gaia Pool", "Gaia Pool", "scenario x gaia pool icons 32"
759, "Spider Egg", "Spider egg", "god power spider eggs icons 64"
760, "King Folstag", "King Folstag", "scenario x folstag icons 32"
761, "Odins Tower", "Tower of Odin", "icon building wonder"
762, "Statue Manticore", "Manticore Statue", "scenario x statue manticore icons"
763, "Statue Cyclops", "Cyclops Statue", "scenario x statue cyclops icons"
764, "Statue Nemean Lion", "Nemean Lion Statue", "scenario x statue nemean lion icons"
765, "Statue Valkyrie", "Valkyrie Statue", "scenario x statue valkyrie icons"
766, "Statue Hydra", "Hydra Statue", "scenario x statue hydra icons"
767, "Statue Chimera", "Chimera Statue", "scenario x statue chimera icons"
768, "Gaia Forest tree burning", "Pine Burning", "icon pine tree"
769, "Tartarian Gate placement", "Tartarian Gate", "god power tartarian gate icons 32"
770, "Tartarian Gate birth", "Tartarian Gate", "god power tartarian gate icons 32"
771, "Krios", "Krios", "scenario theocrat icon 64"
772, "Kronny", "Servant of Kronos", "scenario x kronny icons 32"
773, "Ajax Older", "Ajax (Hero)", "hero g ajax"
774, "Amanra Older", "Queen Amanra (Hero)", "special e amanra icon"
775, "Titan Gate Dead", "Titan Gate Dead", "improvement secrets of the titans icons 64"
776, "Temple Kronos", "Temple of Kronos", "icon building temple"
777, "Arkantos God", "Arkantos (god)", "special g arkantos icon"
778, "Earth", "Earth", "scenario hades gate icon 64"
779, "Kronny Flying", "Servant of Kronos", "scenario x kronny icons 32"
780, "Victory Marker", "Victory Marker", NO_ICON
781, "Invisible Wall", "Invisible Wall", "improvement stone wall icon"
782, "Invisible Target", "Invisible Target", "improvement stone wall icon"
783, "Pyramid Osiris Xpack", "Osiris Pyramid", "building osiris pyramid icon 64"
784, "Statue of Melagius", "Statue of Melagius", "scenario x statue general icons"
785, "Temple Overgrown", "Overgrown Temple", "icon building temple"
786, "Roc Tent", "Roc Tent", "world tent icon 64"
787, "Guardian XP", "Guardian", "scenario sleeping guardian icon 64"
788, "Automaton SPC", "Automaton", "special x automaton icons 32"
789, "Summoning Tree", "Summoning Tree Bad", "scenario x summoning tree icons"
790, "Summoning Tree 2", "Summoning Tree", "scenario x summoning tree icons"
791, "Bolder Rolling Small", "Boulder", "scenario boulder wall icon 64"
792, "Tree Finale", "Beautiful Tree", "scenario tamarisk tree icon 64"
793, "Kastor Staff", "Kastor (Hero)", "scenario x kastor icons 32"
794, "Hades Door Small", "Hades Gate", "scenario hades gate icon 64"
795, "Titan Kronos", "Kronos", "scenario x titan kronos icons 32"
796, "Titan Gaia", "Gaia", "special x titan gaia icons 32"
797, "Wolf Arctic", "Arctic Wolf", "animal wolf icon"
798, "Shade XP", "Shade of Olympus", "special g shade icon"
799, "Wolf Arctic 2", "Arctic Wolf", "animal wolf icon"
800, "Bella", "Bella", "bella 32"
801, "Alfred", null, "alfred icon 64"
802, "Ulfsark Starting", "Ulfsark", "infantry n ulfsark icon"
803, "Ram", null, "animal ram icon 64"
804, "Eagle", null, "world hawk icon 64"
805, "Cypress", null, "icon pine tree"
806, "Fish - Herring", null, "animal fish icon"
807, "Villager Chinese", null, "villager c male icon"
808, "Villager Chinese Dead Replacement", null, NO_ICON
809, "Bamboo Tree", null, "icon bamboo tree"
810, "Bamboo Tree Burning", null, "icon bamboo tree"
811, "Bamboo stump", null, NO_ICON
812, "Panda Bear", null, "animal panda bear icon"
813, "Storage Pit", null, "building storage pit icon"
814, "Barracks Chinese", null, "icon building barracks"
815, "Stable Chinese", null, "icon building stable"
816, "Garden", null, "building garden icon"
817, "Scout Chinese", null, "cavalry c scout icon"
818, "Halberdier", null, "infantry c halberdier icon"
819, "Chu Ko Nu", null, "archer c chu ko nu icon"
820, "Lizard", null, "animal lizard icon"
821, "Yak", null, "animal yak icon"
822, "Tiger", null, "animal tiger icon"
823, "Mounted Archer", null, "archer c mounted archer icon"
824, "Cataphract Chinese", null, "cavalry c cataphract icon"
825, "War Chariot", null, "cavalry c war chariot icon"
826, "Fire Lance", null, "siege c fire lance icon"
827, "Castle", null, "building chinese fortress icon"
828, "Sitting Tiger", null, "siege c sitting tiger icon"
829, "Hero Chinese General", null, "hero c general icon"
830, "Hero Chinese Immortal", null, "hero c immortal icon"
831, "Hero Chinese Monk", null, "hero c monk icon"
832, "Fishing Ship Chinese", null, "boat c fishing boat icon"
833, "Junk", null, "boat c junk icon"
834, "Fire Ship Chinese", null, "boat c fire ship chinese icon"
835, "Siege Ship Chinese", null, "boat c siege ship chinese icon"
836, "Transport Ship Chinese", null, "boat c transport icon"
837, "Caravan Chinese", null, "trade c caravan icon"
838, "UI Range Indicator Chinese SFX", null, NO_ICON
839, "Jungle Tree", null, "icon palm tree"
840, "Jungle Tree Burning", null, "icon palm tree"
841, "Jungle Tree Stump", null, NO_ICON
842, "Qilin", null, "special c qilin icon"
843, "Terracotta Soldier", null, "special c terracotta soldier icon"
844, "Terracotta Soldier Dead Replacement", null, NO_ICON
845, "Monkey King", null, "special c monkey king icon"
846, "War Salamander", null, "special c war salamander icon"
847, "Pixiu", null, "special c pixiu icon"
848, "Jiangshi", null, "special c jiangshi icon"
849, "Azure Dragon", null, "special c azure dragon icon"
850, "Vermilion Bird", null, "special c vermilion bird icon"
851, "White Tiger", null, "special c white tiger icon"
852, "Dragon Turtle", null, "special c dragon turtle icon"
853, "Griffon", null, "special g griffon icon"
854, "Apep", null, NO_ICON
855, "Bondi", null, "infantry n bondi icon"
856, "Pirate Ship Norse", "Pirate Ship", "scenario n pirate ship icon 64"
857, "Bush Short", null, NO_ICON
858, "William Walrus", null, "special g god statue icon 64"
859, "Golem", null, "special g minotaur icon"
860, "Trollkarien", null, "special g cyclops icon"
861, "Vulture Scout", null, "special e vulture icon"
862, "Harpy Scout", null, "special e vulture icon"
863, "Rock Dirt Sprite", null, NO_ICON
864, "Rock Dirt Small", null, NO_ICON
865, "Rock Dirt Big", null, NO_ICON
866, "Rock Overgrown Sprite", null, NO_ICON
867, "Rock Overgrown Small", null, NO_ICON
868, "Rock Overgrown Big", null, NO_ICON
869, "Jade Mine", null, "icon gold mine 64"
870, "Jade Mine Small", null, "icon gold mine 64"
871, "Jade Mine Tiny", null, "icon gold mine 64"
872, "Ball of Fire Vermilion Bird", null, NO_ICON
873, "Tornado Vermilion Bird", null, NO_ICON
874, "Parrot", null, "world hawk icon 64"
875, "Elephant Indian", null, "animal elephant icon"
876, "Duck", null, "animal duck icon"
877, "Dog", null, "animal wolf icon"
878, "Earth Dragon", null, "special c earth dragon icon"
879, "Barrage", null, NO_ICON
880, "Goat Chinese", "Goat", "animal goat icon"
881, "Jialong", null, "scenario c jiaolong icon"
882, "Shun", null, "scenario c shun icon"
883, "Flood", null, NO_ICON
884, "Regent", null, "special g god statue icon 64"
885, "Jungle Palm", null, "icon palm tree"
886, "Jungle Palm Burning", null, "icon palm tree"
887, "Jungle Palm Stump", null, NO_ICON
888, "Dam", null, "icon building mining camp"
889, "Zhi", null, "scenario c zhi icon"
890, "Danzhu", null, "scenario c danzhu icon"
891, "Destruction 1x1 SPC", "Destruction 1x1", NO_ICON
892, "Destruction 2x2 SPC", "Destruction 2x2", NO_ICON
893, "Destruction 3x3 SPC", "Destruction 3x3", NO_ICON
894, "Destruction 4x4 SPC", "Destruction 4x4", NO_ICON
895, "Destruction 5x5 SPC", "Destruction 5x5", NO_ICON
896, "Destruction 8x8 SPC", "Destruction 8x8", NO_ICON
897, "Earth Dragon Hole", null, NO_ICON
898, "Kraken SPC2", null, "special n kraken icon"
899, "Geyser", null, NO_ICON
900, "Uproot 1x1", null, "god power uproot icon"
901, "Uproot 2x2", null, "god power uproot icon"
902, "Uproot 3x3", null, "god power uproot icon"
903, "Uproot 4x4", null, "god power uproot icon"
904, "Uproot 5x5", null, "god power uproot icon"
905, "Uproot 6x6", null, "god power uproot icon"
906, "Uproot 7x7", null, "god power uproot icon"
907, "Uproot 8x8", null, "god power uproot icon"
908, "Inferno Field", null, NO_ICON
909, "Bolder Wall Asian", "Boulder Wall", "scenario boulder wall icon 64"
910, "Physician", null, "hero g physician icon"
911, "Bogsveigir", null, "archer n bogsveigir icon"
912, "Khopesh", null, "infantry e khopesh icon"
913, "Onager", null, "siege x onager icon"
914, "Fire Lance Projectile", null, NO_ICON
915, "Tsunami", null, NO_ICON
916, "Emperor", null, "special g god statue icon 64"
917, "Lazer Panda", null, "animal bear icon"
918, "Tsunami Range Indicator", null, NO_ICON
919, "Big Splash", null, NO_ICON
920, "Timberharvest", null, NO_ICON
921, "Imperial Examination", null, NO_ICON
922, "Blessed Construction", null, NO_ICON
923, "Recreation", null, NO_ICON
924, "Sitting Tiger Shennong", null, "siege c sitting tiger icon"
925, "Qilin Heal", null, NO_ICON
926, "Fire Lance Shennong", null, "siege c fire lance icon"
927, "Servant Chinese", null, "hero c immortal icon"
928, "Ao Kuang", null, "special c azure dragon icon"
929, "Walking Woods Jungle Tree", "Walking Woods", "god power walking woods icon"
930, "Walking Woods Jungle Palm", "Walking Palm", "god power walking woods icon"
931, "Walking Woods Bamboo", "Walking Woods", "god power walking woods icon"
932, "Snowman", null, NO_ICON
933, "Santa", null, "special n mountain giant icon"
934, "Reindeer", null, "animal elk icon"

A null entry btw for scenario name means it is the same as the editor name.

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posted 28 April 2020 06:10 PM EDT (US)     786 / 875  
Zeno, much appreciated =D
posted 29 April 2020 07:31 PM EDT (US)     787 / 875  
Hi, I have a question about one tech in the Set Tech Status effect. There´s a Tech called "Age 1_5 Greek" (and "Age 1_5 Norse", etc.), wich I think it prohibits the ability to build a Town Center before the Heroic Age, but I have no idea if it has more functionalities.

So , the first part of the question is:
What does the Tech Age 1_5 [insert civilization here] do exactly?

The second part needs a little introduction. So, on vanilla AoM, by default you couldn't build a Town Center before the Heroic Age. On AoM:TT you can build them on the Classical Age (and if you're Athlantean, on the Arcaic Age). Now, I checked the triggers from the vanilla AoM campaign scenarios running AoM and compared them with the same scenario, running AoM:TT. On both maps, I can't build a Town Center before the Heroic Age, AND the "Set Tech Status: Age 1_5" is not there. (I tested with scenario called "04. A Fine Plan").

So, the second part of the question is:
How come that if I play the scenarios of the vanilla AoM campaign running AoM:TT, and there's no "Set Tech Status: Age 1_5", I'm still not allowed to build Town Centers before Heroic Age?
posted 29 April 2020 08:14 PM EDT (US)     788 / 875  
@federicrit: Have you checked the other triggers? There might be a "Forbid and Disable Unit" concerning TCs hiding in there.

𝓎𝑒𝓈, 𝒾 𝓁𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝓅𝑒𝓅𝑒
posted 29 April 2020 08:29 PM EDT (US)     789 / 875  
@Eurotool I did check, and there's no trigger "Forbid and Disable unit" about TCs. There's nothing on "Forbidden Units" concernig TCs either.

Besides, this couldn't be the case (I THINK), because if you forbid a unit, the icon in the UI disappears, but, the Town Center Icon IS there, but appears in red (just like when you have built the maximum number of watch towers).

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posted 30 April 2020 06:49 AM EDT (US)     790 / 875  
It will be the build limit being modified rather than TCs being enabled. The start of the game you have a limit of 1 that then later gets modified.
posted 12 May 2020 12:17 PM EDT (US)     791 / 875  
are there any new god power mods downloadable?

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posted 14 May 2020 05:49 PM EDT (US)     792 / 875  
I personally don't but you can use the transform trigger and y triggers of mine to modify existing powers and essentially make new god powers. This can be done on your maps and be still compatible with online play.
posted 15 May 2020 02:47 AM EDT (US)     793 / 875  
I wrote a guide a very long time ago which may help you out.

______________________________________ Yeebaagooon ______________________________________
____________________ AoMH Seraph ____________________
"You can't trust yeebaagooon to lead a rebelion, He would send everyone to steal mirrors so he could bask in his own brilliance." - Out Reach
"Yeebaagooon had never seen a more handsome man in all his life. He couldn't control himself, He needed to act. Gripping the mirror in his strong arms he kissed the figure before him..." - Out Reach
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posted 15 May 2020 05:16 AM EDT (US)     794 / 875  
Hello guys. I am new to map making and watched and read tutorials all around. However I couldn't find a solution to my problem anywhere.
I cannot change the values on the "effects" of the triggers. What I mean is I create a trigger and select the effect "Rate Construction" then a small box appears that says "Rate 1.0" and I cannot change that 1.0 to anything. Can`t click it or anything.


I create tech status but I cannot click on player, tech or anything on the effects part.

I have other players in my map and I set the ai for them as well.

Thanks a bunch.
posted 15 May 2020 11:53 AM EDT (US)     795 / 875  
much thanks @nottud @Yeebaagooon that's exactly what i needed! i always wanted to make one by my own
posted 17 May 2020 09:30 AM EDT (US)     796 / 875  

What version of the game is this. EE or The Titans?

posted 17 May 2020 02:35 PM EDT (US)     797 / 875  

It's Titans. The version of it is, I guess, 1.03.

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posted 18 May 2020 01:11 AM EDT (US)     798 / 875  
i can't make other cpu players work around, i'm using Aom EX Tale of Dragon, i think the ai loader files are invalid, is it possible to set them with triggers?
posted 18 May 2020 02:24 PM EDT (US)     799 / 875  
Hey guys ! I'm a beginner of the modding stuff, so I have a question:
Is there a webpage or anything where I cand find some textures for making units/and some terrains in the future to the game? Especially medieval textures. I can't find anything what Google offers me, so... I'm confused. Please help me and if anyone feels that he wants to help me to create new units and terrains, please add me on steam


Have a great day, guys !
posted 19 May 2020 05:34 AM EDT (US)     800 / 875  
@Solgudguy: I don't know much about setting AIs but if it is not working try one of the other AI files. I don't recall there being an issue with the AIs themselves not working only that you have to select the right ones.
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