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Topic Subject:Uncatalogued Anims and Units Mod
posted 01 December 2019 11:01 PM EDT (US)         
I had so many unfinished mods lying around, and recently I decided to combine some of them to create a highly unbalanced mod. I restored most of the uncatalogued unit animations, and in some cases I created new units. -Some of them were done before, but I haven't seen a mod created for this specific purpose. It's still not finished. But it will be soon finished soon, and this time I am also adding a video.

Here's The Video:

Let's start with Egyptian's because they have the highest number of unimplemented features.


Avenger attackB animation is implemented.
Petsuchos Handattack (bite) animation is used in new Petsuchos unit.
Created a new teleporting Sphinx Unit. It uses the animations and the functionality of the teleport function.
Egyptian villagers can pray at the temples
Set Priests can convert units. (For some reason they can convert the Titans as well. Whoops)
Protective rings around the Isis monuments are restored.

Created a new Guardian unit that is a reskin of the Mountain Giant.
Created a new Apep unit, using the existing model. It uses the special attack of Argus.

Villagers can build buildings
Bondi is Restored.
Mountain giant can kick units other than the dwarf. [I was having fun with this one]
Norse can build the tent/shrine/naval shipyard [I will make these available for every single culture]
Ornlu run animation restored.
I created a Tar Giant to include the unused Fire Giant Attack animation. [It throws little Promethans]

Hippocampus attack animation implemented.
Prisoner missing villager animations restored.

Restored the 4 fires, to the Lava Sheet, removed the transparency
Uncatalogued Volcano unit is restored.
Uncatalogued PR monkey unit is restored.
Restored the uncatalogued statues. [This was already done by others many times]
Elk run animation is restored. Both Run animations are restored. [I ignored most other animals. They are only using a speeded up animation]
Harpy attack effect is reused in a new explosion unit. [It's combined with many other explosion related effects]
Restored Rain effect. [For Aom EE only]
Restored the Snowfall effect. I combined the snowfall effect with the arctic clouds to make it look more realistic. [I discovered the snowfall texture in the game files]
Uncatalogued particle effects: too many to list.
Some of the cinematic units: Ravens, Hiding Hersir/Huskarl, Sleeping Arkantos
and various other animations...
That Frost drift/Ice wind that disappeared after the vanilla.

I am not sure if I should add my own creations in this mod. But I think about that. For now, I want to focus on all the catalogued units and animations.


I am considering including the RUN animations using the Unit Transform, function. I will see how that will work out.

Things I need help with:
I need help with the Iceberg/Icesheet, textures, because the replace texture doesn't mix well the alpha layers.
Tall grass needs to be restored but I am having trouble with the alpha layers.
Trollkarien: Still cant run that darn 3D program. If it is easy to implement movements and the attack animations from other units, please help with this. I really want to see this unit in the game lol. Norse already control a smaller amount of Myth units.

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That AoM Guy
(id: aom expert)
posted 16 January 2020 07:08 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
I assume you saw my list?

Check out my YouTube
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posted 16 January 2020 08:14 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Yep, I saw that list.
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