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Topic Subject: Age of Mythology: Retold - First look this month!
posted 01 February 2024 03:45 AM EDT (US)   
It's safe to say news has been pretty bare about the upcoming sequel Age of Mythology: Retold.

This has changed with an announcement from the AoE official site. There's no official release date, images or additional information - but we have been promised a 'sneak peak'.
The team will take us behind the curtain in the studio to show how they are developing this beloved game for a new, modern experience. Fans can expect a unique unveiling of a few mythological creatures that you won’t want to miss.
This will be our first glimpse of the new game, exciting stuff! We're unsure exactly what we are going to see, but it will set the tone for the next few months.
Mark your calendars for February 23rd at 10:00 am PT (6:00pm GMT) to watch on:
  • Twitch
  • Youtube

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    posted 01 February 2024 05:32 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
    Have to admit I was worried with the lack of news, but fingers crossed they’re making good progress.

    I’m curious if they’re going to introduce new myth units or just rework the old ones, and I really want to know about the gods in the game.

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    posted 04 February 2024 11:06 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
    Finally some news, I had assumed the worst!

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