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Issues concerning Member bannings and warnings are posted in here.
Age of Mythology Heaven
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Current news about Age of Mythology and Age of Mythology Heaven.
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Strategy and General Discussion
Strategy and General Discussion is for talking and strategising about Ensemble Studios' renowned game, Age of Mythology and its expansion packs. Share war stories, meet other players, and find answers to questions about the game. To discuss subjects other than AoM, head over to the Halls of Valhalla.
27969 topics
375613 posts
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Technical Help
Can't install the game or encountering a lock-up? Post it here and we'll try to lend a hand. Be sure to post your system specs, like operating system, computer make, processor speed, video and sound card models!
7189 topics
30989 posts
Recorded Games/Downloads Central (Link)
Check out, add to, or comment on AoMH's vast selection of over 3,000 recorded games in Downloads Central.
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Scenario Design
This is the place to ask questions or share tips about designing scenarios and campaigns. It's also the place to show off all the wonderful tricks and eyecandy you've created.

Got a question? Be sure to ask in the question thread.
12531 topics
229977 posts
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Modding and Scripting
For specific discussions relating to Modifications, AI, and Random Map Scripting in Age of Mythology.
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Community Forums
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Halls of Valhalla
The place for the community to chat about anything not related to AoM. Philosophy, other games, and whatever else. Just avoid flaming and spamming.
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Website Feedback and Info
Post any comments or feedback you have about our website and we'll get back to you. This forum also contains some helpful info about the site.
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Outside Links (At
HG Main Mafia Forum (Link)
HeavenGames' official mafia forum for all you mafia-lovers out there.
Outside Discussions (Link)
The place to meet up with others from all over HG. If you have a burning issue you need to discuss, a forum game you want to play or if you just want to catch up with your friends, come inside. If you are new, please read the Forum Guide before you post.
The Library (Link)
This forum is a place for intellectual discussions. Discuss politics, existence, whatever. We won't judge on what is smart or not, but please put thought into your posts.
Archived Forums
Forum Archives (Link)
Forget about the present, it's all about the past baby!
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