Forum Guides

Are you wondering about what makes you a better forumer? What Forum Parties are? Even what happened at AoMH during its past? Well, you have come to the right place. This section takes the guides, which were created by AoMH forumers, and answers those questions and many more. Though this section doesn’t discuss AoM, it focuses primarily on the AoMH community and the fans who visit it.

Advancing as an AoMH Forumer
This article discusses what how to improve upon being an AoMH forumer, and general forum etiquette. Though it is quite extensive, it gives advice on numerous issues, including how to introduce yourself to the community, and advice on numerous instant messaging systems. Feel free to check it out, it will prove to be a great read!

AoMH Forum Parties Guide
A general tradition here at AoMH are forum parties, but what exactly are they? Well, within this article you will find out what they are, where they happen, what times they occur at, and other information that you may find interesting.