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Miscellaneous Files » Yeebaagooon's Unfinished Scenarios

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Yeebaagooon's Unfinished Scenarios

Author File Description

I thought it was about time to put up a collection of scenarios I'll never finish so you guys can play/look at them.
Funny to look back and see my multiplayer scenarios stopped going into production back in 2007. :o

Here's a list of the scenarios contained in the file with a brief description:

The Caverns Of Kronos: (SP)
The best and most prolific map of the pack. A few bugs and erors, yes, but eye popping eyecandy from Kai Hirogashi, an enthralling storyline and fantastic special effects make this map well worth the play. Sadly not finished, I feel I have let Kai down, but now you can appreciate our collaboration.
If you download this file you have to play this - first.

Yeebaagooon's Tower Defense: (SP)
An innovative twist on the old classic, you build on the road! Featuring many different types of towers, upgrades and about 10 playable waves. Try out a few different methods.

Pwnage Mythodea: (MP)
I think this actually got finished, seems to work ok on ESO so it's playable - just may be a few bugs.
Featuring 12 levels, 3 tiers of god powers that you unlock by losing units and the ability to choose how many kills in a level.
Had to delete the anti edit system when it was too clever for my own good :p.

Agricultural Madness: (MP)
The full game of a minigame in Minigames X. 5 rounds of fun (5th round not finished), should still make for a good 4 player battle across 4 rounds. I really love round 4 myself.
Sadly no victory triggers or music, and only player 1 can score in round 5.

Omega Escape:
An ancient map worked on by Omega Studios. Most of you have probably never heard of it, that's how old it is...
Not playable online but features some stunning eyecandy from OS members, some clever triggering and sexy cinematics. You can try out a few powers in singleplayer.

The Eternity Game: (MP)
A beast of a game that Minigames Xers will dread. Checkpoints are for the weak, but this version does have them including boss battles and an epic finale. Playable online, just forgot to release it so might have a few bugs.

Most triggers are there for P1, give it a go in singleplayer yourself and test out the systems :p!

Spina: (MP)
The chariot race of probable doom! Most likely bugged, but I think it's possible. Good setting though.

Brick breaker: (SP)
Nothing but a concept.

Pwn the n00b RPG 2: (SP)
A good showcase for some funky hero special abilities and a great map design.

Codename Dreamyard: (SP)
Quite a good idea.

yeeaomhtest: (SP)
Easter egg as this did get finished, but still, who would have believed that this would become Codename Ripto!?
Full scenario
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godpower97 I hope this doesn't mean your leaving.
Barnack Yeebaagoon, Caverns of Cronos scenario is fantastic!
Also monopoli and toer defense minigames are optimal. Cannot you complete them?
I've also try to do the brick breack ball work, but i haven't any idea to do the ball move when go to limits dx/sx : (
File Author
I'm perfectly capable of completing them, just don't have the time or motivation.
Alas, Yeebaagooon had to give up all of his moderating powers in order to pay off his college tuition fees. This review will mainly focus on the two most complete scenarios of this bundle, that is "The Caverns of Kronos" and "Pwnage Mythodea". It's obvious enough that a lot of time, hard work, and Yeebaagooon-ish care has been put into the making of these scenarios, so lets get dirty!

The Caverns of Kronos
Rating: 5
This RPG-type SP Scenario co-developed by you and Kai Higorashi focuses on Emperor Gracchus, who rules a prosperous city blessed by Zeus. One day, he is informed by his guardsmen that the High Theocrat wishes to have a meeting with him in front of the Grand Temple of Zeus. During the conversation, the Theocrat reveals himself to be a servant of Kronos, and banishes Gracchus to the caverns of Kronos, filled with peril. Fortunately, Gracchus is aided by the benevolent Oracles, who inform him about the various dangers throughout the realm, and how to escape.

This is a really, really good scenario. The good ol' RPG and looting system, plus the various puzzles that are not too easy but also not too hard to solve brings a lot of fun and replay value to this scenario. The amazing cutscenes, music, effects, and eyecandy are something that makes me want to stare at one place on the screen for so long until the game gives me a "You have been defeated" message because my character was in the middle of a fight and lost. However, during certain cutscenes and parts of the map it sometimes lags a bit, and some dialogues were either too fast to read or completely skipped altogether, plus there's a bug in which if Gracchus falls in battle, the scenario is not lost immediately, instead having to exit the game manually, not to mention that some fights were a bit too hard which might require careful micromanaging. I checked the scenario on the editor and I've spotted some leftover eyecandy objects and even solutions to some of the puzzles. The ending gives way to a sequel, which would probably be made by someone else other than you or Kai Higorashi which makes me fear that it would never live up to the quality of this one.

Pwnage Mythodea
Rating: 5
So this collaboration with USA_ThisDaY is like an 'expansion pack' to the original Mythodea concept, AoM's answer to Warcraft III's Defense of the Ancients. In the beginning, I can choose how many kills needed to level up by deleting Automatons.

Gameplay starts out like the usual Mythodea scenario, in which I recruit soldiers by moving my flag bearer to certain units. Each player has a wonder guarded by towers and lightning statues that must be defended until their wonder is the only one standing at the end. I level up and gain gold based on my performance which allows me to recruit more powerful units that will change the tide of the battlefield, but that's not all; there's also godpowers shop which allows me to buy various godpowers that will aid me in certain situations. Like units, godpowers also cost gold, but the leveling up system is different; It is based on how many units that I have lost rather than how many enemy units were killed. Since the enemy wonders were guarded by Monuments to Isis, the godpowers were only useful in the center field or my own wonder area, which is quite risky because most of these godpowers are double-edged swords. If the enemy manages to breach my defenses, there are emergency godpowers which are granted by deleting the statues behind my wonder. Even though I haven't actually played this online, it's a nice twist to the original Mythodea concept.

The rest:
Unfortunately, the rest of the files in this bundle other than the two above are too incomplete for me to give a proper review, so all I can say is that they all have great concepts and high production values. So...

Additional Comments:
You wouldn't mind if someone else, like me, finish these scenarios for you? :-) And by the way, good luck on getting those degrees! ;-)
Hammerhands Yeebs! I can't log into the forums!
All of the links to the moderators are dead! I can't even find the mod's E-mail addresses to post a comment. I can't do anything!

[Edited on 11/04/12 @ 08:10 PM]

File Author
Elrich is the only active mod here. Maybe give him a shout?

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