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K&S's Economy Defence

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Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans

Economy Defence

Version 1.92

Although much bug and play testing has been done, in the first release of any project there is bound to be a couple of bugs. This project is no different. If you find a bug please let me know right away so we can fix it :)

For the full list of details, gameplay features, tower guides and a bunch of other stuff related to this map see one of these two links:
Main Showcase
AoMH Showcase
DGDN Showcase

Main Features:

10 Towers for your gamin' pleasure. Each with their own specials.
Custom implementation of Age of Mythology's counter system implemented to make certain towers better at killing certain units.
3 Builders that can build different units and can do different things.
Like most of my maps submitted this map takes a while to complete. A very challenging 100 minutes of gameplay guaranteed for every match.
Dynamic Difficulty that works in parrallel with the already implemented AoM standard difficulty.
SandBox mode available for those who just want to practice.
Easy Mode and Tips available for beginners.
Gripping eyecandy for your sexy eye balls to devour.
There really is way too much to put here, if you want to see more view one of the other showcases :)

Photobucket rnda
Photobucket Photobucket

Thanks for viewing/downloading. Don't forget to comment or review! If you find a bug let me know below ASAP please - it's much appreciated :) ~ Khan And Steak

Changelog for 1.93:
Fixed Achievements Perfection and Faithful, wrongly activating.

#User Commands:

Nerfed Hunter tower's Hitpoint gain.
Buffed Slinger Tower's attack at Quota Levels 10, 15 and 20.
Reaching the TA Tower's Recommended Level now increases the Archer Tower's Stats.
Reaching the Archer Tower's Recommended Level now increases the TA Tower's Stats.

#Merc Camps:


Roc Deploy and ungarrison triggers updated.
Enemy buffs to specific towers is now correctly applied at levels 25, 50, 60 and 75.

Hunter Tower Day regen has been reduced by around 33% at all stages.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
So, a Khan & Steak scenario. It's already obvious that a lot of time, effort, and tender loving care was put into the making of this map, and even then, there may be a few bugs, glitches, and errors that he/she has overlooked and therefore must constantly update the map in order to satisfy the expectations of the downloaders. Now here's my review! Read it or leave it!

Playability: 5
For starters, I played this scenario my first time on Easy difficulty, which I beat. And then on Normal difficulty, which I also beat. I wanted to try Hard and/or Titan difficulty, but then I realized I had this review to write. It's clear that you made this scenario intentionally hard even on Easy mode which will cause a bit of shock and ragequitting on very casual gamers. Everything went smooth as silk for me during playing the game at all the difficulty levels that I've played so far. I do have to admit that the loading times were quite long everytime I start a game, at around ten to thirty seconds (either due to the complex triggers of the scenario or just my slow computer). No major bugs that I've spotted so far by the time this review was written, although I'm still on the lookout for those.

Balance: 5
Economy Defence uses the four difficulty levels of AoM, ranging from Easy to Titan. However, because the scenario is intentionally made hard, I would describe each difficulty level from Easy to Titan as "Hard", "Brutal", "Insane", and then "Masochist", respectively. Each difficulty levels were perfectly curved, but if everything goes too easily then there's always the Dynamic Difficulty option using a chat command which re-adjusts the difficulty level based on how many waves you've beaten so far, which makes the game more hectic and greatly adds replay value. Sandbox mode allows players to test out towers and wave outcomes by giving them almost unlimited gold and the ability to choose how many and how often the creeps enemies attack the Economic Guild HQ. Balance is overall flawless, although there may be some bugs and exploits that I'm still working hard to find.

Creativity: 5
Well, there's plenty of neat things here that I just can't describe 'em all, so I'll just point out the most prevalent ones; If you either beat the game to wave 100, have your HQ destroyed, or resign, you get a message that describes your rank and tips on how to progress further depending on how many waves you've reached so far, ranging from "Beginner" to "Cybernetic Space Ninja Pirate", with tips like "Use your towers wisely" and "Mum toilet break!" (No, that wasn't made up). You can also decide whether you want to play music or not, and choose from either normal AoM music or Khan & Steak's custom music (which are either not added yet, or must be downloaded separately). The Sandbox and Dynamic Difficulty option greatly adds replay value, and if you have time to explore the map during the wave countdowns, there's even a list of AoMH users in the form of units nearby spectacular eyecandy!

Map Design: 5
I see that you have Mythos_Ruler's epic textures mod installed judging by your screenshots, and good thing I have it installed myself to appreciate the map to its fullest. Eyecandy is plentiful and nifty, with beautiful rock formations, a day and night cycle (which affects gameplay by damaging my beast towers during the day), terrain mixing, vivid forests, merged and tilted objects of good taste, and the road network looks like a crop circle pattern. Honestly, I don't think anymore can be done to improve the design of the map. It's just so perfect...to me that is.

Story/Instructions: 5
There is a HTML readme file inside the zip that gives detailed, in-depth information about basically everything about the map, from conception, gameplay, tower descriptions, chat commands, and even includes a short biography about Khan & Steak! Most of the important instructions there are also inside the objectives banner and spotlight in-game, albeit a bit messed up due to AoM's engine limitations (and my 1280x1024 game screen resolution) which cuts off words and even entire sentences. The story isn't too complex, but who cares? There are some grammatical errors and typos though, like "their" is spelled "thier" on the spotlight and so on....

Additional Comments:
The only real problem that I have with this map is that my name isn't there on your list of AoMH designer friends on the map. I guess I'm just not prolific enough...Ah well...I'm pretty sure that me and some other users here will eventually be added into your list of AoMH friends if I become more well-known. Keep up the good work, Khan & Steak!

(UPDATE 12/26/2011)
Two major additions have been added, other than the usual bug fixes tweaks, which are achievements and Lewonas mode. Achievements are granted based on your performance and what you do while playing the game on certain difficulties and modes, while Lewonas mode (named after one of the users here) makes the game much harder than before on all difficulties (even easy!) which changes my previous difficulty rating on the balance section from "Hard", "Brutal", "Insane", and then "Masochist" to "Insane", "Masochist", "Suicide", and then "Chuck Norris", respectively. Such additions would boost the Creativity rating even further, which is already 5. Keep up the good work, Khan & Steak! ;-) And yay! my name finally got added! :-D

[Edited on 12/26/11 @ 10:08 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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