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Minigames Z

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans

Minigames Z brings a new dimension to minigames maps. Building on the success of Minigames X, this map offers unparalleled depth and immersion in addictive minigames.

Well I just had to make this one. I love minigames and think the replay value of these kind of maps is very high. Also you can hook players if the host chooses to start with a nice simple minigame - such as relic bash for example.

I don't call this map a new dimension without good reason. I have built on Minigames X and when starting the map the aim was to create a system for launching and ending games - so no bugs would appear and no triggers would carry over to other games. Unit stat modificaions are carefully laid down and easily accessible should there be any crossover. So far this system is working.

That's all well and good, but hardly a new dimension. I agree. Then how about this :-
  • CUSTOM MUSIC - Yes, I've done it and it was bloody easy. Choose between custom music or AoM music for the games. Online compatible. Each player hears their choice only.
  • Points are fairer! Not just a 10 for winning and that's it - most games will give you points even if you lose based on your performance. It's possible for the winner to get 10 and second place to get 9. This will keep things nice and tight!
  • Placed rankings at the main area when you choose a new game.
  • There isn't a single game based purely on luck, there is always some thinking involved.
  • Some brand new games! They shine!
  • Plenty of variety between the games.
  • Some games from Minigames X but remastered.
  • Games respond to n00bs resigning, so no more entrapment by ragequitter units.

    Please see the showcase for the full list of minigames.

    Special thanks:
    Zenophobia - Laser battle help and enthusiastic playtester
    Lewonas - Trigger demigod, help with profit race wall heading
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    ephestion As Always, I am looking forward to AOM manifesting into all sorts of "HOW THE HECK IS THAT HAPPENING" games.
    File Author
    That AoM Guy
    (id: aom expert)
    I'm getting crashes in both versions of the game. It just instantly quits to desktop around 3 minutes in or less. It was fine the first couple of plays, now it consistently crashes. It's nothing on my end, I would know if it was.

    I wanna review this but it doesn't seem right with the crashes.
    File Author
    Quite right, hope steam is behaving. Does it make a difference if you select the standard AoM music from the choice dialog at the start of the game?
    That AoM Guy
    (id: aom expert)
    I actually had a theory about that, haven't tried it yet. Definitely will.
    MrBeefy Is this for steam or the other version
    File Author
    Both. You can subscribe on the steam workshop for the steam version.
    hi itz sauce
    Map Design4.0
    I've played this map 3 times now, and it is safe to say I enjoyed every single game of it. The games have a very party-like feel to them. This is one of the few maps where I'd say it is actually fun to lose on : Winning feels very rewarding, but if you lose you still end up having a blast and just laugh it off.

    Playability : 4
    The game runs smoothly almost all of the time, except once, which is why I gave it a 4. The minigame of Pegasus-Bolt had a bug in which all the pegasus had negative 20 movespeed and none of us could move, but we were able to resolve the problem by deleting the pegasus and just moving on to the next minigame.

    There are also some minor details regarding playability that I feel could somewhat-easily be fixed in the following game modes:
    Dot Dash: It is often difficult to know exactly where to run under to obtain the boosts, as it is difficult to determine the position of the flying units.
    Triathlon: It is frustrating to die in the part on the arcus/transport ship due to lag. Additionally players that do not have the one click garrison option button may find it impossible to do that part.
    Treasure Hunt: Shades sometimes spawn again right where they die causing you to take their damage twice.

    Balance: 5
    The starting positions of players in minigames are more-or-less symmetrical, and each minigame feels fair. (Even though you could rig certain minigames like the Hippolyta/Relic minigame to spawn relics closer the host, it still feels fair)

    Creativity: 5
    Although this has a lot of similar similarities to the your previous minigames scenario, a minigames scenario still remains a very original and unique type of map within AoM. Furthermore, many minigames such as the Eternity Game and Pit of Doom, while not ideas originating from the map itself create experiences that are extremely hard to find in other AoM Scenarios. I was particulary impressed by the Laser Tag

    Map Design: 4
    I'm judging this based off what minigames were created to be chosen in the scenario. Bolt Wars, Pit of Doom, Agricultural Madness, Dot Dash Minefield, Mythic Summons and Laser Tag are absolutely perfect for this type of scenario, but some of the other minigames felt a bit lackluster. (Anubite Race, Gamble, Stone Maze, Spread Love, Profit race and Death to Militia). Yachtzee in particular was very unpopular with the people I played with, and I while I appreciate the creativity in including a minigame like that, it really isn't appropriate for this kind of scenario and should not have been included.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    For almost every minigame except Yachtzee, the story/instructions captured everything they needed to while presenting the information in a clear and entertaining way. Perfect.
    File Author
    Thanks for taking the time to review, glad you enjoyed it.
    Haven't come across that bolt wars bug myself. As the speed is set to constantly increase does it eventually sort itself out? Does it always occur regardless of minigame order as well?

    Appreciate the comments. Yachtzee can only be played after dot dash so at least it isn't one people can jump straight on - just loved to play it myself but understand it's hard if people have no idea what it is.
    hi itz sauce For bolt wars, im not sure what caused it and was not able to reproduce the bug. Our speed was set to less than negative 20 and none of us wanted to wait it all out so we just deleted.

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    Map Design4.0
    Favorites: [Who?]4
    Size:175.70 MB
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