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Armageddon 1.1

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Version: AoM: The Titans
-Players have fortresses, migdol strongholds, hill forts, or palaces according to their civilization
-(usually) 1 settlement behind your town so enemies can't steal it
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File Author
I suggest you play with a real player not just an AI because AI surrenders as soon as you destroy the main TC.
Rating: 4.5

Playability: 5
It played smoothly.

Balance: 5
The balance was rather equal for 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 matches. There are a few empty settlements around your base, and then like 1-4 empty settlements between the two sides' main bases. The two sides' bases are located on opposite corners of the map and the sides start with equal resources. I don't know if the design will work well for 2 v 2 v 2 matches.

Creativity: 4.5
The fact that the resources were so high (90000+ each except for favor) meant that you pump out big armies, like 150+ size, and this in turn reminded me of the Biblical Armageddon. So it was neat in that regard. The map was kind of plain because it didn't have things like rivers or cliffs, but it still had some nice features like the Mother Nature units. Plus, you don't want eye candy that distracts you during Multiplayer matches.

Map Design: 4.5
It had some nice features like how it gave you 2-3 villagers and then some startup units like a Greek scout or pharaoh + priest. Plus there were Brown Mother Nature bears or little Brown Norse units that served like the lions and alligators in AOE1. I take it that those units came with the map at least. Based on the bears, Norse Mother Nature units, the grass, and the forests, the map geography appears as a Norse or at least European-themed one.

I liked how the Designer put some empty settlements around you base and also in the middle area.

One downside in my view is that the map terrain is rather plain. The roads were neat, but they didn't go far and the map could have used more things like that. It came across as rather flat, although actually there were occasionally hills in the SW area that I remember. The grass was monotonous, although there were occasionally berries near my TC.

But if the designer put in too many enemy Mother Nature units or eye candy like rivers and blocking cliffs, it might get distracting.


Instructions: 4
This was the main area for improvement. It's an AOM:TT Random Map, so you need to put the two files from the downloaded zip file into your rm2 folder in your AOM folder on your computer, and then play it using AOM:TT. I guess you could also install it in your rm folder and play it like a regular AOM version game.

I take it that it's meant to be played in Supremacy mode because the Designer didn't specify otherwise. It gives you so many resources, which makes it unnecessary to actually use the Deathmatch mode when you setup your game in the staging screen. It comes across as a mix of Deathmatch and Supremacy, with the gigantic load of starting resources making it different from either, or else like a more classic Deathmatch than AOM's normal one.

Like Deathmatch, you start with tons of resources (90000+). In fact, I read that if you play normal AOM Random Maps in normal Deathmatch mode, you have to focus on resource gathering because your resources eventually run out if you play for more than 10-15 minutes. This Armageddon map is different because it gives you such an enormous amount of resources that you don't need to do resource gathering. The only exception is that it starts you with no Favor, so you do have to gather Favor using the normal ways - statues for Egyptians and temple worshiping villagers for the Greeks. Resource gathering is a waste on this map unless you want to keep your horse cart villagers occupied because it's annoying when you are looking for standalone villagers who can make things like barracks and pressing the "." button keeps bringing you to the horsecart villagers who are just good for things like building towers and temples.

As in Supremacy however, you can build a Wonder to win, which is a good way to make the game end when there is gridlock (eg. when two sides have "turtled" using towers and walls). Also as in Supremacy, your research progresses at a normal rate instead of being instant.

Additional Comments:
My starting Build order on this map usually goes:
1. Build Temple with horsecarts
2. Build Houses with villagers
3. Once I built the Temple, Age up.
4. Send Horsecarts around the map to the empty settlements and wait to get Aged Up before building Town Centers.

Personally I am bad with DMs (Deathmatches) compared to most other players because of the play speed involved, and this map reminds me of DMs because of the high starting resources. I did improve and win a 1 v 1 map after playing the map like 10 times.

Here is a log of my matches:

With me as Seth-worshiper
1 v 1
1. I lost to Taquito_01 twice, who said he was a Noob. He rushed me with Hersir units playing as Norse.
2. I lost to RX7_, who said he was a Low level player. He was Ra and made a lot of elephants. At the start, he made an army of priests, but my towers stopped them.
3. I beat ††The_Patto†† as Norse. He seemed to not know how to play this DM very well but said he was a Medium player. He hardly moved his units, but it could have been a lag problem. Next, he beat me by building a Wonder. I didn't realize that he could win this way, but technically he can, because it's technically a "Supremacy" game.
4. I lost to Deniak, who early on played with the catapult and colossus units as Greeks.
5. I lost to dario23317118, who said he was a Noob.
6. I lost to RealNoob02 who played as Loki. He came at me with a Titan before I finished my Titan portal.
7. I lost to Rum, who was Norse and considers himself Noob level.
2 v 2
1. I and [PK]El_Curs (Norse player) beat JENNI23 and Taquito_01 (Norse player).

With me as Zeus-Worshiper
1 v. 1
1. 13 minutes into the match on Voobly, [''TM'']_THELEGEND_ who said he was an expert overwhelmed me with troops when he played as Egypt. But then he got disconnected and it gave me the win.
2. Loky beat me playing as KRONOS in 7 minutes. He was really fast.
3. FireMan_B beat me playing as Norse. I got about 6 1/2 minutes into my Wonder's time, but he made a Titan that ruined it.
4. santime1808 Beat me as the Atlanteans by having a Wonder longer.
5. Hisoka played as Egyptians and resigned after almost 2 minutes when he built temples. He hadn't aged up but I had and I guess he was not very familiar with how DM works.
6. As Zeus, I beat Javi who was playing as an Egyptian (Ra). One of my strongest tactics was getting to the empty settlements ASAP with many of my horse-cart villagers and then when I aged up, I immediately put Town Centers on them, so that early on in the game, half or more were under my control and my opponent only had 1 or 2. This was a strategy that I learned from Matei's Deathmatch Strategy guide where he emphasizes the importance of holding TCs.
2 v. 2
1. [WAOM]Espal and Santime1801 beat me and Taquito_01
2. Playing on Supremacy with me as Zeus, even though my ally built a Wonder, we lost when the opponent Human destroyed all our town centers. Coyolxauhqui18 beat me and IterMax and lj2021.
3. Me and 1ticket2valhalla beat javi and rum. We were doing well, and 15 minutes into the match, rum resigned. I was building a Wonder and rum had troops near it. Then we invaded javi's base and he resigned.

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