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Corruption in World RPG

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Version: AoM:Tale of the Dragon

Corruption in World RPG

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Welcome to my most ambitious project ever - an RPG generated as a random map! This adventure features 8 rich playable classes in a randomly generated world.

Set up

The last 2 players should always be AI and set to be enemy in relation to you. The rest of the slots should be human players of however you like all being the same team. The game does auto team but some of the LOS might be disrupted if this is not followed.

Playable Classes


This character has no direct attack but instead constructs buildings to attack. There is no cost for building but there is a building limit that can be raised with upgrades. From upgrades new building types can be unlocked as well as increasing their attack.


This character has a very weak normal attack however has a large variety of offensive spells to make up for it that can be unlocked. Upgrading attack will increase the damage of the spells and the spell recharge time can be reduced allowing more charges quicker.


Very short ranged fighter with high damage. In addition several nature based spells can be unlocked for additional fighting support.


Relatively weak ranged fighter but summons allies to help fight. More allies as can be unlocked with upgrades as well increasing their duration.


Begins the game as a powerful melee warrior but later evolves into a trapper unlockable from upgrades. Traps are built by constructing manors that turn into fiery tornadoes that you can lure enemies into their doom.


Long ranged and high damaged fighter. One of the best for raw damage output especially as additional projectiles are cheap.


An advanced fighter but extremely adaptable. Each form once unlocked can be transformed into by casting a power that will cycle through the forms. Each one is good at combat in their own way:
  • Melee fighter (Default): Provides a decent close ranged combat
  • Ranged fighter: Provides ranged combat to pick off enemies from afar
  • Priest: Provides healing and can summon explosive obelisks that can be triggered in chain reactions to attack
  • Flying: Can fly anywhere you like at will, can even carry units from an upgrade in a later shop.
  • Necromancer: Useless by himself but corpses created from unit deaths nearby will summon minions to fight. Note that not all units create corpses.
  • Monk: You can convert enemies(Slowly) to your side with an explosion to boot. A shop upgrade later allows stolen units to multiply on conversion.


A strong and very fast melee fighter that is focused on supporting other heroes although is a formidable hero regardless with a very balanced set of skills and utilities. The jump ability can even be upgraded in a shop to remove the recharge and deal damage on landing.

Game mechanics

Random placement

The major areas themselves are in fixed locations but the layouts other than a few exceptions are randomly laid out. This means you will need to explore to find what you want and even if you have played before there should be a few surprises in store for you.

Skill points

Instead of levelling there is instead a skill point system every time a required number of kills is achieved. These skill points can be used to unlock new abilities or improve your character. Skill points can also be earned from quests, bought in a shop, or from a lucky random find.


Gold is obtained from kills - but it is given for everybody's kills. This means that gold obtained from kills is earned at the same rate for all players. Gold can be spent in one of the two shops you will encounter during your journey.

Gold powers

All god powers run on a timed system. Once a power is unlocked, additional charges are granted over time with no limit. The first charge is always granted immediately on unlocking the power.


Summons occur automatically spawning minions at your character over time. Your spawn count is only limited by the lifespan of the unit. If you are the summoner you can increase this time.

Stolen units

Some characters can steal enemy units. These enemy units will have identical stats to the original enemy. In the few circumstances a boss gets stolen, it will be limited to a 2 minute lifespan.


Dying in this game is not the end provided you are well prepared. Each player has a number of respawns. Every death will lose a respawn, if you have no respawns and you die you lose. No fear as more can be bought with skill points or from the shop.

Random encounters

There are a few objects scattered around the map that are positioned randomly each game and can be found pretty much anywhere. Explore well and you should hopefully find them. There are even a couple of random minibosses.


Despite most of the measures I have taken to try and ensure a valid world generates there may be cases where something will go wrong. I have written some validation that checks that all key objects spawn and if it fails it will warn you. However there may be some other cases listed below.

Impassable path

On a very rare occasion an area will generate making it impossible to reach a key object such as Skult in the forest. If it is very early in the game you could consider restarting. Otherwise the host can use the chat "INeedARoc" to summon a roc in the starting area which you can use to carry players over the blockage.

Areas not spawn

On a rare occasion an entire area will fail to spawn. In many cases hopefully the validation should catch this. If it doesn't then I have seen a couple of things happen.
  • If Theris area fails to spawn, I have seen Theris spawn in the city at the bottom of the map
  • If the portal area fails to spawn then the portals will be missing. However in this case one of the tree portal when unlocked can take you into hell instead of the portals in the missing portal area.

In other cases the "INeedARoc" cheat can be used to get out of any difficulties.

Long load time

Sorry the map takes a while to load - please simply be patient. :) I have seen some cases where players will time out before the map loads for them. There is little I can do other than try again (And maybe recommend a faster PC :) )

Building cutting off when being attacked

When military units are building and get attacked, they will stop building and attack instead. This is a really annoying behaviour that I do not know how to fix. If anyone knows a way to resolve this please share with me! This should not affect the builder though due to not being a military unit.


A download link will be provided shortly...

Final Notes

Please share feedback of your adventures and feel free to suggest ideas for improvements or balance. I have tried to balance the heroes but it is likely there will be some imbalance. Play who you enjoy, not who you think is strongest. :)

Happy adventuring!
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