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Hero Of Beausejour Campaign

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 10
Version: AoM:Tale of the Dragon
Why Hello there ! I've come to share my love for this game through this custom campaign that I ve been working on for...months.
10 playable levels and 11 cinematic scenarios all with actual voicelines to the characters.

Hero Of Beausejour tells the story of Darkantos, a Greek Hero from the city of Beausejour, who since the day he set foot in battle, has always been granted visions by the gods to assist him in battle.
Join Darkantos's Journey in 10 unique voiced scenarios to discover the mysteries behind this divine intervention and the secrets that lie beyond.



I never really digged the concept of relics, for the simple reason that they're random and do not really impact the gameplay unless you're on a skirmish map. Through out the Hero of Beausejour Campaign, any "relic" you can find, is actually called a boon. Boons can tell from their names what they will grant you, most of them hold god powers that will come in handy in a specific situation for that scenario, others might just trigger a Side Quest on the way. They 're granted just by walking in their close range, you do not need to Garrison them within a temple.

Side Quests, just like Boons, are an additional feature to reward map exploration. Usually are triggered by walking in certain areas and/or destroying/killing a specific unit. A Chat Message descripting the Side Quest will then pop up.

While the heroes in the Hero of Beausejour Campaign are stronger than the main campaign ones, most Heroes Deaths in the scenarios will likely be a LOSS CONDITION. Therefore, keeping an eye on the heroes is crucial to the scenario's objectives.

The Scenarios have a LOT of Modified Protounits, from modified Ship Speed, to a Giant Colossus that has a Big HP Pool and Huge Crush. This allowed me to add some variety to the scenarios gameplay, such as Making Boss Fights and Stronger Units.


this campaign was supposed to be a personal project that I'd only share with my small circle of friends and close ones. That is why through out the campaign, one would notice that some names of characters and cities are not very Greek Accurate. Most are references to my friends names and or areas where I lived (Beausejour is the neighbourhood where I grew up for instance). As the project is now public, I had to clarify this, hopefully it doesn't impact the experience too much !
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File Author
Full Walkthrough of the campaign on Youtube :
Map Design4.0
ok let me start by saying this camp series is god tier made (kiss on the hand of the maker) this really can even beat the main camp of the aom so im gonna make it short everything is perfect just need some fixes
Playability: 4
(everything is good in place but need an option to skip the cinematics everytime u die or restart u have to watch the same thing that u just watched the rest is good)

Balance: 4
(just personal opinion it would be better if you let the player upgrades more and let them progress rather to be like ok be maxed out even on titan dif for instance the last battle the time between the making of the temple player has the time to do the upgrades)

Creativity: 5
(just amazing)

Map Design: 4
(some narrow places like the forge mission the pathing is kinda of hard to do so but we say its a managing challenge, there are some places the units get stuck ill say in the comments if I remember any)

Story/Instructions: 5
(amazing enjoyed the story bro im a lazy mf but I made an account just to say this thing is god tier about instructions it would be nice to have some tips on the screen um like the horse mission and indicator would be nice)

Additional Comments:
about the units getting stuck ill say as much as I recall
1- there was a bug with the start of trojan docks mission which the map didnt start and it was like in map editor
2-some of the trees are on hills and villagers go the get them and get stuck
3-there was a part when darkantos and the mrwn (it was sooooo funny man nice naming) meet up I send some archers instead of darkantos the start the dialogue and the cinematic started and darkntos was dragged from the shore to mrwn and he didnt finish his animations and got stuck on shaking hand animation and later on he gets stuck on the small island that u must capture right after
4-sometimes unit path finding gets buggy and they get stuck in places
5-i think u should test the forge map cz it has a lotta these getting stuck bugs like units get stuck in walls and etc.
Sohrab37dt btw I think u should make the triggers hero only atleast on the dialogues
File Author
Hey there, Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Its always a pleasure to see that people are still out there testing out my campaign after all these months. For some of the bugs, the docks one for instance, believe me, it occurs once in a while, & i don't have the slighest clue, because once you restart that scenario, the triggers work. So sometimes the triggers fire off, sometimes they don't. And im not using any bugged triggers, so it could be something internal from the game. But i'd assume that scenario still worked for you after you restarted it. As for the Forge, I do get that characters get stuck once in a while, hence the "reset" option i put in the objectives hints. Its just good old AOM rusty physics. That aside, I gotta agree, that the scenario could use some more RTS mechanics, and rest assured, im implementing those in the next arc/chapter. Overall Thank you ! And C&Cs are always welcome!

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Map Design4.0
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