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Single Player Scenarios » Count Dracula (Vr 1.3)

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Count Dracula (Vr 1.3)

Author File Description
(id: EazY_Ben)
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Count Dracula

By EazY_Ben (EaZy, Ben_)

It was so tempting. The diamond was just sitting there, in the shop. The jeweller had just gone out of the room, it seemed the perfect opportunity. You Grabbed the diamond, and at that exact moment, two members of Gormine’s armed guard came round the corner, and you had the largest and most valuable diamond known to man in your hands. They looked at you, and started closing in. You looked from side to side, trying to see if there was a safe exit. The guards were getting closer, and were blocking the only way out, apart from the chimney. You leapt towards the empty fire place, the diamond still in your hands. Putting the diamond into your leather pouch, you held onto the first rung on the chimney. And with all your might, you climbed. You were very far up the chimney before the guards were at the bottom. But still you climbed.
When you got the top, you could see the roofs of all Gormines houses. You ran over the roof of the house you had just been in, and threw yourself on to the next. By that time, the guards had caught up and were just coming out of the chimney. You knew that if you were caught, exile would be the lightest charge. You ran on, but your tired legs gave way and at that moment you tripped over and fell down the three storys to the pebbled path below. You didn't remember anything else after that....

As you had guessed, exile was the lightest charge. The ship left the port of Gormine early that morning. As the shore got further and further away, the more you and more you realized that you would miss it.
Three weeks past before you arrived at your destination, the terrorized land of Hagdan. Legend has it that a terrible blood-sucking vampire, that goes by the name of Count Dracula, has been killing and terrorising this land for many century’s. What would be there?
You were given a map when you were thrown ashore.
'The only way you'll ever go back to Gormine is if you kill Dracula!' smirked the guards as they threw you off the ship.
The map says that there is a town called Betheran, you must go there to find shelter and work. Good Luck.

Count Dracula contains:

-Night/day cycle
-5 cool main quests
-Over 20 side quests to earn money&respect
-Three secret characters
-A hidden area
-Talk to almost every friendly unit on the game
-Cool ending cinematic
-600x600 realistic map
-Do quests to 'change' the ending cinematic
-Secret code hidden in the game, first person to find it wins a sticker!:P
-Lots more...

Updates in version 1.1

-(Slightly) Improved map design
-New Quests
-Better instructions
-Many bugs fixed
-An actual use for the 'secret codes' :P

Updates in version 1.2

-Improved map design
-Difficulty levels
-Bugs fixed
-New quests

Updates in version 1.3

-Improved map design
-Bugs fixed
-Choice dialogue added
-New quests added

Updated 9th June 2005.
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acientBLADE1 highlight the unit and hold 'k' or to make smaller hold 'shift and k'

Villi You should make the flares last for 3 sec or something, I don't get wath they saying :(. The messages olso going a bit fast.
(id: EazY_Ben)
File Author
Ok, Ill take that into account when i make an updated version.

Any reviews, people? Has anyone completed it yet?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The playabilety was good becouse of all the side quests. But the messages and the flares are going to fast! It's really annoying when you don't now what's the target with your task, or what place yo "check out". I had a problem with the boat that is supose to take you to theegyptian village, but it seems only I had the problem so I wont mark it.

Balance: 4
The balance was good to. Not to hard, not to easy. I liked the difficulety. The hardest part was to destroy the bandit base though, Dracula was kinda easy to kill. One thing: When I was on my way to kill Dracula it says "The wargs guarding count Dracula has killed your army. From here you must go alone" (Or something) But the only thing thats happens is that my collosus and the catapults die. I had a HUGE hoplite army, and none of them died. This made it kinda easy to kill Dracula

Creativity: 5
The creativity was really good. The way to gain life (like Eat berry's mmmmmmmm) was cool. All the side quest's was well made and somewher a bit challenging to! The main Quests was olso cool. And it's true that nierly all friendly units talk to you, I found very few ho didn't.

Map Design: 5
The map design was truly great. The forests looked really good. Maybe a little lack of eye candy, but this isn't that kind of map (If you ask me). The only think that i marked was that I was able to pass some plces by walking up in small paths in the mountains. I was able to pace the gate of troy, without killing it. and the go to the relic of the sun withut entering the roc.

Story/Instructions: 3
There was one BIG problem with the instuctions, they goes away to fast. When talking to people new messages is coming to fast. As stated in the playabilety, it's really annoying when you don't now what's the target with your task, or what place yo "check out". The flares lasted to short. Flares should last at last 3 seconds. One last thing: Why were you in that forest?
No intro cinematic, no chat box telling you it. You could at last wrote it in the spotlight. Not all people bother to read all of the descriptions of the map.

Additional Comments:
Exept for a few bugs and mistakes, this is a truly great map, and well worth the time it takes to download (And play it) And the code is 067 ;)

[Edited on 03/21/04 @ 07:27 AM]

glorfindels_army Playability: 5
Lots of side quest, always more ro discover etc. The teleporter didn't work and the beamoths hardly got anywhere. Gotta love all the the secret stuff :p Ive just desicovered how to change the ending cinematic, but im not giving out any secrets ;)

Balance: 4
Killing dracula is easy, but you are easly killed (which is good) Also your army tear up everything in thier path.

Creativity: 5
You dodn't make up dracula, but you made up all the other as far as i can tell:) 5 now because you did all the stuff. All those quests, and the idea to change the ending cinematic, along with 067 atually being useful, is a great improvement!!!

Map Design: 5
Looked very real, not that much eyecandy, but there was some.

Story/Instructions: 4
The flares were quite short and if you havent read your post you don'y know why your exiled, why you want to kill dracula etc. The messages a longer now, so 4!!!!

Additional Comments:
Awsome scenario! The code is (as a villager and a dwarf told me) is 067. But vlli seems to have beaten me ;) P.S I'm not giving out any secrets now ive completed it :)

[Edited on 05/25/06 @ 04:59 PM]

Villi The teleporter worked fine for me. It teleports Jason back to the city. Rest of your army don't teleport though.
Oscar The map is great but in my opinion a little boring.
(id: EazY_Ben)
File Author
Heh, thanks for the reviews people. I will be making a updated version soon, and i will take into account all yuor comments :D
(id: auron 2)
why does it say on the read me:
"Special thanks to:
Auron 2"

and i havent done s***.

[Edited on 12/05/16 @ 07:21 AM]

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