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Single Player Scenarios » Count Dracula (Vr 1.3)

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Count Dracula (Vr 1.3)

Author File Description
(id: EazY_Ben)
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Count Dracula

By EazY_Ben (EaZy, Ben_)

It was so tempting. The diamond was just sitting there, in the shop. The jeweller had just gone out of the room, it seemed the perfect opportunity. You Grabbed the diamond, and at that exact moment, two members of Gormine’s armed guard came round the corner, and you had the largest and most valuable diamond known to man in your hands. They looked at you, and started closing in. You looked from side to side, trying to see if there was a safe exit. The guards were getting closer, and were blocking the only way out, apart from the chimney. You leapt towards the empty fire place, the diamond still in your hands. Putting the diamond into your leather pouch, you held onto the first rung on the chimney. And with all your might, you climbed. You were very far up the chimney before the guards were at the bottom. But still you climbed.
When you got the top, you could see the roofs of all Gormines houses. You ran over the roof of the house you had just been in, and threw yourself on to the next. By that time, the guards had caught up and were just coming out of the chimney. You knew that if you were caught, exile would be the lightest charge. You ran on, but your tired legs gave way and at that moment you tripped over and fell down the three storys to the pebbled path below. You didn't remember anything else after that....

As you had guessed, exile was the lightest charge. The ship left the port of Gormine early that morning. As the shore got further and further away, the more you and more you realized that you would miss it.
Three weeks past before you arrived at your destination, the terrorized land of Hagdan. Legend has it that a terrible blood-sucking vampire, that goes by the name of Count Dracula, has been killing and terrorising this land for many century’s. What would be there?
You were given a map when you were thrown ashore.
'The only way you'll ever go back to Gormine is if you kill Dracula!' smirked the guards as they threw you off the ship.
The map says that there is a town called Betheran, you must go there to find shelter and work. Good Luck.

Count Dracula contains:

-Night/day cycle
-5 cool main quests
-Over 20 side quests to earn money&respect
-Three secret characters
-A hidden area
-Talk to almost every friendly unit on the game
-Cool ending cinematic
-600x600 realistic map
-Do quests to 'change' the ending cinematic
-Secret code hidden in the game, first person to find it wins a sticker!:P
-Lots more...

Updates in version 1.1

-(Slightly) Improved map design
-New Quests
-Better instructions
-Many bugs fixed
-An actual use for the 'secret codes' :P

Updates in version 1.2

-Improved map design
-Difficulty levels
-Bugs fixed
-New quests

Updates in version 1.3

-Improved map design
-Bugs fixed
-Choice dialogue added
-New quests added

Updated 9th June 2005.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Bard
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I quite liked the scenario as such. The main problem in my mind was that a lot of it consisted of walking and waiting. I've done my own share of shifts on the night watch, so I know it's very realistic that guard duty mainly consists of standing around waiting, but that's not how it should be treated in a game. Here we're doing it for fun!
The size of the map led to an enormous amount of walking around. The worst was the part about the relic. Was it really necessary to send the player to one end of the map only to tell him that he had to walk back to the other end again? Telling him at the temple would have saved a lot of time there without taking away anything from the quest.
The scenario has a number of minor bugs and technical flaws in there. None of them kills it off at least, which kept my rating on an average level. Let's see:
If I saved and then reloaded the scenario, I got line of sight to all allied units. I only lost that again when Azabehan declared me an enemy. (It might be better to set the allies to neutral and use revealers instead if you want to show certain areas.)
There are several Healing Springs in the game, but none of them actually works. (Simply placing the object in the editor doesn't do the trick, you need to invoke the God Power at startup to get them to work.)
Maybe it's just me, but I didn't see a day/night cycle. All I saw were some confusing changes of lighting every couple of minutes. Most of the time it was night anyway. (You may want to take a look at the Scenario Design Tutorial here on the site for a day/night cycle that actually works. But as I said, maybe it's just me.)
Teleporting Jason does not work properly. If the player selects the obelisk while Jason is walking, nothing happens at all, he has to stand still for it to work. (To get around this problem, convert him to a dummy player, then teleport and convert back.)
Several of the things for sale in Betheran are actually for free, namely the food, the dwarfs and the cavalry. (Check those triggers.)
The money for guarding the mine is awarded no matter what. (You need another set of conditions for this trigger.)
Dwarfs can be made into Ulfsarks which can then be used to erect buildings, including a TC in Hector's cave. (Forbid the Ulfsark.)
All players remain visible in the Diplomacy menu. This means that the player can change his diplomatic settings at will, for example to remove the boulders blocking his way to Dracula or to the relic. It's even possible to declare Betheran an enemy, tear down their TC, declare them allies again and build a TC for Jason there... (Set all other players to 'hidden' in the Player Data menu or better yet, have them react in some way if the player changes his diplomacy settings.)
The shades are useless against human units and will just kill themselves if they try to attack Jason's troops. (There is no easy solution here, you would need to implement triggers to allow the shades to kill humans, possibly using the 'damage units in area' effect.)
If a simple scout gets too close to Dracula's castle, the "wards" kill off most of the players army - no matter where the troops are standing. (Btw, you forgot to kill the hoplites and secret characters here.) This doesn't make much sense, it might have been better to implement some triggers with condition 'units in area' and effect 'damage units in area' to kill off any unit (except Jason) which walked too close to the castle but left all the others alive.
It's not necessary to kill the priest in Azabehan, the toxote next to him will do the job automatically. (Convert the priest to a player which is neutral to the villagers.)
Guarding the gate in Betheran is not necessary, the troops there are quite capable of handling the attackers themselves. (Weaken the guard there.) Also, it looks kind of stupid when the enemies just appear out of thin air in front of the gate. (Create them somewhere else and have them march up to the gate.)
One last detail: At the beginning the map is visible for a split second before it goes black and then jumps to the start. (Use a camera start object here and a high priority trigger with 'fade to colour' running immediately.)

Balance: 3
Too easy! I actually managed to get myself killed, but it took some effort. Once the first few tasks are done the player's troops are hopelessly overpowered and can make quick work of all enemies. I think I lost just a single hippikon right up to the final fight. Making Jason invulnerable didn't exactly help to make that one interesting either... The game is actually more tedious than challenging, especially with all the long walks.

Creativity: 5
It's definitely an improvement since 'The Legend of Krokan'. Now there is some variation in there with the different sorts of tasks. I also liked the 'automated' transports, especially the Rocs. A nice idea to keep the player from using them as scouts!

Map Design: 4
I quite liked the map, it had a lot of nice details to it. Not great yet, but halfway there I'd say. The problem here was that it was actually possible to walk through some obstacles, especially at the different mine entrances. At least, fair is fair, the enemy can simply walk through the gate of Betheran as well...

Story/Instructions: 3
The problem with most instructions is that they are displayed in message boxes only, so there is no way to go back and re-read them once they're gone. Using chats might have been a better solution here. You used the objectives page, but you never told the player when to look there. On one occasion someone says something like "I've got another task for you" and doesn't continue. It took me a while to find out that a new objective had been given.
There is not much of a story in the scenario itself, I think you should have put the readme file into the spotlight. (Btw., why are there Centaurs in the spotlight picture? What do they have to do with our old friend Vladimir?)
Oh yes, and you should really check your spelling!

Additional Comments:
Why Dracula? You created your own little world (well, forest), so why did you include someone who doesn't fit in? To me it felt somehow like the kind of movie where some star is hired for a ten second cameo appearance so the distributors can boast about having Sean Connery in it...
The Bard Oops, I've just seen you've already released an update. Well, most of my comments should still be valid I guess, otherwise I trust you'll know which ones to ignore.
(id: EazY_Ben)
File Author
Thanks for the commetns Bard. Most of the playability comments are very valid, but alot of the bugs were fixed (also new quests were added) and the map design improved. Although i would appreciate an updated review for Vr 1.1, its not that nessesary (but it would be cool!), because most of the comments are still very valid.

But I think at times you are too much of a critic, no scenario could possibly be perfect. Theres only so much you can do with the aom editor. You've never submitted a scenrio, but if you did, it could never be as good as you expect a scenario to be. Maybe you should try making a scenario (im sure you have) and submitting it, seeing how hard it is to get a good rating, no matter what your visions and ambitions for it are, someone is always going to think of something bad about it, or suggest something to make it even better. But often that is too much. Because, at the end of the day, its AoM, theres only so much you can do. Maybe we should all go and do something that has no boundries, that isn't restrained by the limitations of the editor. Maybe we should write storys, play music(which i do) etc..Rather than waste our time playing video games :P.
Well, thats my lecture over...

But thanks anyhow!

[Edited on 03/26/04 @ 04:55 PM]

(id: EazY_Ben)
File Author
Ill take your commetns at heed and make a version 1.2...

(i know im a hypocrite)

[Edited on 03/26/04 @ 04:56 PM]

The Bard Ben, if you think I'm too harsh, just ask yourself one question: On who's comments will you base your update? On mine, which listed a lot of problems, or on those of your own teammate who rated it much higher but didn't say a lot more than "awesome"?

I don't expect perfection, even if some people manage to come quite close. But just look at all the bugs I listed for your scenario, compare the balance of your scenario to the review guidelines, look at your spelling errors. Do you really feel there's no room for improvement? Honest?

Btw., since you mentioned music: The fact that I play the panpipes doesn't keep me from hearing false notes in a piano piece...

[Edited on 03/27/04 @ 06:40 AM]

glorfindels_army Ben are u gonna keep remaking it until is a 5? (lol)
Student of War I am a hypocrite too

[Edited on 03/27/04 @ 06:11 AM]

(id: EazY_Ben)
File Author
Ya, I understand Bard. I know your commetns are very true, but its just aom. Has too many limits ;) But like i said thanks for the comments.

But also, yuou seem to know an awful lot about the aom editor, and how to make good scenarios, but why don't you ever submit a scenario?

[Edited on 03/27/04 @ 07:43 AM]

Heathen Disclaimer-I am a New player-

Ok, now that that is out of the way, am I supposed to be in control of Jason during this quest?

The Bard Ben, I'm curious: For which problems I mentioned do you claim that they are caused by limitations of the editor? The way I see it, the limiting factor here was in most cases sloppy work on your part - improper playtesting, to be exact.

@Heathen: Yes, you are supposed to play Jason.
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