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The Tower of Babylon

Author File Description
The Vandhaal
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans

Created by:The_Vandhaal
RELEASE DATE Age of Mythology the Titans version: 13-11-2007
RELEASE DATE Age of Mythology Extended Edition version version: 30-01-2015
(read more below about the AoM EE version)
TYPE: Age of Mythology the Titans, Interactive eyecandy map with explore/puzzle rpg game



Welcome mortal

Lies only lies have been spread around the destruction of the Tower of Babylon.....this tale is the truth...this tale will tell you what really happend.

The Tower of Babylon one of the biggest wonders the world has ever seen
Its construction was started by the great Persian God King Hystaspes and continued during the reigns of his son and grandson: Darius I and Xerxes.

Finally after 3 generations the work ( and deaths) of millions of slaves resulted into a mighty tower....a tower which reached into the realm of the true gods !

You will follow the tale of the Persian boy Mehrak and together you will find his destiny and that of the Persians !


Interactive map & game features

  • SIZE DOES MATTER ! One of the Biggest constructions ever build in the Age of Mythology world

  • YOUR AGE OF MYTHOLOGY SCREEN JUST GOT BIGGER Yes indeed it got bigger...the map features FULL screen cinematics

    AND ALSO...
  • The intro and ending cinematic are voice acted
  • Detailed map design
  • Nice custom sound and music score
  • Explore/puzzle rpg game ( medium difficulty level)
  • you can unlock all kinds of stuff and also Chat commands
  • Custom lighting files
  • Check the included read me file before installing this map
  • Gameplay Entertainment value should be between 45 min to 90 minutes
  • I recommend to consume some nice white whine while exploring this Interactive eyecandy map and playing the game


Age of Mythology Extended Edition version

Looking for the new Age of Mythology Extended Edition version of this map??...Look no further...in Januari 2015 this AoM EE version has been released on Steam

Grab it here through the Steam workshop:


More info:

Find more info about screenhsot , Artworks & other goodies related to the Tower of Babylon in the forum showcases or on The Vandhaal website

Other contact info:
New website:


Vandhaal's Steam AoM EE collection:

Best regards,
The Vandhaal
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zeus_creator does the major part of this file contain sounds?

[Edited on 11/14/07 @ 04:17 AM]

Sorry to disappoint you but I had the first download :p. Ill give you a review later today if I can.

This will be in battlefeild briefing ;).

[Edited on 11/13/07 @ 11:13 AM]

lol - your going to get a lot of downlaods - my internet is awful and it is difficult for me to do it. This isa now my thrid time I have pressed the download button!

EDIT:Noooo! I got quite far through the download withabout 30 minutes to go and then my internet stopped again when I started the download again it had all reset!

(My internet download speed has just dropped a few days ago from about 80 - 120 to 5 - 25!)

[Edited on 11/13/07 @ 01:21 PM]

KevinShah guest starring me!
nuclear arbitor sounds interesting. ill dl and check it out. by the way, u need some one to spell check the info for the dl, u got lots of tiny mistakes.
The Vandhaal
File Author
Thanx for the rections guys

@ Nottud
I hope you will mange to download it sooner or later !...it doesn't run away.....so i hope you connection will get better so you can get your copy

@nuclear arbitor

A Vandhaal game without spelling and grammar errors = No vandhaal game

A Vandhaal showcase or info text without spelling or grammar errors = No vandhaal showcase or info text

So use that info when you see something with my name on it...if it has no gammar/ spelling errors then its not genuine.....and you deal with an imposter...or a fake Vandhaal file

so just enjoy what you see ( or ofocurse not enjoy it if you do not like it)

But no need to inform me about any spelling or grammar errors and i have no need of a spelling or grammar controller ;)

again thanx for the reactions
Best regards,
The Vandhaal

* well there is one exception for the spelling and grammar thing thats the Corruptor....but thats because our voice actors got the freedom to adjust their text , just like ihad my freedom with the movie and story and Monty had his freedom with the muisc and sound.....so our voice actors where allowed to rewrite their text so that they could do their magic acting better

[Edited on 11/13/07 @ 10:46 PM]

sneaky_squirrel Nice scenario, Ill have to play it tomorrow though. :p
PoysonEr Im scared to download it lol. 30mbs, never seen a senario so big before. I checked out some of the pictures from your website.... Wow, very cool.

Can't wait to play it, if and whenever i get to my sences and just download the darn thing lol.

You should expect a review from me tomorrow (11/14) or Thrusday (11/15).


EDIT: Sadly, my computer/internet, either one of the two, is refussing to download and open the temp. file, so I will not be able to download it. Darn! Anyway, a friend of mine for his hands on it, and is going to show it to me later this week. I should, but I might forget, to have a review during this week or the next.


[Edited on 11/14/07 @ 01:44 AM]

geodude Wait until you see Vandhaal's 60 something MB map. It's finally out, I will download soon! :D

Two_ace_u Kevinshah as a slave whipper :D

Can say enjoying this work vandyhaal..

Whats with the crack in athena's voice? She sounds more of a man than a woman :p

Dam you and your frecking puzzles, so cunfused. but the movie was fvken awesome :D

That tower is awesome!!!!
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