Unit Counters

This is a simple guide to what units are most effective at countering other units. Sometimes this is because the unit gets bonus damage (for example the Axeman does quadruple damage against enemy infantry) and sometimes it is simply because the unit’s stats are suited to beating the opposing unit. (Toxotes may be weak, but their range lets them beat slow infantry units.)

…as Greeks

When attacked by:Counter with:
Hoplites, Spearmen, Ulfsarks, HersirToxotes, Hypaspists
Hypaspists, Axemen, Throwing AxemenToxotes, Hippikons
Toxotes, Slingers, Chariot ArchersHippikons, Peltasts
Hippikons, Raiding Cavalry, Jarls, Camels, War ElephantsHoplites, Prodromos
HuskarlsHypaspists, Hoplites
ProdromosHoplites, Toxotes
PeltastsHippikons, Hoplites
Myth unitsHeroes
HeroesHuman units

…as Egyptians

When attacked by:Counter with:
Hoplites, Spearmen, UlfsarksAxemen, Chariot Archers
Axemen, Hypaspists, Throwing AxemenSlingers, Chariot Archers, War Elephants
Toxotes, Chariot ArchersSlingers, Camels, War Elephants
Hippikons, Raiding Cavalry, Jarls, War ElephantsSpearmen, Camels
HuskarlsAxemen, War Elephants
Prodromos, CamelsSpearmen
Peltasts, SlingersSpearmen, Camels, War Elephants
Myth unitsPriests, Pharaoh
HeroesHuman units

…as Norse

When attacked by:Counter with:
Hoplites, Spearmen, UlfsarksThrowing Axemen
Huskarls, HersirThrowing Axemen, Ulfsarks
Axemen, HypaspistsRaiding Cavalry, Jarls
Throwing AxemenRaiding Cavalry, Jarls
Toxotes, Chariot Archers, Peltasts, SlingersRaiding Cavalry, Huskarls, Jarls
Hippikons, Raiding CavalryUlfsarks, Jarls
Jarls, War ElephantsUlfsarks
Prodromos, CamelsUlfsarks, Throwing Axemen
Myth unitsHersir, Jarls
HeroesHuman units