Frequently Asked Questions: AoMX

Frequently Asked Questions: AoMX

Here in our The Titans Expansion Pack frequently asked questions page you’ll find answers to the most common questions that come up considering AoMX. If you have a question that you think should be a part of our FAQ, please let us know in the Website Comments forum.

Is there a demo? Where can I find it?

The demo for Age of Mythology: Titans can be found here

Will there be another expansion pack after this one?

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure. However, it seems highly unlikely that there will be another expansion pack.

Will there be a new campaign? What will it be based on?

Yes, there will be a new campaign with the expansion pack. The campaign will be based on Kastor, Arkantos’ son, who will follow in his father’s footsteps, and try to stop the opening of the gates of Tartarus.

How many new cultures will there be in AOMX?

There is one new culture in the Titan Expansion pack and that is the Atlanteans. For more information on the Atlanteans, please feel free to go here.

What language will the Atlanteans speak?

The Atlanteans, in AoM, will speak a language that is a mixture of Greek, Norse and Egyptian!

What are the new Major and Minor Gods?

The Atlanteans have 3 Major Gods, and 9 Minor Gods. The three Major Gods are Kronos, Gaia and Oranos. The nine Minor Gods include Leto, Prometheus, Oceanus, Hyperion, Rheia, Theia, Hecate, Atlas, and Helios. You can find more about them here

What are the new God Powers?

A list of the new God Powers can be found here.

Will there be a fifth age in the X-Pack?

Sort of. The ‘Titan Age’ will be after the ‘Mythic Age’; however, with this age, you will not choose a minor god to advange, all you will do is click the button to research the age. Once you reach the Titan Age, you will get the ability to build a Titan Gate, which allows you to create a Titan. Besides the Titan Gate and the Titan, you will not be able to build any new units, buildings, or reasearch any new technologies.

What does the ‘Repeat Build’ Button do?

The ‘Repeat Build’ Button allows you to command a building to continually pump out a certain unit. However, to makes sure your resources don’t run out, ES has enabled it so that there is a floating notification over buildings which have the ‘Repeat Build’ button enabled.

What is a strategic mini-map?

Ever want to have a larger mini-map? Well, the strategic mini-map makes your mini-map larger, so that you may be able to figure out strategies better, or find resources that have yet to be found by anyone else.

What does ‘Easy Select Military’ do?

‘Easy Select Military’ allows you to drag and select Military Units only from an arrange of units on a certain area of the map. This feature is very helpful when you are being attack by an enemy, and need to retaliate quickly.

What are observers and bookmarks?

A new feature in AoMX is the ability to act as an observer during a game. Instead of playing the game with the other players, you will have the ability to watch them, (and in the case of tournaments – Judge and referee them much easier). Bookmarks on the otherhand, are used in recorded games to act as starting points, in case you would like to see a part of that recorded game again, (and not the entire thing). This feature is very similar to the ‘Scene Selection’ ability of DVDs.

Will there be improvements made to current in-game God Powers?

Yes, as of right now, we know of improvements made to the following God Powers: Eclipse, Ceasefire, Healing Spring and Locust Storm. Of those four, we know that the Eclipse God Power will allow Myth Units to move faster, and have a faster special ability recharge rate.

What improvements, if any, will there be for current in-game Myth Units?

Generally for all current in-game cultures, (Greek, Egyptian and Norse), the improvements will cause their myth units to be cheaper with better stats. As for individual myth units, we know that the Myrmidons will have a bonus against Atlantean infantry.

Will there be any changes to ESO with the X-Pack? Will AoMX support the ability to play on the Zone?

Yes, there are many improvements made to ESO.. AoMX will not support the ability to play on the Zone, as far as we’re aware.

What other improvements will there be made to current in-game features?

It would seem that the other cultures in AOM will not be recieving any added units or gods, though each civilization will be getting a free Myth Unit with each Age advancement. As for other changes made to AoMX, the AI, graphics, and general balance problems will be tweaked a bit. Lastly, there are reports that the water will be utilized much more in AOMX.

What are Titan Units? What are the Titan Units for each culture?

Titan units are special units given to each culture that are fairly large, have huge stats, and can pretty much destroy an enemy fairly quickly. To build a Titan, one must first build a gateway, (which will take almost as long to build as a wonder), and the Titan Unit must go through a small cinematic routine, before it can attack your enemy. The Titan units for each culture include the following:

For the Egyptians, the Titan is a half-bird, half-man named Horis.
For the Norse, the Titan is a frost giant named Ymir, which uses a large hammer to destroy everything in its path.
For the Greek, the Titan is a half-dog, half-man creature called Cerberus.
Lastly the Atlantean Titan is an earth giant covered in blue crystals called Chthonian.

How do Titan Units travel across water?

They will not be able to cross water in any way.

Do Hero Units have a bonus against Titan Units?

Yes, infact they do. It is also possible that hero units aren’t as effected by Titan special attacks as other units are.

Will I be able to build another Titan Unit, if my previous one died?

No, you may build only one titan

How do Reusable God Powers work? What cultures can reuse their God Powers?

Reusable God Powers work in a fairly simple manner. If the God Power is one which causes quite a lot of damage, then it is likely you may only use it once. If the God Power causes little damage, then it may be used numerous times. Currently, there are rumours that as you progress from the Archaic Age to the Mythic Age, the number of times you can reuse a God Power goes down. For example, in the Archaic Age you may be able to use a God Power four times, while in the Mythic Age you would be able to only use it once. This is only a theory, though. After each God Power use, there is a cool off period, (depending on the type of God Power), when you can not use it. As for the cultures capable of having reusable God Powers, there is only one, the Atlanteans.

Can you delete units which have been casted by the ‘Chaos’ God Power?

No, you can not. Units which have been casted by the chaos God Power work similar to ‘Mother Nature’ Units, in the fact that they will attack ANY units in their Line of Sight.

I have a question that isn’t part of this FAQ

Then it’s not a question that gets asked very frequently. Try asking in the General Forum, and we’ll see what we can do to help you! 🙂