New Random Maps

Along with all of the other additions to AoM, The Titans also added several new Random Maps for people to play. They are all original and interesting, some filling in a role that was needed to be filled in the set of random maps for AoM.

Covered with mist and filled with wildlife, Marsh has more boar and other game than most any other map in the game; hunting can go relatively late in playing due to the sheer number of it. Small ponds and streams traverse the land and serve as barriers against enemy attacks, though not as effectively as the water bodies in maps such as Watering Hole.

Although it doesn’t have very much food on land, Highland’s river that cuts right through the map is abundant in fish. Controlling the river is essential in the game, as it acts as a wall (save for a land bridge in the middle) and allows you to harvest the abundance of fish.

Tundra is another fairly open map; forests aren’t very large and there aren’t that many water bodies. The hunting game is plentiful on the map, so hunting would be a very viable economic option for a while as your economy grows. Tundra’s open layout is perfect for raiding, especially with Odin and his hunting bonuses.

AoM didn’t really have a true Island map, the most naval fighting was seen in Mediterranean, Anatolia, or other such maps with relatively scarce water. But now with the Islands, AoM has a map that naval fans will love; controlling the water is absolutely vital to winning the game, as it is the source of the majority of the food on the map, plus controlling the water means your own island is safe from enemy landings. But there’s not just you and your enemy’s islands on the map, there are also several other smaller islands with more resources.

The most interesting map out of the 6 new ones, Megalopolis – in team games – sets all teammates extremely close together, resulting in huge single cities as the bases develop. This overlapping of buildings makes for a very strong defense, as most everything in the team is concentrated right in that area. The map’s layout is very similar to Savannah; wide, open spaces with decent amount of hunting available. Like most all of the “irregular” maps in AoM, Megalopolis is very fun to play; a nice break from the regular random map.

Land Unknown
Like the AoM map of similar name, Land Unknown produces completely random maps; everything is unpredictable. But unlike its vanilla AoM counterpart, Land Unknown only generates maps with little water; perfect for those that don’t want to deal with naval fighting in their games.