Atlantean God Powers

This section discusses, in detail, the different God Powers available for Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion Pack.

Archaic Age God Powers

Deconstruction – Kronos
Undo the construction of an enemy building, putting the building’s cost back into your enemy’s stockpile.

Number of uses: 2
Cooldown Time: 4:00

Using Deconstruction:
Deconstruction is a fairly straightforward god power. Although you can’t cast it on Wonders, Titan Gates, or Town Centers, it can really spell trouble when you cast it on a key enemy building such as a Tower early on or a Fortress. Such a gap in your enemy’s defenses can allow your own troops to move in any start wreaking havoc. Besides using it on Towers and Fortresses, casting deconstruction on a production building such as a Longhouse can slow down the construction of a forward base and thus an early attack by your enemy.

Gaia Forest – Gaia
Generates a forest, of which you can harvest from. This power is similar to the Dwarven Mine.

Number of uses: 4
Cooldown Time: 2:00

Using Gaia Forest:
Gaia forest seems to be quite a versatile god power. You might think its only use would be to act as an instant resource to harvest wood from, as gathering wood from the forest is more efficient than from regular trees; you can get a higher wood intake if you really need it. Gaia’s Forest can also be used as a nearly impenetrable barrier. Since the only units that can take down trees effectively are villagers, you can effectively cast the forest on a choke point and keep your enemies from passing through indefinitely. And since you can use it multiple times, Gaia’s forest might end up being very helpful for a defensive player.

Shockwave – Oranos
Generates a shockwave which scatters enemy units in a relatively small radius. Scattered units are stunned for several seconds as well.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown Time: 5:00

Using Shockwave:
Shockwave’s ability to scatter and stun units means that it can be used several ways. The most obvious use would be to halt an attacking force for several seconds; just long enough for you to assemble your forces or make other such arrangements to better defend yourself.

However, it can be used offensively as well. Using it to break apart a meat shield so your cavalry can charge in and take the weaker ranged units and siege is a fairly effective tactic. Using Shockwave with raiding parties could also be useful, casting it in a group of villagers and giving your raiding units a chance to kill several of the stunned, defenseless units.

Classical Age God Powers

Spider Lair – Leto (Kronos, Gaia)
Target an area to place spider eggs that will hatch a burrow. Enemy units will be killed by the spiders when they cross through the area. Eggs can be killed before they hatch.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown Time: 5:00

Using Spider Lair:
Spider lair is a purely defensive god power. Using the god power offensively would be worthless, as spider eggs are extremely vulnerable before they hatch; enemy units could quickly dispatch them. And they can’t move, so there is less of a chance that they will actually get the chance to take out an enemy unit.

If you cast the god power defensively, spider lair can prove to be a very useful way to thin out an enemy army early on. Typically, you get 4 eggs per cast; 12 total, on average. That means you can theoretically get 12 free instant kills. Not bad at all.

Valor – Prometheus (Kronos, Oranos)
Transforms a group of general units into heros, instantly.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown Time: 2:00

Using Valor:
Although all Atlantean mortal units can be instantly converted into heroes at the click of a button, the cost of conversion is extremely high. This early on in the game, just turning a couple units into heroes could substantially take out the resources of a player. Valor usually converts around 3 or 4 units to heroes during each cast, saving you quite a bit of resources and obviously allowing you to quickly respond to myth units on the battlefield.

Carnivora – Okeanus (Gaia, Oranos)
Generates a giant plant, which eats other units.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown Time: 2:00

Using Carnivora:
Carnivora is similar to spider lair in that it is a static defensive god power. However, only its special attack is instant kill; but the giant plant doesn’t disappear after a kill like the spiders. It’s an effective god power to defend an area against repeated attacks but obviously can’t be used that well offensively.

One other useful attribute of Carnivora is that it can be cast in the water to a certain depth. With naval warfare being somewhat more prevalent in The Titans, Carnivora can be used to control a strait or a very local area.

Heroic Age God Powers

Traitor – Rheia (Kronos, Gaia)
Gives you control of an enemy unit

Number of uses: 2
Cooldown Time: 4:00

Using Traitor:
Traitor’s a pretty straightforward god power. It is obviously best when it is used on a particularly powerful unit such as a Colossus or Fire Giant, and not really the best idea to use it on a Ulfsark or Spearman. Now, Traitor would be several times more powerful if you could take over enemy villagers (and be able to build other civilizations’ buildings), but you aren’t able to do that. Basically just take control of a single military unit; excluding Titan units. Not the strongest god power around, but useful nonetheless.

Chaos – Hyperion (Kronos, Oranos)
Makes a group of enemy units neutral for a period of time, causing them to attack anything nearby.

Number of uses: 2
Cooldown Time: 4:00

Using Chaos:
Chaos oftentimes is simply a free kill of several enemy soldiers. It effects an average of up to 5 soldiers, and they become neutral and attack any nearby units; typically their previous owner’s. They can typically end up killing a couple soldiers and getting killed off themselves, so your enemy ranks are thinned somewhat with Chaos. Like Traitor, it’s not the most useful god power, yet it can be quite helpful with some strategies.

Hesperides – Theia (Gaia, Oranos)
Generates a tree where you can create dryads.

Number of uses: 2
Cooldown Time: 2:00

Using Hesperides:
The Hesperides tree has two uses. The first one is the most apparent; giving you the ability to produce Dryads. Unlike most myth units, Dryads don’t cost favor; you can pump them out just as long as you have a steady supply of gold, regardless of how much favor you’re taking in. And for such a relatively cheap unit, Dryads are powerful guys. Fast, respectable pierce/hack armor and hitpoints, and a 15 hack attack; they’re fairly effective against a wide range of mortal units.

The tree’s second use is less apparent, but by no means less useful. It acts as a “god power shield”, very much like Isis’ monuments. God powers cannot be cast in it’s rather large range, and placing it in the middle of a base would protect it against devastating god powers such as Meteor or Implode. However, it acts very much like Healing Spring, it can’t be destroyed but enemies can gain control of it. So put the tree in a spot where you should be able to hold. The offensive capabilities with the Dryads and the defensive capabilities with the god power shielding makes the Hesperides Tree god power a very versatile one.

Mythic Age God Powers

Implode – Atlas (Kronos, Gaia)
Cast a spherical ‘black hole,’ which sucks in nearby units and explodes, causing damage to all nearby units and substantial damage to buildings.

Number of uses: 1

Using Implode:
Like its cousins Meteor and Earthquake, Implode is an extremely effective way to heavily damage an enemy base. It’s not recommended to use it just against units, as it deals far more damage to buildings. Fairly straightforward: cast it in an enemy base and let it wreak havoc. Send your own army to finish the area off.

Vortex – Helios (Kronos, Oranos)
Teleport all military units of a player to another point on the map.

Number of uses: 3
Cooldown Time: 1:00

Using Vortex:
Vortex is both a defensive and offensive god power. Offensively, you can use it to ideally hit your enemy on any point on the map with literally everything you’ve got. Just send a Caladria or something similar behind his defenses, cast Vortex, and wreak havoc while your enemy scrambles to defend. And besides just a regular attack, Vortex is perfect for eliminating a Wonder or Titan gate; by simply doing what I described previously.

Defensively, if you get hit in a similar situation with your enemy attacking at a undefended vital area you can use Vortex to get a quick defense to allow you to hold it. Now, with both of these uses you will have absolutely no military units elsewhere on the map; making you extremely vulnerable to a counterattack. Use it carefully, and Vortex should prove to be a powerful god power with its ability to be cast 3 times and just a minute cooldown time.

Tartarian – Hekate (Gaia, Oranos)
Generates a gate to the underwold lodging creatures which attack everybody.

Number of uses: 1

Using Tartarian:
Simply put, Tartarian is a devastating god power when used right. As soon as the gate is cast, powerful Tartarian wolves quickly spawn from it and begin to wreak havoc on anything nearby. And as the wolves are killed, new ones spawn to take their place. The only way to stop them is to take the gate itself out; and those spawn aren’t going to make that job easy in the least. However, those wolves are neutral and thus will attack your units and buildings also; so be sure to cast Tartarian at your opponent’s base or another place where you wouldn’t be damaged by it. Tartarian itself can take out a base if not quickly taken care of, it’s an extremely effective god power.