The Titans Review

Single/Multiplayer Tools – 8.7/10

Multiplayer Server – 8.8/10

The New ESO; looks pretty cool, eh?

EnsembleStudiosOnline went through a nearly complete overhaul with The Titans, making vast improvements to Ensemble’s first in-game multiplayer gaming server. They took a lot of advice from the fans themselves; the friends list is improved, smurfing is discouraged, interfacing is far easier. All of the changes made to ESO would take more than a paragraph or two to cover, but those changes are extensive and impressive; using ESO is fairly easy to use now, most people should be satisfied with it.

Scenario Editor – 8.6/10

Many scenario designers were disappointed with the original AoM scenario editor; some said it was cumbersome and difficult to use, and triggers weren’t as extensive as those in Age of Kings. However, with all of the changes and additions to the scenario editor that The Titans has made, we’re sure to see some more happy scenario designers and good scenarios from it. Like ESO, Ensemble took a lot of advice straight from the fans, and those improvements are going to be directly represented in the amount of quality singleplayer scenarios we’ll see.

Graphics – 9.8/10

Gorgeous Atlantean buildings…getting torn apart by implode

Although the only new graphics to show up in The Titans is the art for the Atlanteans and the actual Titan units, those new graphics are superb. The aquatic and wealthy feel of the Atlanteans was perfectly represented in their art; scaled armor, flowing capes, fin-like structures on buildings, they all exemplified that theme. You need only look at a screenshot on an Atlantean building or an army to realize that.

The Titan units themselves have excellent scale, and quite simply just look cool. But since the expansion pack doesn’t have any extremely revolutionary graphics or a new engine, one can’t elaborate on it further than what I have so far. It’s more than adequate for an expansion pack.

Sound – 9.1/10

The major disappointment that I had in the sound for The Titans was the lack of any new songs like that of Rise of Rome and The Conquerors. The music in the Age series is my favorite out of any, and I would have loved to hear what kind of new songs the team could have written.

However, the new sounds for the Atlanteans – their language in particular – was of top quality. Using a mixture of the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse languages, Ensemble created a new one for the Atlanteans; with that same feel that they radiate in every aspect of the game. The other Atlantean sounds have that same quality as the rest of the game; clanking metal, creaking wood, neighing horses, everything to improve the realism of gameplay.

In the singleplayer campaign, the voice actors are pretty good. Their anger, sadness, indifference; all of the wide range of emotions is well-acted in the campaign and believable.

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