The Titans Review

Overall – 9.2/10

Oooh, swamp.

Like all of Ensemble’s expansion packs, The Titans is a very refreshing addition to its original game. It adds a whole new level of fun and playability to AoM, and all of those additions were seamlessly incorporated into the game. TT fixes many balancing problems in the original, and increases how unique each civilization is. Its multiplayer server and scenario editor were both improved drastically, there shouldn’t be too many complaints about them when people start to use the tools. The graphics and sounds are clean and polished, further adding to the realism and feel of the game.

Overall, The Titans is a great addition to Age of Mythology; it is a very well-made, polished expansion pack that I would recommend to anyone that enjoyed the original.

Overall – 9.2/10
Gameplay – 9.3/10
Single/Multiplayer Tools – 8.7/10
Graphics – 9.8/10
Sound – 9.1/10

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